Ok, so this is my first Doctor Who fanfic and my first time writing these characters. So hopefully the characterisation isn't too off. But hopefully I'll get better with practice.

This fic was inspired by a couple of scenes from The OC, so I can't take full credit for the scene between Rory and the Doctor or a later seen between the Doctor and River.

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It was a relatively quiet day for the Ponds, River and the Doctor. Amy and Rory were sat on the chair by the console; Rory was dozing lightly while Amy flicked through the magazine she had found in the library. For some reason that they weren't quite sure of the TARDIS library seemed to have every edition of every magazine, newspaper and journal ever published in the history of the universe. The Doctor and River were under the console fixing, sonic-ing and updating aspects of the console and the TARDIS herself. Well that's what they said they were doing, but Amy was fairly certain that they were doing more than just making adjustments as some of the noises from the under-console were slightly suggestive. Amy had made a point of not looking at the floor in case she saw something that she didn't particularly want to see. It was for this reason that she was glad that Rory was dozing as she knew Rory wouldn't take it too well if he saw the Doctor with his hands all over his daughter.

Under the console - contrary to what Amy thought - the Doctor and River were actually working. Well at this precise moment they were. As River was the Child of the TARDIS she understood the mechanics of the ship and was able to help more than the other companions had been able to do in the past. As it happened at the moment River was lying on her back fiddling with two wires that had come loose. The Doctor for his part was trying not to look at River's legs which were clad in denim and knee high boots. He also noticed that she was holding - if you could call it that - the sonic screwdriver in her mouth and was using her lips and tongue to operate it, while her hands were holding the wires. Shifting slightly to hopefully relieve some of the tightness in his trousers he tried to look anywhere but at River.

"Something wrong sweetie?" she asked feigning innocence, knowing exactly what was wrong with him.

"No," he replied coughing slightly and rubbing his neck. He wasn't really used to feeling like this, even with Rose; he had never felt this strongly about someone. "How's it going under there?" he asked

"All done," she replied taking the sonic out of her mouth and hoisting herself up from the floor. "Of course, you know what today is don't you?"

"It can be any day we want it to be," he replied as they walked up to the console "any day at any point of time, in any place," he added "you want Christmas 1849, VE Day, the wedding of Queen Thalria of Peladon to King Takiodo of Beta Major"

"I pick today, this year, right now," River replied

"Why?" the Doctor asked "nothing exciting happens today, or has even happened on this day."

"Really?" River asked "so nothing has ever happened on this day?" Amy sat up nudging Rory awake in the process. She recognised that tone of voice. It was the same one she'd used when facing down a Dalek that had shot the Doctor.

"Not to my knowledge," he replied, clearly not recognising the frosty tone she was using.

"So, it means nothing to you, that a year ago today, we got married atop a pyramid?"

"Ah yes, but time's all relative and it hasn't been a year for me yet," he replied "and technically, it was in an aborted timeline that now never happened, so technically we didn't get married and I only did it to get you to right the timeline."

"Well, if that's what you think," River said in the same frosty tone, before turning on her heel and running up the stair towards the door that led to the rest of the TARDIS.

He watched her walk away, before turning to face Amy and Rory who were staring at him with identical looks that were a cross between sympathy and annoyance.

"Have I said something?" he asked looking at Amy - who unlike Rory - didn't look like she was about to kill him. Narrowing her eyes at the Doctor, Amy stood up, walked over to him and hit him around the head. "Why do the mothers always hit me?" he asked looking at Rory who like Amy did not look happy.

"Because sometimes you deserve it," Rory replied "and we are not helping you out of this mess as we'd side with our daughter," he added.

"Fine, I'll go apologise," the Doctor said walking up the stairs "even though I'm not sure what I've done," he mumbled under his breath.

"Have we done the right thing? Siding with River?" Amy asked as they watched the Doctor walk away.

"Yes, we can't keep helping him clean up his own mess," Rory replied sitting back down.

"How long do you reckon she'll stay mad at him?"

"She's your daughter;" Rory commented "she could probably stay mad at him for a long time."

As he walked through the TARDIS corridors towards River's room, the Doctor tried to think about what it was he had said to River to annoy her. Of course he hadn't realised he had done anything and he felt that Amy and Rory had not been at all helpful to him. Although, he supposed that he shouldn't be at all surprised that they would side with their daughter.

"This isn't right," he said aloud as he walked past the door to the swimming pool for the third time "are you mad at me too?" he asked placing a hand on the nearest wall. When he got no telepathic response from his oldest friend, he realised that she too was mad at him "just let me find her," he said before heading back the way he had come.

