Author's Note: Hey this is Green Gallant, writing my first ever X-Men: The Movie fic. Which is something I never thought I'd do. This is based off an idea a friend of mine Rider Paladin had while discussing X-Men: The Last Stand. He was talking about if there was ever an X4 he'd like to see them try and reverse Scott's death and gave a suggestion that just stuck with me. And I've finally sat down last night and started writing it. Just so you know if your one of those that are turned off by people making changes to the last film. I'm not sure how much that affects readership. But all the events of The Last Stand will remain canon. All the events that happened, happened. Any changes like Scott's survival take place after X3. Seeing as Magneto is always the villain in most of the X-Films. I wanted to try and expand the movieverse into the comic mythos. Since there's other villains that they havent tackled yet in film. I also realize that Last Stand wasnt the best recieved of the three, and shall try and remedy that. Dont think of it as a fix fic, think of it an expansion of the movieverse. More comic book goodness, less mess. Enjoy

X-Men: Revelations

Chapter One

It is unknown what happens to us when we die. Most cultures accept the notion of there being a higher plane of existence beyond this life of ours. Others feel that there is a paradise for the worthy and righteous and damnation for the evil and malign. Still others feel there are further planes of the afterlife than just heaven and hell. Since nobody has ever returned from there we are not certain if such realms exist. But one person does, one person that has passed from this life into the next and had received a heaven of sorts as his reward. He wasn't sure how he got here or why he came, all he knows is that the love of his life was here, along with some other tagalongs. And if that was what Heaven was, then it was all he needed.

"Scoooott." An almost ethereal voice called out to him in the hazy void. He looked around and could see no one for a moment, only her voice.

"Scott." A woman with long red hair in a radiant dress said as she hovered towards him.

"Jean." He smiled.

"There you are Scott, I've been looking everywhere for you." she stated.

He found it odd that she was dressed in heavenly articles, while he still wore his Earthly clothes of a t-shirt, jacket and jeans along with his ruby quartz sunglasses. But thought nothing else of it as she came towards him.

"Well there's not many places I can be in this dimension." He chuckled. She smiled and giggled a bit touching his shoulder.

"Come on the kids are waiting for us." Jean told him and flew off carrying him by the hand.

Flying through a hazy bank he smiled as she led him by the hand and could see two children standing just beyond the cloudbank appearing as younger versions of Jean and himself. His smile broadened as he flew towards his kids. A veil of fog passed over revealing that Scott was in fact being held in some kind of circular observation center, in a type of suspended animation as monitors along the white room's walls. Behind the glass lining the room was a group of medical experts and scientists that were monitoring him from their station within the room. A large curved screen built into the round wall monitored Scott's heart rate that appeared to be healthy, as a scientist monitored the same on a transparent tablet like device while others were at their own separate stations in the same room. A door opened within the room as a man with dark hair, with what appeared to be thick black eyeliner with a swirl outside his eye and dressed in regal green robes addressed the man with the tablet.

"How is the subject?" he asked. The medi-scientist looked back at him.

"He is responding well. There have been no changes, we've been monitoring the slightest changes as you requested Prince D'Ken." The scientist replied.

"Is he still having his dream?" Prince D'Ken asked.

"Yes your highness, his mind is connected with the White Hot Zone. He doesn't seem to suspect anything based on our findings. He's in his own little heaven sir." The scientist answered.

"It's interesting how he got here sir. He literally appeared from out of nowhere. We believe the M'Krann Crystal may have brought him here. But for what reason or purpose we're not certain. He appears to be human, and he hasn't regained consciousness since he arrived here D'Ken." The medi-scientist added.

The prince narrowed his eyes as he gazed through the glass at the man who hovered a few inches above a small circular platform suspending Scott. A noted scowl appeared on the prince's face as he held his glare on Scott.

"Sir, what shall we do with him?" the medi-scientist asked.

"Dispose of him." D'Ken ordered.

"But sir, no one has ever come through the crystal before. Think of what this could mean." The scientist gently implored him.

The prince glared back at his underling as other medi-scientists looked back at them wondering how the prince would react to this impudence?

"Find out how he got here then kill him." D'Ken seemed to relent and left his presence. The other scientists watched him warily as the prince left the observational center.

"The rest of you get back to work." D'Ken ordered as he left.

