Little White Lies

Or Victorious, Pretty Little Liars style

Got a secret, can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save.
Better lock it in your pocket
taking this one to the grave
- Secret, The Pierces

Chapter 1: The Beginning

As the darkness fell, Trina Vega snuggled into her sleeping bag, hoping to get warm. Beside her, Jade West shifted slightly in her sleeping bag. Tori Vega wrapped her arms around her body, and Cat Valentine hummed soothingly.

The only one who did not look satisfied with their current state was Alyssa Vaughn, the popular socialite and leader of the group. Peering at all of them, she crossed her arms and asked darkly, "So, anyone have any secrets?"

Tori's eyes widened, and Jade raised a studded eyebrow. They all looked at Alyssa with various states of disbelief. Giving a coy smile that signified that none of their secrets were safe for long, she told them, "What? Secrets keep us together."

They all breathed in as one, a sharp breath that shattered the silence. Cat bit her lip. "But you already know all of our secrets."

"There's always room for more." Alyssa smiled evilly, looking satisfied.

They all glanced nervously at one another. "Uh, I think I'll go to sleep," Trina replied carefully, and all the others followed suit.

Though she would much rather have been fast asleep, Trina still heard voices—the angry voices of both Tori Vega and Alyssa Vaughn. They fought an awful lot for two supposed friends, and Trina hated it more than anything. She turned over, pulling her pillow over her head and wishing that Jade was awake to yell at them, but Jade could sleep through a train wreck.

"You know what?" Alyssa stormed, tossing her pillow to the ground, or so Trina assumed by the hollow thud. "I'm done with this. I'm leaving. I don't want to deal with people like you."

"Yeah, well maybe I don't want to deal with you either," Tori replied softly. "Have fun out there in the dark."

Shooting one last cross look at Tori, Alyssa stormed out. Finally, Trina was able to drift off to sleep, but even as she slept, she was plagued with nightmares that keep her tossing and turning.

Once they all awakened, Jade raised an eyebrow. "Where's Alyssa?"

Tori could barely speak. "She went—outside—"

All of them walked outside, holding their breath. They start to call into the darkness. "ALYSSA! ALY! ALYSSA!"

There was no response.

They started to walk around, tracing the ground for any sign of her—stray footprints, or something of the like. After a few minutes of that, though, their search proved to be fruitless, and they grew weary of retracing their steps over and over.

"Maybe she ditched us for the high schoolers again," Cat voiced, finishing her statement with a nervous giggle.

"Maybe she thinks we're not good enough anymore," Jade growled, crossing her arms. "I'll show her who's good enough—"

"I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation," Trina flailed her arms.

The only one who voiced the question on everyone's mind was Tori, though. She frowned lightly. "Guys, if she ditches us, do you think that she'll tell anyone about the… about the Sherry thing?"

Panic settled over all of them, and they stared into the sky, feeling dirty and confused.


Never trust a pretty girl with a dirty secret.


one year later

Jade West was not happy to be back in the USA. Her younger brother, Jeremiah West, roamed the house with jaded eyes, but she wasn't quite so happy. She glared at her father, who looked so content, and wondered absently if it was because he had finally been able to return to the horrid woman that he'd been having an affair with. She'd lost all respect for him after that, and strangely enough, held a bigger grudge against her father than against the random lady. Her father was supposed to be responsible and an example, yet he was fooling around with random women while he was married instead.

"Jade!" Her mom pushed the curtains open, smiling slightly. "Are you not happy to be home?"

"No," Jade replied, crossing her arms abruptly. "It's so weird to be here." She left the implications of her statement hanging in the air - I don't want to be here. She glanced down at the floor, kicking a stray piece of dirt with the toe of her combat boot. "I still think about her. More than I should, probably."

"I saw the newspaper today, you know." Her mom took another glance at the paper that lay on the table before sighing. "I know it's hard. Why don't you call those friends of yours? The Vega girls and Cat? You guys were inseparable. Those feelings don't just go away."

