Hey, it's me Shay. I'm sorry for not updating! I just haven't been motivated to type. This story I just started in September. It isn't really a fanfiction but my own story based off of Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld-werewolf-like thing. I'm posting it cuz I really want to post it on so yeah. But other than that it's all mine! I don't know what to call it yet so if you have any ideas, any at all, please don't be afraid to suggest! I don't bite...Usually...

Prologue Part 1

It happened on that day. I remember it clearly as if it were yesterday; the snow was endless. The dark clouds covered the sky. The large clock tower in the middle of the small town struck. After the first I counted...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10...11...12... 12. It was now 12 o'clock midnight. I'd been coming back from the bus stop after picking up an important item from the town over, nearly a 4 hour ride, there's. Though the bus stop is still half an hour from my house. I was tired, wet, and cold. I could see the lights of the town by now. That's when it started.
First, I felt another presence behind me. I ignored it.
Wrong Move.
The north gates of the village was now in sight. I then heard a soft noise. The padding of paw steps crunching into the hard icy snow. Don't ask me why I thought they weren't humans', I just did. I looked behind me to find a large black dog standing in the snowstorm... No, not a dog. Too big. A wolf? But that'd be impossible, they can't get that big. Our eyes met. I stared at it. Every part of it screamed "wolf" but the eyes...those eyes, they're much, much, much too intelligent to be any animal. They looked human. I turned back to the town swiftly. Walking faster than normal. The padding continued again. Faster. RUN! My instinct shouted at me. Adrenaline kicked in and I ran like hell. My stalker was not happy with my decision. For at that moment I heard a low rumble.

Aren't I evil? I thought I'd post this today it being Halloween and all.
I dressed up as a Kitsune! Happy Halloween!