This time he found himself in a different part of the TARDIS. It seemed as though she was now willing to help him. He walked down the corridor following the same path that he had taken many times in the past few weeks she'd been aboard the TARDIS and one he hoped he'd keep taking as he wasn't ready for her to go to the library just yet…not until he'd found some way to save her at least.

Reaching the door to her room, the Doctor took a deep breath and knocked lightly on it.

"Go away," River called "I don't particularly want to see you right now."

"You can't stay in there forever,"

"No, but I can stay here until it's time to return to Stormcage."

"Look, I don't know what I'm supposed to have done or said to upset you."

"Well, then I can't help you."

Leaning his head against the door, he tried to figure out what he could do. He thought about what she'd been saying before she'd headed off to their room. Placing a hand on the handle, he tested it on the off chance that she hadn't locked it. To his relief, it was still open. Pushing the door open, he noticed that she was lying on the bed, facing the wall. He moved over to the bed and sat down on it.

"I thought I told you to go away."

"You should know by now that I never do as I'm told," he replied. As he heard her stifle a laugh he knew that he had possibly got through to her. He watched her turn around to face him and he could tell that she'd been crying. It broke his hearts to realise that he had been the one to make her cry. "I'm sorry about what I said, but it's true. The only way to get close enough so we could right the timeline was to marry you and since that timeline never happened, we didn't really get married, so today isn't really our anniversary," he added "so I'm not sure why you got upset." he said "if anyone has the right to be upset, it's me. I mean I'm the one who died sort of." he finished trying - and failing - to make a joke.

"Nice," River said pushing him off the bed and turning back to face the wall "just get out and the next chance you get, drop me off at Stormcage and I'll never bother you again." she added her voice breaking on the word 'again'.

Picking himself up from the floor, the Doctor walked back towards the door, he took one last look at River, her body silently shaking with sobs before leaving the room.

"So I'm guessing she's still mad at you?"

"Blimey Pond, you scared me." he replied looking up to see Amy stood opposite him, with her arms folded and leaning against a door "and yes, she is still mad at me." he added "it looked like I'd gotten through to her and then it all went wrong."


"I may have tried to make a joke about her killing me."

"Oh raggedy man, you can be so stupid sometimes." Amy said "you go play with your TARDIS, I'm going to go and speak with my daughter." she added pushing past him and walking into River's room.

As she walked into the room, Amy reflected on how it looked. It was covered in plans and blueprints of various temples, churches and civilisations, the shelves were stacked with various objects that she was fairly certain River hadn't got legitimately. Amy also noticed that the room had two beds, one four poster, canopy bed with sheets of TARDIS blue and the other one, opposite the four poster bed and the one River was lying on looked decidedly normal. Moving over to the bed Amy laid down on it and discovered that it was a water bed. Deciding to ask about the two beds later, Amy placed a hand on River's arm and comforted her while she cried.

"So, two beds?" Amy asked an hour later, when River's tears had stopped and they were sat leaning against the bottom of the bed.

"Well you can't really wear heels on a water bed. She was not happy the last time that happened," she replied was that an over share?" she asked noticing the look on her mother's face.

"Just a bit," Amy replied "good thing your father's not listening to this. He'd probably keel over," she added "you stay here, I'll go and get us a drink and you can trash talk the Doctor all you want." she finished standing up and heading out of the room.

"So how's it going?" Rory asked when he saw Amy walk into the kitchen and over to the cupboard where she kept the wine and pulled out a bottle and a couple of glasses.

"Not good," Amy replied leaning against the kitchen sink "she's talking about leaving," she added "I think he's really up…can you hear Boyz II Men?" she asked forgetting about the wine and glasses, before exiting the kitchen, Rory following close behind.

As they neared the console room, the music got louder. Reaching the stairs down to the console, the music was practically blaring out of the speakers at the top of the console.

"He's moping," Amy said noticing the Doctor sat on the jump seat under the console with his head in his hands.

"How do you know?"

"He's listening to 'End of the Road', he's sat under the console not tinkering with his ship and he looks exactly like you did when we broke up for two weeks several years ago."

"I did not mope."

"Yes you did. Jeff told me all about it." Amy said patting him on the shoulder. "I think you should talk to him."

"Why me?" Rory asked

"Because you're not likely to kill him," Amy replied

"River's my daughter too, I'm just as likely to kill him as you are."