"It's completely possible for them to," spat Jade bitterly. She glared at her mother. "I'll call them when I want to."

She stomped downstairs angrily, shooting Jeremiah a glare as she pulled on her dark leather jacket. "I can't believe you can't drive yourself to the play practice."

"I'm fifteen, Jade," Jeremiah said patiently. "I can't drive alone yet."

"Please." Jade picked up the keys, twirling the keys around her finger. "I could drive myself places when I was twelve."

"That's illegal!" Jeremiah protested, staring at her in shock.

"Yeah, so?" Jade replied. Darkly, Jeremiah stomped off to go talk with their mother before his practice, and Jade ran straight into her father's chest. She stepped back almost instantly, pushing one of her ever-present hair streaks behind her ear. "What?"

"Jade." He sighed, smiling at her. "I know coming back here might bring up some memories—"

"I'm still keeping your secret," she reminded him grumpily. "I'm no snitch."

He stared at her for a moment before shaking his head. "No, Jade, I didn't mean that. I meant Alyssa."

"Oh." Jade chewed on her lip for a moment. "Oh, yeah, I'll be fine. Don't worry about me." She pushed past him and followed Jeremiah to the car.

As she pulled into the school parking lot, she realized how very weird it was to see Hollywood Arts again. She absently wondered what this play was about, and how Jeremiah had managed a part when they weren't even at home. She guessed he was probably volunteering to help backstage. After all, he was just that kind of guy.

"Pick me up at 6," Jeremiah called as he slammed the door shut. A bunch of guys ravaged around his car, obviously trying to sneak peeks at her. Smirking, she glanced at the clock. Four. She had two hours of freedom.

As she sped off, her head spun with things to do. She could revisit the town, explore the school—

Or get 'drunk' in a bar and make out with some random guy.

Her decision was obvious. Smirking, she revved the ignition and sped off, excited for this 'new beginning'. After all, wasn't that what she was after? After her breakup with Ean, she was psyched to be someone else. Not someone that people could walk all over. That was not Jade.

She pushed the door open to the bar with the hardest force she could work up. Strutting in, she plopped down on a stool, but there was only one other good-looking person in the bar, and he was just her type.

Dark-skinned, dark-haired, having the looks of a supermodel—yes, this boy was perfection in a package. She ordered a Coke at first, wondering if the guy would question her decision. Probably not. She was hot enough to catch his attention, right?

Then her eyes fell on a poster. Alyssa Vaughn, missing 1 year, would be sixteen. She felt the lump return to her throat and blinked rapidly. No, this couldn't be happening, not now…

"Everything all right?" the guy asked, cocking an eyebrow at her.

"Just fine," she hissed, crossing her legs. "I've only just gotten back from Canada, so I suppose it's natural that I should be jet-lagged, right?"

"Canada?" The guy looked surprised. "I was born there. I'm Canadian by birth, actually." He extended a hand. "Beck Oliver."

She stared at him hesitantly before shaking his hand firmly. "Jade West. Normally, I don't trust Canadians, but—"

"I'm different, huh?" Beck's face broke into a half smile. "So, what's your major?"

"My major?" she blinked, wondering what he was on about, before attempting to smile. She was in a bar, after all, and was fairly mature-looking—it was only natural that he would assume that she was a college student. "Oh, my major. I'm thinking about majoring in English." This was not a lie. Jade adored English more than any normal subject she was learning; however, her acting and singing were higher priorities than English.

"Seriously?" Beck raised an eyebrow, before smirking again. "I'll be teaching English this year. It's my first year teaching, so I hope the kids aren't all freaks like I've heard."

"Well," she said boldly, crossing her arms, "I don't consider myself a freak."

"I don't consider you a freak either." He grinned.

Five minutes later, he was kissing her, and it felt good. It felt like everything that she'd always wanted, but could never have. There was something heated about the way he felt against her, the way that he felt like he was hers and no one else's—

Her watch beeped angrily. Cursing under her breath, she shut it off and glanced up at Beck. "Yeah, I gotta go pick my brother up from soccer. Kid can't drive yet; can you imagine?"

