Chapter 1

It was midnight in Bright Falls and Jack Dominican, a police officer, who had been in the police force for 7 years, was responding to a call. Frost from a recent winter storm covered the road he was driving on, his cruiser slipped around sharp turns. The 4-wheel drive mode did little to keep traction on the road. Nonetheless, he kept control as he turned to a gravel road that leads into nearby woods.

As he was responding to a call was a man who claims he had been attacked. The man sounded eerie and his voice heavy from fear and panic. He couldn't give much detail of what had happened, all he said was that something broke into his home and tried to attack him. The call was cut before he could identify himself and give further details, though he did manage to give his address.

The street happened to be within a wooded area, few outdoor lamps repel the darkness out here. When Jack turned on his flashing lights, a nearby trashcan exploded and a flock of ravens vanished into the night. They weren't tweeting, but more like loud screams like that of a banshee. The officer was undeterred from the irony, he kept on going towards the address. Jack knew this place well because he had a friend who lived around here. He moved away though, complaining about ghost haunting his house. What made him snap was the pentagram he discovered when changing out his carpet. His house was once used by witchcraft.

It just so happened that Jack's former friend's house was next door to the house of the caller; When Jack pulled up the first thing he noticed was a gaping maw where the front door used to be. A white F-150 pickup truck sat near it, its bumper crumpled from hitting something hard. Maybe that caused the hole, thought Jack. What seemed strange was that there was not a single light on inside the house. Jack soon feared the worse.

Jack parked his cruiser and got out, taking the keys with him. Just in case the intruder was still in the area, he wants to make sure that whoever broke in wouldn't get away in his vehicle. He pulled out his black Mag-LITE flashlight and turned it on. It gave off a powerful beam that could be clearly seen by the slight fog of the night. After focusing it to a single point, he headed inside the darkened house with his 9mm glock handgun drawn.

The place was trashed, as if someone had been in a fight or a wild animal such as a bear came in and wrecked the place. Jack noticed the tire marks on the wooden floor near the entrance and it seemed crazy that anyone would use a vehicle as a battering ram just to get into the house. He found the door in question tossed aside like a discarded toy, Jack observed that it wasn't even locked in the first place.

"Police!" he called out, "Is anyone here?"

"Help!" someone crooned, "Back here! I'm back here!"

Someone was alive, he sounded injured as he coughed loudly. "I'm hurt!" he pleaded, "I can't move; I need help!"

Jack heads to the back of the house, opposite of where the front door used to be. He saw a man in his early fifties lying helpless on the ground, the area around him stained in his own blood. He held up a hand as the officer shined the flashlight on the guy's face, "Are you okay?" asked Jack, "Are you hurt?"

"Several of my ribs are broken," said the man, "The nerves in my feet are tingling, I can barely feel them from the cold."

"What happened?" asked Jack.

"I was just coming back from working overtime at my job," said the man, "Everything was normal until I got to my front door, just when I was about to unlock the door I heard my truck's engine roar. I immediately assumed that it was being stolen, but it was strange since I had the key. I turned to see who was behind the wheel of the car and discovered there wasn't anybody; I panicked and tried my best to unlock the front door. I wasted precious time by dropping the keys and by the time I managed to get the door open my own pickup truck ran me over and shot me across the room. It then pulled back and I heard the engine shut off, nothing more after that."

"You're saying that your own truck ran you over?" asked Jack.

"Take a look at it," said the man, "The windows aren't broken and it was locked. Please sir, I need an ambulance."

"Okay," said Jack, "Just stay here, I'll be right back."

Jack rushed back to his squad car to radio for help, when he got there he saw the headlights of his vehicle explode, the bulbs in each headlight had burst spontaneously. He was stumped, but that's something to worry about later. Right now, he needed to call for an ambulance. Jack opened the car door and grabbed the microphone to his radio. "Dispatch come in!" he called into it.

No response.

"Dispatch come in, over!" he tried again.

No response.

At that moment, a loud mournful cry roared through the air. The earth shifted and the trees shuffled. A nearby tree toppled over as if it had been cut down by a logger.

"What the heck was that?" he asked himself.

Something erupted inside the darkened house, Jack can hear the man's blood-curdling scream as he heard something smash into something. The man was in trouble.