Chapter 4

Jack ran as the bulldozer was catching up to him. He walked backwards and kept the spotlight trained at it. The light picks away the darkness as it came closer. He ran 20 feet at a time and trained the light at the bulldozer, as it came too close for comfort. He ran away from the bulldozer and repeated the move.

When Jack reached the police station, he tried to open the front doors but they wouldn't budge. The doors were locked.

"Ernie!" he called out as he pounded on the door, "It's me, Jack, let me in!"

No one responded to Jack. He was pinned in, no where to go even though safety was a few feet away. Jack kept the spotlight trained at the bulldozer as it came even closer. The engine roared as it tried to pick up speed. Jack crossed his fingers as the bulldozer came just a couple of yards from him, then it burst into showers of stars. Jack could hear the engine die down as the bulldozer vanished completely, he blinked twice before placing his hand where the poltergeist had been, while seeing if it didn't became invisible.

When he didn't feel anything, he withdrew his hand and took a deep breath, "Whoa." he muttered.

When he leaned against the glass doors of the police station, the doors swung inwards. Jack managed to regain his balance just in time, "Wait a minute," said Jack, "The doors were locked."

He walked inside and shut the doors and locked him, "Hello?" he called out into the police station.

No one answered him, Jack walked to the office area of the police station with his flashlight leading the way. When he got there, he saw the office area trashed. There was blood splattered everywhere and bullet holes all over the walls. Whatever attacked the man had been here too

What stood out in this chaos, was a single desk that was sitting neatly in the middle of a room, with a table lamp was on. Jack could clearly see that it was running off of a UPS device. The lamp was illuminating something red on the desk that looked like a pen. He approached it and sat his shotgun on the desk before picking up the object, "A flare," he said, "Why?"

Something was knocked over behind him. Jack looked around him and saw seven creatures armed with bloodstained axes surrounding him. It was déjà vu, because the shadow people looked familiar. It took a moment for Jack to realize that it was his fellow co-workers, his brothers in law enforcement. They were enslaved by the malevolent force that had taken so many, and now they were after him.

"You have... the right... to remain silent!" roared one of the creatures in the police uniform, "Do you understand these rights?"

Just as the creatures were about to attack him, Jack twisted the flare and held it up like a torch. Its bright light burned away the darkness off the creatures as it caused them to back off. He dropped the flare onto the tile floor and grabbed his shotgun, once the shadows on some of the monsters were gone he opened fired at them and gunned them down.

One by one they burst into light fragments, just as the flare's light went out. A possessed being tried to clobber Jack with his ax but he dodged it with breakneck reflexes and stunned the creature with the spotlight, then gunned him down once its protective darkness was gone.

Another tried to throw a hatchet at him, Jack dodged it and the weapon wound up getting lodged into a nearby filing cabinet. He aimed his spotlight at the remaining creatures, removed their shrouds of darkness, then gunned them down one by one. They soon burst into static light and disappeared into nothingness.

Jack stood there in the middle of the room, staring at where the spotlight was shining. There was nothing there. Everybody was gone, all gone. He made his way over here all the while risking his life, expecting help from his fellow officers. Instead wound up attacked by them.

He looked at the spotlight in his hands for a moment, then headed to the custodian's room. When he got there, he looked around for the fuse box. Jack found it alright, but there was an ax embedded into it.

"So much for getting the generators started." he said as he looked around the corner and spotted the backup generators in question, sitting idle.

The ground began to vibrate again, with no time to lose Jack headed out of the custodian's room and to the nearby side entrance of the station. When he got out, unnatural shadows possessed the door and it locked itself. Down the road, Jack could see a tornado forming before him.

The tornado was pitch black and it grew to an enormous size as it picked up cars and debris, spinning them around in its column of air. It was coming straight for Jack. He tried to hold it off by aiming the spotlight at the tornado but it had no effect.

Jack dropped to the ground and scrambled backwards, attempting to crawl back into the police station, as the tornado of darkness closed-in on him. Everything became black as he tried to fight back. His flashlight and shotgun were ripped from his hands and tossed aside like trash. Exhausted, he let go as the unrelenting darkness engulfed him.