Beck nodded, allowing her to hop up. His eyes never left her. "I'll see you again, right?"

"Probably," she retorted slyly, giving him a coy wink. "You see, I always end up in the least expected places."

Her heart sank just a little as she walked out, though.


Trina Vega turned over the gorgeous pair of glasses in her hands, smiling slightly. She placed them on her face, and oh my gosh she looked gorgeous. In fact, she reminded herself of the models that she often spotted in magazines. Twirling, she struck a pose.

Mallory emerged from the dressing room and spun. "How's the dress?"

"Fab-ulous!" Trina sang, admiring her friend's silk-spun dress with gilded eyes before turning back to the mirror. It felt good to be popular, she thought internally. It felt good to prance around the mall on heighted heels, being both figuratively and literally above everyone in her line of sight. She thought it was nice to finally get one up on her study-holic sister, Tori.

The weight she'd lost was just an added factor. Trina twirled once more in front of the mirror, admiring the way the fabric of the new jeans clung to her figure and made her look even thinner. There was no need to mention how she'd lost it—as Mallory would say, the end always justified the means.

With a start, she glanced up and saw Tori. Wait, what? Since when had her younger sister had time to shop?

Hastily, she dashed up to where her sister was shopping in a more conservative type of store, the kind that Trina would never step foot in otherwise. She placed a hand on her hip indignantly. "I can't believe that you actually made time to shop and didn't tell me!"

"Maybe I wanted to go shopping alone for once," Tori replied indignantly, crossing her arms before turning back to pull out a short pencil skirt. "Do you think this is cute?"

"No! Where's the glitter, the sparkle, the shine?" Trina protested before sighing. "Look, Tor, I don't see how you even get out anymore, considering the number of things the rents are forcing you to do. Mayor's Award, writing contests, all of that…"

"If I beat Tia, it's all worth it." Tori sighed.

"Well, at least I'm one-upping you both in popularity," Trina sang, tugging at the edges of her sequined shirt.

Tori just frowned. Her voice dropped, as if she was whispering some big secret. "Did you see the paper today?"

"Yeah." Oddly enough, Trina felt her voice drop as well. This was what they were made for—drama and lying and acting as if their lives depended on it—yet Trina still felt strangely empty.

Tori bit her lip slightly. "You know, it's like she's gone… but she's everywhere."

"It's been a year, Tor," Trina said, remorse choking her voice. "Let it go already."

They stared at each other in silence for a moment before Trina coughed. "So, uh, let's find you something a little flashier. Can't have my baby sister being seen in that, now can we?"

A small smile passed over Tori's face. "Guess not."

"This is better," Trina advised, pulling out a slightly revealing but still modest purple chiffon dress. "Besides, purple's your color. Best play up that angle while you can."

"Thanks, sis," Tori replied playfully. "Don't you have a bee-f-f to catch up with?" She smirked down to where Mallory was wandering around stupidly, as if she was lost without Trina there to care for her. Trina rolled her eyes.

"Catch you later!" Trina called, dashing down the stairs. She almost fell once or twice, but well, nothing too abnormal. She adjusted the jeans that she'd conveniently forgotten to remove. After all, what was a little theft here and there? No big deal, right?

It was then that someone stopped her. Fear shot through her like a tidal wave, and she made a little yelp. "I swear, I—"

The guy gave her a strange look. "Miss, you forgot your bag."

She regained her composure and mentally scolded herself—Trina, you could've just turned yourself in! She took it and spun on her heel, nearly tripping. "Thank you."

Mallory ran up to her, mouth wide open. She glanced around quickly before flailing a bit. "I thought you were busted!"

"I never get busted!" Trina laughed, leading the way out of the stores. Mallory had no choice but to follow.


Jade's father pulled up in front of the school. He glanced over at her, his eyes filling with some sort of unrecognizable emotion. Sighing under his breath, he told her, "You know, Jade, as much as I might not act like it, I do love you and your mother. You know I don't approve of this school, but… I just want you to forgive me."

