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As I wake up from my slumber I look at the beautiful night sky and moon shining down on me. I smile and my fangs show. As I get out of bed my long black hair moves with the breeze of the wind as my silk black\ white dress falls to the ground. I look around but never spot Rudolph. Usually he is always awake first. "Serena have you seen my dear brother Rudolph?" I turn to see my dear friend and younger sister of rudolph Anna. She maybe 7 for 300 years but she is very mature and a bit flirty. She has blond pale hair and a beautiful red dress. While Rudolph who is 9 has black hair with a furry jacket, black jeans and black top. "No sorry Anna maybe he went with your parents." Anna pouts and goes fan herself in a chair. She really loves her brother.

As I twirl around my dress spins with me as I stop right in front of Gregory. He is the same age as me (14), black spiked hair, long black jacket, black jeans and a black\ yellowish top. He is different than his younger siblings. Their afraid of him but also know he is just how he is because he cares. He is annoyed of me sort of just because I'm not afraid of him. You would think since we are the same age and both are 400 years old we would get along. As I move away from him I go outside to feel the calm wind and sit on the grave stone of Matthew Knight. I look up to see Rudolph…..with a human! I quickly hide in the bushes. Rudolph tells the little boy to hide by that grave right next to time so his parents won't see him. Now was my chance to corner this boy. Sadly, I was too late for Gregory already started scaring the boy. I quickly go to Anna's side and watch Rudolph push Gregory away "No Gregory he's my friend!"

"A human!" Frederick (their father) came straight to the boy and used only two fingers and lifted the boy up by his chin. "A slave? Yes, a servant maybe even dinner but you can never be his friend."

"He likes vampires and he dreams about us." That surprises me that this human likes our kind and even dreams about us! "Am I in your dreams mortal?" Anna asks fanning herself and I giggle for how Anna fell for this human quickly and he was shorter than her but he was cute. As Rudolph tries to explain we see a bright light and start to hiss as we run away into the darkness and hear stakes flying. One almost stabbed my arm but instead flew past and left a freshly new cut. I hiss and Frederick stands in front of me protecting us. I get up and quickly go where the others are and Gregory warps his arms around me and shields me as much as he can from the lights and stakes. We then see no light and flying stakes then quickly go in the den that we found under the graveyard. As we all get in we hear a shot gun and more bright light. I hear the little boy be wowed by the light as it started to fade and finally opened my eyes to see myself carried bride style in Gregory's arms. I blush and look away. 'Serena this is Gregory! Why are you blushing and looking away? He is ruthless and doesn't even notice you're here ever since you came with them searching for the amulet then staying with your family.

As Gregory puts me down I walk away and stand beside Freda (their mother) as Frederick gives his thanks to the boy. "What is your name?" Frederick asks him. "I'm tony." the little boy replied. Frederick nodded and the little boy stares at the empty amulet necklace and grabs it. Frederick grabs his arm and went to pull him away till tony started shaking and staring off into space. We all stare at them till he lets go and Frederick starts pacing back and forth. "We shared a vision. I saw our uncle and a weird woman with a crest. We must find her family crest." he said. "I'll help!" tony said with a smile. "No it's too dangerous." Frederick replied. 'Let him help dear he has saved our lives." Freda said warping her arm around her husband. "Urgh fine you ill help but if you trick us into going to our sworn enemy you will be dead in one swift move!" Frederick said cornering tony by the stairs nodding his head. I turn to look at Gregory who was rolling a baseball in his hands.

Rudolph takes tony home and I lay down by the dry fountain to stare at my cut. It healed but you can see the scar it made. "Are you ok?" I heard someone says. I look up to see Freda coming at my side. I nod my head and look off into space. "I saw Gregory carrying you. I also saw your blush. I no it's none of my business but maybe all these centuries of annoying each other maybe he does want to be friends…maybe even more.", she said looking off to where I am staring. I get up and before I start walking off Freda take's my hand and gives it a squeeze and smile. "Never hurt to asks love.", and walks off.