A wide sweep of the area revealed them to be in a palace on an alien planet in a solar system not yet known to man. Thousands of light years away on Earth a satellite would key in on the northeastern United States as a girl accessed an incoming message on her cell phone as she stood outside the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, before reading off her text and hurrying inside as a bell rang. Inside the establishment students shuffled past each other in the crowded hallways of the school and made their way to their first class of the day. Headmistress Ororo Munroe made her rounds as she maneuvered past her teenage and adolescent students occasionally excusing herself after bumping into students in the hallway. The headmistress smiled as she approached one of the surviving members of the X-Men. A large broad shouldered man in a blue pinstriped business suit with his face, hands and body covered in a long deep blue coat of fur. Ororo held out her arms as she hugged her former collogue.

"Welcome back Dr. McCoy." She smiled embracing him.

"Ororo it's great to be back." he greeted hugging her back as she pulled away.

"Thanks for taking the time to teach some of our students. I hate pulling you away from your real job in Washington." She apologized sweetly.

"Oh think nothing of it Storm, after all you did ask. I'm happy to help out here at the mansion. To be honest I could use some time away from Washington. You know how politicians are, they never seem to get anything done." he joked making her laugh, but then switched to a serious demeanor.

"It'll be an honor teaching these kids about mutant powers and ethics. I know that the professor would be proud of you Storm." He replied sincerely. Her smile faded a bit as she looked away briefly.

"Yeah, well…better get to class." She said.

"You got it." he answered softly and turned and left carrying his briefcase.

"Time waits for no one." He said aloud as he left carrying said briefcase over his shoulder.

Storm's smile had all but vanished after Beast brought up the late professor's name and slowly and quietly turned away. Resigning herself to her office upstairs to get some work done. A few doors down, Dr. Hank McCoy entered the classroom to give his first lesson on mutant ethics and theory.

"All right good morning students. My name is Dr. Hank McCoy; I will be your new mutant powers and ethics teacher. I am also the U.S. Secretary of Mutant Affairs." He said removing his blazer and setting it on the chair behind his desk, revealing a white dress shirt with suspenders. And clapped his hands enthuastically as he turned and faced the class.

"Now then shall we get started?" he asked looking at them for the first time and saw their reaction.

"Oh this should be fun." He muttered. A boy raised his hand in the back of the classroom.

"Yes?" he asked. The student looked back at him dumbly then answered.

"…Your blue." He stated.

"Yes thank you for establishing that." Beast replied.

"How do you…take a bath?" a female student asked.

"Well it's funny you should mention that. Normally I just jump in a lake and use an industrial size fan on myself." he said making his students laugh.

"I cant begin to tell you how much shampoo I go through." he added making them laugh even more.

At the Muir Island Research Facility in northern Scotland, a stunned Dr. Moira MacTaggert stood next to a patient's bed after hearing a familiar voice.

"C-Charles…" she answered softly as she looked back at a man resembling the late professor. The old man smiled beneath his breathing mask as he looked back at her.

"Yes Moira it is Me." he replied softly. Her mind was racing with questions.

"H-How did you…"

"Survive? When Jean killed me I transferred my essence into this body here on Muir Island. I have known of his existence for quite some time. He is my twin brother, one who regrettably was a victim of my growing powers in-utero. His mind is a blank slate." He explained softly.

"How…" her eyes then flashed with anger.

"How can you justify doing this?" she demanded, though not exactly yelling at he professor.

"It…wasn't an easy decision. But I felt that both mutant and humankind still need me. I do hope you forgive me for this Moira." He apologized gently. Dr. MacTaggert heaved her chest out breathing a heavy sigh before answering.

"So what will we tell the others?" she asked. Her eyes darted back to his before adding.

"Do we tell them?" Dr. MacTaggert clarified.

The professor looked away from her at the ceiling and seemed to ponder this for a moment as a pained expression washed across his face.

"Professor?" Dr. MacTaggert said noting his change of expression.

Xavier's hands flew up with IV line still in his wrist and gripped the sides of his head as he sat up in bed.

"Charles!" she said flying to his side.

"What's wrong?" she said alarmed.

"I'm receiving a telepathic message." He said to her.

The doctor remained silent as he concentrated on the message. A troubled expression formed on the professor's face that MacTaggert could make out through his breathing mask. He breathed a heavy sigh fogging up his mask and looked back at Moira.

"It seems as though I am not the only one that has evaded death." He said taking off his breathing mask.

"What do you mean?" she asked standing over him.

"Cyclops is alive." he stated.

Author's Note: All right well that's all for now. I really hope you guys like my first foray into the X-Men movies universe. All credit for the idea of Scott's survival goes to my friend Rider Paladin. For which this story would not be possible without his suggestion. Let me know what you think and if you'd like to read more. Like I said all events of The Last Stand are still valid. Just going to iron out a few details if that's all right with everyone.

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