Her eyes narrowed, and she bit her lip. "You wish. I only give forgiveness to those who deserve it."

She slammed the door behind her and stared in front of her, memories filling her mind.

Jade and Alyssa stumbled down the street, laughing merrily like the immature sophomores that they were. Alyssa sipped at her Starbucks coffee and checked the time on her watch. "We should be getting home soon, yeah?"

"Yeah, my dad said he'd be at home." Jade rolled her eyes, not amused. "He's never at home, so I don't know if he's lying or—"

Frowning, Alyssa interrupted her. "Isn't that your dad… right there?"

She glanced in front of her, expecting to see her father just simply driving a car or something innocent like that. However, he wasn't alone—not in the least. In fact, he was attached to an unfamiliar woman at the lips.

She stood, frozen. Jade West was never speechless, but she was now.

Her father pulled away. "I'm sorry, Lilith," he whispered to the woman.

Lilith. The name rang clear in her mind, and she quickly associated it with what she knew. The woman was much younger than him - in fact, she was a student of her father's. And now they were… doing this.

Alyssa was quick to state the obvious. "Jade, that isn't your mom."

"I know," she replied, recoiling in shock. "I know."

Then, biting her lip, she turned and ran off. She could hear Alyssa's smug voice calling after her—"Jade! Jade! Get back here!"—but she was too embarrassed, too humiliated, too shocked and confused to return.

She just kept running, the echo of her footsteps no comfort.

Sighing, she hitched her backpack over her shoulder and continued to walk toward the school. Before she got there, though, a pair of arms enveloped her.

"Jade!" someone squealed, jumping up and down beside her. "You're back from Canada?"

"Never touch me," she said coldly, peeling the pair of arms off of her before stepping back. "Oh. Cat, hey, it's you. Yeah, I'm back from Canada." She managed a half smile, pushing a piece of hair behind her ear.

Cat didn't seem offended in the least. "I'm so glad you're back! You see, everyone's been really worried about…" She trailed off, bringing a piece of hair under her nose.

"About Alyssa?" Jade snarled, causing Cat to gasp. Sighing, Jade told her, "Cat, it's not a curse word. We all know that Alyssa's gone. Saying her name isn't going to curse any one of us."

"I know," Cat replied in a small, wavering voice, "but it still hurts. Right here." She placed her hand over her heart, looking like a small child saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Irritated, Jade rolled her eyes and seized her 'friend's' wrist.

"We've got a class to get to," Jade snarled, dragging Cat into the building. "Do you have English first period?"

"I do!" Cat replied brightly, her face lighting up. "Do you, too?"

"Yes," Jade replied sharply. The two of them walked as fast as they could to the class, and took their seats near the back. Cat looked so excited that she was about to bust out of her chair, and the other students gave her weird looks. Rolling her eyes, Jade took out her notebook and pencils, arranging them at the tip of her desk.

The door handle jiggled, causing everyone to look up. As the teacher walked in, Jade felt her breath knocked out of her lungs.

She felt like screaming, but she couldn't breathe. All she could do was stare at the teacher with rapt attention, not knowing what to do.

The person who stood in front of her, dark brown eyes fixated on her, was the same guy she'd kissed in the bar. The teacher of her English class this year was Beck Oliver.

He stood in front of her, dropping his books onto the table before he said the two words on her mind: "Holy chiz."

Shaking his head as if to clear it, Beck spoke. "Hello, students, I'll be your English teacher this year. My name is Mr. Oliver…"

Suddenly, her phone buzzed in her pocket. Glancing up quickly to ensure that Beck (Mr. Oliver?) didn't see, she pulled her phone out of her pocket.

Jade: Maybe he fools around with his students all the time. Just ask your dad. –A

Eyes wide, her phone clattered to the ground. Beck didn't even bother to take it from her.


"Cat." Cat Valentine's mother sighed, resting a hand on her daughter's. "How are you dealing?"

"Dealing," Cat giggled, sitting by the window and tracing patterns into with the tip of her finger. "That's a funny word." At her mom's impatient sigh, she frowned a tiny bit. "I'm dealing just fine!" She forced a smile onto her face.