"Yes, but ultimately she is a daddy's girl and you wouldn't want to upset her any more than she already is would you?"

"Fine," Rory replied "so what are you going to do?"

"Girls stuff," she replied kissing him on the cheek, before scampering back off towards the kitchen.

We belong together

And you know that I'm right

Why do you play with my heart?

Why do you play with my mind?

Left alone, in the console room, with nothing but his thoughts and the music of Boyz II Men, the Doctor could do nothing but think about what a mess he'd made of things. He didn't want River to go back to Stormcage…well not for a while anyway. He also didn't want her to go back when she was still mad at him, incase she never wanted to see his younger self either, thus screwing up their timeline…again. The only difference being this timeline couldn't be righted by one killing the other.

Although we've come to the end of the road

Still I can't let go,

It's unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you

"You're seriously listening to Boyz II Men?" Rory asked sitting down on the steps next to the jump seat.

"I can think of no song that suits my mood more." he replied

"So I heard that the talk with River didn't go well."

"No, it didn't. Unless I can come up with some way to get River to talk to me again she's going to go back to Stormcage and will probably never speak to me again." he said "Eureka!" he added jumping up and banging his head on the glass floor. "I can't believe I just said eureka but never mind," he said "all I have to do is apologise to her."

"Because that went so well the last time." Rory pointed out.

"Fine," he replied sitting back down "what do you think I should do?"

"Woo her," Rory said "make her feel appreciated. Show her how much she means to you." he added "that's what I did to win Amy back a few years ago."

"Really? So you didn't stay in bed for five days, being unsociable…"

"Okay now how do you know about that?"

"River told me about it. She was there remember?" he replied "eureka," he added this time not jumping up for fear of banging his head. "I'll take her to the ice castles of Icilia. They're only visible for one hour, once a decade."

"Except you struggle with your timing on the best of occasions and if you want it to be a surprise you can't ask River to fly her."

"Ok, but tell me do you think I'm on the right tracks?"


"Good, then I have another idea, one that doesn't involve flying anywhere," the Doctor said "but before I say eureka again, do you see any potential holes or flaws in my plan?"

Rory thought about it and while he could think of several possible flaws he was also sick of listening to 'End of the Road'. "No,"

"Then eureka, Rory," he said jumping up and banging his head again. Ignoring the pain, he ran up the stairs to the console, still exclaiming 'eureka'. "Turn this music off it's depressing me." he added pressing a few buttons and setting his plans in motion.

After much gentle persuasion, the Doctor had managed to coax the TARDIS into redesigning one of the small rooms, into a little something different in the hopes of showing River just how much she meant to him. All he had to do now was find what he was looking for and hope she'd wear the dress he'd picked out from the wardrobe. Taking one last look at his handy work, he picked up the garment bag and shoe box before exiting the room and heading off to River's room.

Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door.

"I don't know if you should be here right now," Amy said opening the door.

"I know but I'm trying to make it up to her," he replied "just tell her to wear to put these on and then follow the trail."

"The trail?"

"She'll see it," he said handing Amy the garment bag and shoes before leaving.

A short while later, the Doctor was tapping his foot nervously against the floor as he waited for River to arrive. He hoped she'd like what he'd done to the room. He looked over at the small oblong box resting on the table. It had taken him ages to find where he'd put it. It was special to him and he hoped she would recognise what it meant to him…to them…to the history of his race. A knock at the door brought him out of his thoughts. He opened the door to see River stood there. Like he'd hoped she was wearing the dress he'd found. It was a long red dress, fitted perfectly to her figure and made of the finest silk in the universe. The Doctor had his suspicions that the TARDIS knew he would be needing the dress at some point and made sure that it was perfect for River.

"Alright, I'm here and I'm dressed up what d…" she tailed off noticing that he was in his top hat and tails. "What's going on?" she asked.

As the Doctor stepped aside to let her in, River noticed that the room had been changed to reflect an outdoor area. The floor beneath her feet had been made to look like grass, and the ceiling had been replicated to look like the night sky complete with moons and stars.

"I wanted to make it up to you for what I said earlier. It was stupid of me and from now on, I'm going to try and not let my mouth run away with me."

"Oh don't do that," River said

"Why not?"

"Because then I won't be able to kiss you to shut you up."

"Oh you'll still be able to do that," he replied "I'm always saying stupid stuff," he added closing the door.

"So what now my love?" she asked as he pulled her close.

"I'm going to sweep you off your feet," he replied as they began to move to the music.

