As night drew to day time I heard a whistle coming from far away then knocking on the chest came. I didn't open my eyes just ignored it and let sleep take me once again but then Rudolph opened the chest door to talk with someone it was then I opened my eyes hearing clearly who he was talking to.

"Tony's calling we must help him." I heard Anna say. "Maybe he found the stone" Rudolph said getting out of the chest stepping on my dress. I gave him a glare as I try to take his shoe print off my dress.

"Oh dear the sun!" Anna said loudly. Rudolph silenced her by placing his hand on her mouth. "Daylight or not we must go." he said finding something to cover them both up. "Oh the drama!" Anna said placing her hands by her heart.

Rudolph silenced her once more before finding stuff to make a costume horse. I giggled softly as I watch them go dressed like a horse. "Where are you going?" I heard Gregory say as he opens his door with his foot still chained to everything. Rudolph just closed his door back up and left with Anna.

As much as I wanted to see them walking with the horse suit towards tony but yet it's daylight. So I just close my chest door and let sleep take me only to find myself laying on a rock. Full moon close as it could be by where I am and the comet close by it. I look to see Gregory with the amulet around his neck and soon to call the whole clan.

"Gregory! How could you kidnap me during my sleep! Do you know much your parents will kill us!" I said mad showing my fangs. He says nothing and starts waving the necklace around hearing the sound it makes to call the clan. If he did it faster they would have come right away.

"Where are Rudolph and Anna?" I ask. "Why would you care?" he says meanly.

"You know why" I snapped back. He should of just left me there with his parents if he was going to that me this way. "Have they still not returned with tony? They could be in danger?" I said.

"They are fine." he said. I cross my arms and give a hmph! As I walk away down to the mountain whistling hoping Anna would reply but nothing came. I walk back up the hill and sit on a rock as I stare into the moon as the comet gets closer.

Had they failed...had they not succeed and we are to stay like this forever? No stop thinking negative thoughts like that Serena your better than that. We then see light coming closer to us and I quickly hide behind the rock as Gregory stands in front of it.

People say girls have mood swings I think Gregory has mood swings. It would seem its Gregory's parents with Tony's parents coming to help us. I sighed in relief as I come out from the rock.

"Are you alright?" Freda asks running towards us giving me a hug and looking at Gregory. "We are fine Freda thank you. Are those Tony's parents?" I asked looking at the people in the car.

Freda nods her head as we look at Fredrick and Gregory. "Well done my son now finish the call." he said as he pats Gregory's arm and Gregory smiles for once and waves the necklace around faster.

Soon bats started flying around and transforming into there human forms. Everyone started surrounding Tony's parents but Fredrick shooed them off.

"Don't touch them! They are friends" he says and gives them a smile heading back towards up the hill. As they park the car I sense Anna near and sure enough she comes flying right behind us and lands then runs towards Freda and I.

"Oh Anna thank the stars your safe? Where is Rudolph?" Freda asks pulling her daughter into a hug. "He is coming mother with tony so please wait."

As we wait we look at the comet soon to touch the moon any moment. Freda puts her hand in Fredrick's and stares into his eyes worried. "How long before it touches?" she asks.

Fredrick says nothing and pulls his hand away from hers and steps forward.

"After all of our wondering. All of our waiting. I've let our fate at the hands of two small boys." he says.

Gregory stares at his mother as me and Anna stare back at each other. "It's my entire fault. I won't even ask for your forgiveness I don't deserve it." Fredrick says turning his head away.

Suddenly Anna takes my hand and stares up at the sky. "Tony is near." she says. Tony's mother then looks at her confused. "Where?" she asks.

Anna soon points up in the air and we see Rudolph and tony waving and smiling. Had they found the amulet? As soon as they landed they walked hand in hand towards Fredrick and tony gets out of his pocket the missing piece of the amulet!

"I think you've been looking for this." tony said handing Fredrick the stone. Fredrick could not believe his eyes and no one else could. The stone that has been lost for ages. Is in our hands now! We can finally be free!

Fredrick smiles. "Thank you my friend." to tony and raises the stone high up in the air. Tony heads towards his parents as we all gather around Fredrick. "The stone is ours!" he shouts as we all raise our hands in the air. As Fredrick puts the stone inside the necklace he helps it up towards the moon and watch as it spins.

Fredrick chants the saying for reversing the curse as we all stare at the moon. It soon turns red and a bright flash heads towards the amulet as our wish is soon to be made but the flash soon disappears and a huge float blocks the moon. We soon see that ugly hunter man with a bright light cross coming towards Fredrick and kick the amulet out of his hands.

As he puts the bright cross in front of us all. We back away for it burns too much. He catches the amulet in the air and we all hiss. "Ok that's it!" We hear Tony's dad say. He approaches the ugly man and punches him right in the jaw. Soon Tony's mother came along and the ugly man pushes the cross in her face.

"I don't think so" she says moving the cross aside and punching the ugly man as well. The man throws the amulet up in the air as Rudolph calls out to tony to catch the stone. Tony catches it with ease as Tony's dad pushes the hunter down the hill. We hear his screams as he falls down.

The balloon is soon out of the way and the comet is touching the moon right any second. "The ceremony!" Fredrick calls out as we all turn to tony. "Tony! You know what we want! Wish it!" Rudolph says. Tony just stares back. We look back up at the sky as the comet is now touching the moon. It was now or never.

"Hurry tony! Wish it!" Rudolph says looking at tony with desperate eyes. Tony takes in a deep breath and raises his arms into the air giving us what we most wanted. It is soon red again as we all a line ourselves at the tip of the cliff. Smoke appears at our feet as we are soon about to be consumed by the smoke.

First Fredrick then Freda; Anna then me; Gregory and lastly Rudolph. Where ever this smoke takes us let's hope it's safe and the memories we have of tony never fade for he is a true friend. Also the feelings for Gregory never fade.