"Oh, all right," her mom gave her a wary stare before sitting down beside her daughter. "So, have you talked to any of your old friends?"

"I don't see much of Tori and Trina anymore," Cat replied sadly, biting her lip. "Ever since Alyssa disappeared, they found new friends. But I saw Jade today!" She instantly brightened as she began to recount her newest piece of information. "Jade's back from Canada!"

"That's good, honey," her mom said kindly. "Maybe the four of you can have a sleepover like you used to."

It was then that Cat noticed a small shift in her peripheral vision. She peered out the window, and her eyes fell upon someone unloading boxes at Alyssa's old house. Quickly, she seized her mother's arm. "Mom, someone's moving into Alyssa's old house!"

"Well, they'll be our new neighbors," her mom told her. "Why don't you go greet them? I made a cake; you can take it over to them…"

"I think I will!" Cat said brightly. Slipping her shoes back onto her feet, she bounced down the stairs, grabbed the cake, and ran out the door.

Someone stood at the edge of the road, sifting through a box. The boy glanced up at Cat with wary eyes. "You want any of this stuff? Mom and I have no use for it; it's a bunch of trash. It must have belonged to whoever used to own this house."

"Yeah, my friend owned this house," Cat replied shyly, smiling at him. "Need any help with the boxes?"

"You implying that I'm not strong enough to carry the boxes myself?" The boy raised an eyebrow.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Cat responded, hurt. She held out the cake. "Mom sent me over to bring this to you all."

"Nothing. The boxes are already inside," he replied hastily, taking the cake from her. As he began to walk off, she stood there awkwardly, hands crossed in front of her and a huge smile on her face. After a moment, he just sighed. "Fine, come on in. I'm Daniel, by the way. Daniel Martin."

"I'm Cat," Cat chirped, not bothering to use her last name. She skipped into the house, following Daniel closely until they made it through the doors. A lady stood there, brushing dust off the counter. She spun to face Cat.

"A new friend already, Daniel?" the lady chirped. "I'm Allison Valentine, Daniel's mother."

"Valentine? That's my last name too," Cat giggled, smiling kindly at the woman. "I'm Cat, Caterina Valentine!"

"No." The lady's mouth dropped, and she took a step back in response. Her eyes traced Cat's face, as if searching for something. "No, you can't be. You wouldn't be here…"

"I live here, right next door," Cat replied, laughing again. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"You wouldn't be Harry Valentine's daughter…" the lady inquired carefully, "would you?"

"Yeah, he was my daddy by birth." Cat worked carefully to keep the sadness out of her voice. "Why?"

"He is… he was my husband," Allison Valentine responded, staring at Cat for a moment. "Caterina, I'm your stepmother."

The reality of the situation hit Cat with a slap, and she laughed nervously in response. This couldn't be happening. Of course, she knew that her father had remarried a lady with a son about her age, but she hadn't thought they would meet, and surely not so soon after her father's death. Yet there they were in the flesh—Daniel Martin and Allison Valentine, staring at her with the darkest eyes she'd ever seen.

"You know, on second thought, let's go upstairs, Cat." Daniel seized her arm with the strongest of grips. "I have something up there that'll take your mind off all of this."

Numbly, Cat nodded and followed him up the stairs. He handed her something unfamiliar, and she stared at it for a moment with wide eyes.

He grinned. "Guessing you haven't ever smoked it before?"

"No." She bit down on her lip, eyes wide and watery.

"So I guess that I'm corrupting you?" Daniel wondered, giving a small laugh. "Daniel Martin, the big corruptor. Corrupting innocent Cats since whatever year it is."

Glaring at her stepbrother, she threw caution to the wind and picked it up.


"I'm done!" Tori sang, giving a small twirl. At last, the apartment was ready, and Tori could finally have the peace and quiet she'd been craving. Living with Trina got tiring, and it was a relief that Tia was finally out on her own.