And all the roads we have to walk are winding

And all the lights that lead the way are blinding

There are many things that

I would Like to say to you

I don't know how

"I think you already are," she replied laying her head on his shoulder, as he swept her up into his arms and carried her over to the table.

I said maybe

You're gonna be the one who saves me

And after all You're my wonderwall


"So am I forgiven?" he asked as they held hands across the table. He flipped her palm over and began drawing patterns with his finger.

"Yes you are," she replied as the music changed tracks once more. The Doctor stood up, moved over to her and held out his hand.

"Dance with me," he said. He smiled as she placed her hand in his. He pulled her up and they began to move in time to the music.

"Where did you learn to dance?"

"Oh I've met all the good dancers in my time."

"Did you want me to wear this dress just so you could dance with me to this song?"


And I have never seen that dress you're wearing

Or the highlights in your hair that catch the light,

I have been blind

The Lady in red is dancing with me

Cheek to cheek, there's nobody here

It's just you and me, it's where I wanna be

"I have seen something for you," he said holding out the box. River took the box off of him and removed the lid. She looked inside and saw a thin piece of red cloth, covered in gold symbols.

"What are the symbols?" she asked

"Look closer," he whispered into her ear. She looked closer at the cloth and saw that the symbols were the same Gallifreyan ones that she'd seen throughout the TARDIS and on the console.

"What is it?"

"Something I should have used last year," he replied "It's a Gallifreyan marriage cloth."

"Does it mean what I think it means?"

"If you think it means that I want to marry you again, right here, right now, then yes, it means what you think it means," he replied "So, River Song, will you marry me? Again. Properly. In this timeline."

"Yes," she replied

"I mean if you don't want to, I'll keep sweeping you off your feet and try aga…" he tailed off when she placed a hand over his mouth.

"I said yes, sweetie." she said "I'll marry you again. I'll marry you every day if you want me to."

"Maybe not every day." he replied kissing her.

"Of course there is someone else you should've asked before me though."

"But he's already given his consent."

"In an aborted timeline," River replied, eyes sparkling with amusement "so like me, you'll have to ask him again."

"Alright, but first, I'd like to spend some time with my beautiful, sexy wife to be," he said kissing her again, before pulling them down to the floor.

I'll never forget the way you look tonight

I never will forget the way you look tonight

The lady in red, the lady in red

The lady in red, my lady in red

I love you...

While all this was going on, Rory and Amy were sat in the kitchen eating homemade fish and chips and just enjoying the rare alone time that they got to share while travelling with the Doctor.

"How do you think it's going?" Rory asked

"Well, I've heard no shouting, gun shots or seen someone walking past the kitchen in tears or in a mood," Amy replied "so I'm betting it's going well."

As if on cue, the sound of laughter echoed down the kitchen hallway.

"Ah, there you are Ponds." the Doctor said as he and River walked into the kitchen, hand in hand with her head resting on his shoulder.

"Mum, dad," River began "the Doctor has something he'd like to ask you."

"Yes," he replied "Ponds, I would like to ask your permission to marry your daughter."

Amy squealed with delight and ran over to hug them both while Rory dropped his fork.

"You want to marry my daughter?" Rory asked

"Yes, I do," he replied "I want nothing more than for her to be wife."

"Why do I get the feeling that whatever I say, you're still going to marry her?" Rory commented.

"Since I've already said yes to his proposal, dad," River said "this is merely a formality."

"So, Rory, can I marry your daughter?"

"I suppose you can," he replied "but if another incident like today occurs, it won't matter how many regenerations, you have left got that?"

"Received and understood," the Doctor said "so come on then," he added turning to face River "let's go, get married.

They were married within the hour, with the TARDIS, Amy and Rory as the only witnesses. No rings were exchanged and the bride didn't wear white. The vows were short and instead of traditional vows, they included vows like 'for ginger or not', 'for young or old' and 'for in prison or not'.

Once it was over, there was cake and a first dance to 'Fly Me To The Moon'. Rory and Amy left the TARDIS as Rory didn't particularly want to be around while his daughter and son-in-law had a second wedding night and a second honeymoon. The only request he made was that they stop by for a visit before she returned to Stormcage. And with that they had left the newlyweds with their ship.

"So, wife, where would you like to go?" the Doctor asked "anywhere and any when, everything that ever was, or will ever be, where do you want to start?"

"Everywhere," she replied as the ship took off into the night with its inhabitants unaware of the 'just married' banner that had appeared on the TARDIS doors.

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