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A few days later Callen had convinced everyone that he would literally go insane if he stayed in the hospital a day longer. He had already stopped taking the pain meds, much to Sam's dislike, saying that he wanted to be able to defend himself if necessary with a clear head.

Eric had gotten nothing from the hospital cameras. The man who had left the note had covered the majority of his face and probably died his hair. In Sam and Callen's description of their attacker he had dark hair, in the video the man's hair had been blond. None of the cameras picked up much else, just what they knew already. The man was a young, Caucasian probably in his late twenties to early thirties.

G sat in the front passenger side of Sam's black Challenger, leaning back comfortably with his eyes closed. His seat was pushed as far back as it would go, to give his leg as much room as possible to stretch out. The complimentary hospital issued crutches were laying in the back seat, ready for him when they stopped at his house. G loathed them, but if he were being honest to himself he knew he needed to use him. The better he treated his leg as it was healing the less permanent damage he would suffer from later after it was healed.

Sam had announced earlier in the day that he would be acting as Callen's own personal guard dog until he was free of the crutches. Though those weren't Sam's exact words, Callen had decided 'guard dog' sounded more like Sam. It was a noble, selfless act to insure that the mad man wouldn't return for his partner. Although G was seriously contemplating asking Hetty for a security detail instead, mostly because Sam had been complaining about his lack of furniture ever since they had gotten into the black car.

"Look, if you want a bed go to a hotel." G sighed out, his voice not as edgy as it could have been. Callen opened his eyes and glanced around as the car rolled to a stop. "You do realize this is no where near where I live…wait, are we back at Ops?"

"I thought you said you were off the pain meds." Sam teased his confused partner lightly as he parked the car and killed the engine.

Callen glared but didn't bother retaliating, silently trying to figure out why they were back at the office. "Do we have a new case?" Or a lead, Callen thought to himself, but didn't want to upset Sam by bringing the 'lack there of' up. Besides, he could see a sparkle in Sam's eye…something was up.

"Nope, hurry up Gimpy." Sam announced, exiting the car and moving to the other side to assist G as he maneuvered his healing body out of the car and balanced on the crutches Sam handed him.

G's blue eyes narrowed slightly at Sam but it wasn't in anger or frustration, but instead in concentration. Trying to think back to any hints that might have been dropped on what was going on. Callen wasn't exactly a fan of surprises.

"So are you going to tell me what's going on?" G hobbled on his crutches next to Sam as they crossed the street to the front door of the building.

Sam smirked, shaking his head, "Nope, you're just going to have to see for yourself."

G sighed and limped inside after Sam opened the door and stepped aside for him. He headed towards the bullpen and paused at the sight he came across.

"Ah, Mr. Callen," Hetty greeted with a bright toothy smile. "So glad that you could join us."

The small woman was dressed up in a replica of something Lady GaGa would wear, causing the agent's mouth to drop open a bit. Luckily it appeared to be a child sized costume and not as revealing as the real Lady GaGa would allow.

His eyes traveled to the rest of the team, Deeks was dressed up as Frankenstein's Monster, Kensi as Wonder Woman, and Eric was clad in an Indiana Jones costume, bullwhip, brown leather jacket and all.

Nell was the last to catch Callen's blue eyes, the short red head dressed as a 'black cat' wearing a lacy, short black dress that flared out at her waist and adorable fluffy cat ears. Her feathery red hair was positioned so that her real ears were hidden, a nice touch. Though she hadn't drawn a nose or whiskers on her face her eye make up was darker than normal around her eyes giving a shadowy, smoky look. On her feet Nell wore a pair of knee high black boots with bells that chimed as she made her way down the steps. Another bell in the form of a choker necklace was strapped around her small neck.

"Sam mentioned that you were upset you had missed Halloween." The young analyst explained with a bright smile. "So we got together to give you the party you missed."

Callen's eyes widened in surprised and than narrowed slightly at Sam, "That…was supposed to be a secret." He worded the sentence carefully. Although there was much of his Halloween still locked away in a thick fog, the conversation the two partners had in the car before hand was clear in his mind.

"And check this out G," Sam ignored his partner and handed Callen a big bowl of assorted chocolate, "Free candy." The implication behind the words made G smile brightly.

"Well, I guess there are three good things about Halloween." He said, accepting the pirate eye patch from Eric as Sam pulled some 'bling' over his neck.

"Three?" Sam questioned, as the others started to mingle among themselves. "I thought we decided on two." Sam smirked slightly before adding, "By the way you were right, both our places got papered rather nicely."

G winced but enlightened his partner, counting off the 'good points' of Halloween on his fingers, "Free candy, girls in costumes," He glanced at Hetty engaged in a conversation with a frightened looking Deeks and cringed a bit, "Well, some girls…" his eyes shifted to Nell briefly before looking back at Sam, "And the last good point: Hanging out with good friends."

Grinning Sam nodded, "I can definitely agree on the last point."

The two partners fell silent for a moment as they scanned the room at their friends having a good time before Callen glanced sideways at Sam again, "What are you supposed to be? Exactly? A gangster? Don't you pretend to be those enough in our line of work, I would think you'd be sick of it by now."

"I'm a rapper, G" Sam corrected with a slight glare, watching as Callen pulled the eye patch over his eye.

G pursed his lips a bit and shook his head, "I'm not convinced, you just don't seem like a rapper to me." He shrugged, adjusting his crutches under his arms.

"Whatever, at least I'm not the one eyed, one leg pirate!" Sam called after G, sounding only mildly offended.

G flashed Sam a bright smile, "At least I can pull off my costume without even trying!" Callen grinned hobbling off to mingle with the others.

Sam's frown turned quickly into a smile as he shook his head, "At least I talked Eric out of the zombie costume idea." He sighed and moved over to save Deeks from Hetty.

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