That was, until she walked into the kitchen and came face to face with Tia Vega in the flesh.

"Thanks for redoing the apartment." Tia gave her a grateful yet conniving smile. "Ryan and I really appreciate it."

Her eyes grew wide. She bit her lip to hold back the tears that were threatening to flood down her face. That was all Tia said, but it was all Tia needed to say.

"You know," Tori said angrily, "sometimes I really hate you. You knew I was redoing that apartment for me."

"Stop being so selfish, Tori," Tia responded, glancing down at her fingernails. "Ryan and I are engaged now. We need some… private space."

Their parents nodded enthusiastically, and Tori could no longer hold back. Tears trailing down her face, she dashed back to her room, which she supposed would now be her only private space, and she cried.


Jade opened the door to the English room slowly. It creaked, as if to signify the inherent creepiness of the room. Sliding in, she shut the door behind her. Her eyes immediately traveled to Beck's face.

"Beck," she began happily. "I thought you'd be in here. Listen, we need to talk—"

"Yeah, we do." Beck shoved his hands into his pockets. "Jade, you didn't tell me you were a student in high school."

His tone provoked the harsher side of her. "I didn't think it was necessary. I'm a private person; it's a part of being an actor."

"You could've told me that before I kissed you," Beck responded, his eyes darkening in the dimly lit room.

"As I said before, it wasn't necessary," Jade hissed. "Look, I was coming in here to talk about us, but if all you're going to do is accuse me—"

"There is no us," Beck replied after a stony moment of silence. "There is no us, Jade. There's only you and there's only me. We are not connected. You are a student and I am a teacher; therefore, anything we do like what we did before would be completely wrong." He picked up his bag before sighing again. "Jade, I'm your teacher. I'm sorry."

"You know what," Jade said icily. "I'm sorry too. Sorry that I ever talked to you."

With that, she stormed away.


The bell rang, and Cat dashed out of class. Suddenly, a hand landed on her shoulder.

"Look," Daniel said softly. "I'm sorry to bother you, really, but I'm unsure of how to get to my house from here and—"

"No, I'll walk you home," Cat exclaimed happily. "It's fine!"

The two of them began to walk, and Cat could sense his presence near her. It sent a buzzing through her body that was nearly unexplainable. She cast him a stray smile, and after a moment, he returned it.

"You're a junior, right?" Daniel wondered, catching her by surprise.

She nodded, smiling again. "And you're a senior?"

"One might say so." He laughed. "My mom likes to tell me my maturity level is that of a five-year-old."

"You seem plenty mature to me!" she yelped, causing him to laugh again.

The wind blew then, causing a flyer to land right in front of them. Hesitantly, Daniel picked it up and looked it over for a moment before showing it to her. "Do you know this girl?"

Immediately, Cat clammed up. The face on the flyer was not a random girl like one she'd see on a milk carton, nor was it a pretty girl advertising a summer sale. No, it was the face of Alyssa Vaughn—her ex-best friend, the girl who'd disappeared not too long ago.

"Yeah," Cat told him softly. "Yeah, she was a really good friend of mine…"

"I'm sorry for asking," Daniel said bluntly, "but what happened to her?"

And just like that, all the details spilled out. She found herself admitting things to Daniel that she wouldn't have even told her own parents. Maybe it was just because they were technically related, though not by blood, or because Daniel had a naturally reassuring personality. Either way, she spilled everything to him.

He stared at her for a moment, as if he was trying to gauge whether she was being honest or not. Then, after a moment of consideration, he leaned in and whispered, "I'm sorry."

"Me too," she said uncomfortably, and her discomfort grew all the more as he continued to lean in. Just before his lips were about to meet hers, she jerked away.

Though technically they weren't related, it seemed a bit strange for her to kiss her stepbrother. She took another step back. "I'm sorry, I can't—"

Thoughts of the alleged André and Sherry relationship and the controversy that had provoked spun in her head, and she shook her head quickly. "I'll see you later, then!" she told him in a perky voice before running off.

Inside of her pocket, her phone buzzed. She jerked it out quickly.

Hey, Rina. See you've found another almost-relative to kiss? Pity, Jase'll be disappointed. –A

She dropped her phone.


The door creaked open, causing Tori to jump. Relief filled her, though, as her sister's boyfriend Ryan walked into the room.

"Hey, Tori," he said, flashing her a crooked smile. "What are you making, there?"

"A smoothie," Tori giggled, her eyes immediately falling to his bare stomach. He had some pretty nice abs, Tori had to admit. "Want me to get you a towel?"

"That'd be nice," Ryan responded, shaking out his wet hair.

She dashed over to the cabinet and took one out before slowly draping it around his shoulders. As she did, she took a moment to appreciate how very tan and muscular he was. Her hands made their way to his shoulders automatically, and she rubbed them slowly.

"That…. That actually feels really good," Ryan admitted. "Keep going?"

She smirked slightly, continuing to massage them. At least she was better than Tia at this.

It was then that Tia walked in, though. Speak of the devil, Tori thought bitterly, jerking away from Ryan.

She dashed up to her room, feeling slightly ashamed, and watched them walk off to her apartment together. Bitterly, she kicked the wall, and her phone buzzed.

Poor Tori, always wanting her sister's boyfriends. But remember, if you kiss, I tell.A

Her eyes widened.

One and a half years ago, Tori pulled up at her house to find Dale Squires there playing basketball. She took the basketball from him, grinning. "Thanks for the ball."

"I didn't offer it to you, young lady," Dale retorted, snatching it back.

"Well, I've decided I want it!" Tori giggled, pulling back.

He continued to pull despite her protests, and she found herself being tugged with the ball. For a moment, he stared at her, brushing back a piece of her hair.

Then, he leaned in and kissed her. The worst part was that she let him.

That was, until Alyssa Vaughn cleared her throat. Tori hadn't noticed her walk up, but she was definitely there. She gave a small smile.

Tori's smile hardened into a frown. Jerking away from Dale, she hissed at Alyssa, "If you tell anyone about this, I tell everyone about the Sherry thing."


"Jade," Cat called upon seeing her friend's car pull up in the driveway. "Jade, I got a really weird message today!"

"You too?" Jade asked, dashing up to the porch. "From—"

"A!" A worried Cat cut her off. "You don't think—

"Who else could it be?" Jade glanced back down at her phone, as if expecting it to go off. "What A said, only Alyssa knew."

"Me too," Cat bounced up and down. "Maybe she's still alive."

"Maybe she's here watching us," Jade glanced around. "Alyssa, I swear, I'll knock in your face if this is you messing with us."

Only silence greeted them.


Beside her, Trina's phone rang urgently, interrupting Tia's incessant chatter about how amazing Ryan was. Trina's mom glared at her, and Tori raised an eyebrow. Biting her lip, Trina picked up the phone and glanced over the screen quickly.

WE NEED TO TALK! Tori had sent. Tori cocked her head to signal it was urgent, and Trina shook her head. "Later," she mouthed.

But their lovely family dinner was then interrupted by a ring of the doorbell.

"Who could that be?" Tia murmured as their mom hopped up to grab the door. On the other side stood Trina's worst nightmare.

"Ma'am, we need to see your daughter," the cop said. "We have proof that she's been stealing things from the Hollywood Mall."

Trina's mouth dropped open, but she had a feeling that there was no way to protest. Her mother stared at her, looking hurt and confused, but Trina just bowed her head.

At the police station, her mother whispered in her ear, "Deny, deny, deny. I've got this covered."

She frowned, tears pooling in the corners of her eyes, but nodded. Somewhere inside, she had a feeling that her mom knew that she was guilty. She just didn't want her daughter to ruin the crystal-clear Vega family reputation.

One tear making its way down her face, she reached over to take a piece of the candy in the bowl beside her when her phone buzzed. Scowling, she decided to shut it, as she really didn't want to hear from anyone, but curiosity took over and she opened it.

Be careful, Trina, the message read. I hear prison food makes you fat.

She dropped the candy back into the bowl, her breath coming faster.


Frowning, Cat ran out the door. The neighborhood was abuzz with noise. Just then, she could hear the sound of cop cars, a couple of yells mingling together, and the constant noise of people walking. She had no idea what was going on, though, and saw only one way to find out.

Daniel stood outside his door, staring at the house as if it was an alien sent down to kill him. He glanced over at her sorrowfully. "Cat, I'm so sorry."

"About what?" she asked, though somewhere inside she already knew. No, no, it couldn't be

"They found your friend's body," Daniel told her slowly. "Your friend Alyssa is dead."

She felt her knees buckling under her weight, and all the memories of Alyssa came rushing back. She felt herself choking on her own spit—no, no, it couldn't be

Two people caught her by the elbows, and she recognized Jade and Trina's firm grips. Tori stood in front of her now, crossing her arms. Catching her breath, Cat managed to get back on her feet and stare at the ambulance as they brought out a body, covered in white cloth. She couldn't believe it, somehow—the body under the cloth seemed to impersonal to have been one of her best friends. But the ominous atmosphere told her otherwise. There was no one else that it could have been.

"Look," Jade said harshly, snapping everyone out of their reverie. "Look, we still have a deal, right? We don't tell anyone about the Sherry thing. If they find out, we could be in big trouble…"

"Deal," they all confirmed as one, staring back at the house as the sirens indicated that the police were leaving.

"I can't believe it," Trina muttered softly.

Cat couldn't believe it, either.


It was raining outside, but Jade West could care less. She sat on the bench, arms wrapped around her as if to preserve the heat that still remained inside of her. Shivering a bit, she pulled her legs closer.

Someone's jacket fell haphazardly around her shoulders, and she glanced up to see the one and only Beck Oliver. A scowl made its way onto her face. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to apologize," Beck said coolly, staring at her. "I shouldn't have been so rude about it. You were right."

"I was what?" Jade blinked rapidly, water still dripping onto her. She stood up, pulling the coat tightly around her body. "What?"

"I was a jerk, and you were right." He sighed, running a hand through his (admittedly gorgeous) hair. "There is an us. I want there to be an us."

She stared at him for a moment. "If you're going to get in trouble or lose your job, I don't think there's a point." As if to emphasize her point, she turned away and began to walk off.

It was then that he stopped her by grabbing her arm, turning her around, and pressing his lips to hers.

The heat that coursed through her was indescribable, and she found herself agreeing with him at once. She definitely wanted to be with him.


"We have the front row," Tori whispered, grabbing Jade's arm. Scowling, Jade shook her off and sat down beside Cat. Tori made a point to sit on her other side.

"Look," Jade whispered, voice full of venom, "have you gotten a weird message from…A?"

"You have too?" Tori responded in shock.

"Cat and I both have," Jade hissed, and Cat nodded in agreement.

Trina's jaw dropped. "That means that all four of us have…"

They all exchanged terrified glances, and the realization set in.

At that moment, the door creaked open again. They turned to see a girl with sunglasses being escorted by a mysterious guy with dreads.

"Sherry?" Tori whispered in shock.

"Why are Sherry and André here?" Jade hissed angrily, making a move to stand up. Quickly, Tori and Cat stopped her.

Behind them, Mrs. Vaughn cleared her throat. "I didn't know that those two were friends of my daughter."

"That's because they weren't," Tori responded, eyes wide.


After the funeral, someone's hand fell onto Tori's shoulder. She jerked around, as did the other girls. A man stood there, clothed in dark attire.

"I'm Gary Johnson, police officer," he flashed his badge, as if to prove his point. "I will need to see you girls again."

"Why?" Trina asked rudely.

"Ms. Vega, if you will," the man spoke slowly, "this is no longer a missing persons investigation; this is a murder. And you four are hiding something." He scowled. "I will get to the bottom of it if it is the last thing that I do."

Everyone inhaled at once as the man walked off. In unison, their phones buzzed, and all of them had the same message.

I'm still here, ganks, and I know everything. –A


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