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Sirius and James immediately got to their feet and marched after Severus, Simona ran after them.

"All right, Snivellus?" said James loudly.

Severus reacted so fast it was as though he had been expecting an attack: dropping his bag, he plunged his hand inside his robes and his wand was halfway into the air when James shouted,


Severus' wand flew twelve feet into the air and fell with a little thud in the grass behind him. Sirius let out a bark of laughter.

Simona looked on as James knocked Severus off his feet with a cry of 'Impedimenta'. They had started to attract a small crowd.

"How'd the exam go, Snivelly?" said James

"I was watching him, his nose was touching the parchment," said Sirius viciously. "There'll be great grease marks all over it, they won't be able to read a word."

"Wasn't writing another rubbish letter to his Lily was he?" Simona asked, her eyes flashing with malevolence.

Severus' head shot up. He looked at Simona with disbelieving eyes. 'What was she doing here?' he thought.

The small crowd snickered, Simona was looking forward to seeing how the prank would pan out. She watched as Severus struggled on the floor, as if he was bound by invisible ropes.

"You-wait," he panted, staring up at James with an expression of purest loathing, "you-wait!"

"Wait for what?" said Sirius coolly. "What're you going you going to do, Snivelly, wipe your nose on us?"

The crowd grew larger, at least 25 people were watching the heated exchange.

Severus let out a stream of mixed swear words and hexes, but with his wand ten feet away nothing happened.

"Wash out your mouth, said James coldly. "Scourgify!"

Pink soap bubbles streamed from Severus' mouth at once; the froth was covering his lips, making him gag, choking him-

Simona started to frown. She had been enjoying the prank so far, but felt it was starting to go too far, not wanting to disrupt Sirius and James she remained quiet. She knew Severus was a dab hand at defending himself, perhaps he would get back at the two Gryffindors.

The Impedimenta Jinx was wearing off. Severus was beginning to inch towards his fallen wand, spitting out soapsuds as he crawled.

He had never felt more angry in his life. It was bad enough having James and Sirius agitate him, but to see Simona join in, and to watch him with a glint of enjoyment in her eyes wound him up even more.

"OI!" James shouted as he noticed Severus.

Severus had directed his wand straight at James; there was a flash of light and a gash appeared on the side of James's face, spattering his robes with blood. James whirled about: a second flash of light later, Severus was hanging upside-down in the air, his robes falling over his head to reveal skinny, pallid legs and a pair of greying underpants.

The even more large crowd cheered whilst Sirius and James roared with laughter.

"You could have at least made more of an effort Snivellus," Sirius said with a raised brow.

"Yeah, I wonder what Lily is going to say," Simona said offhandedly, trying to make her words sting as much as possible.

Severus narrowed his eyes at her, her comment wounding him more than Sirius'. He then realised how much it must have hurt her to see him run off with Lily just as he was going to make a commitment to Simona. Shaking his head of the considerate thoughts, he went back to anger. 'How dare she mention Lily like that' he thought. 'How vindictive can one person get?'

"I still don't know what she sees in that greasy git. I'd rather stick hot pins in my eyes than even look at him for 10 minutes," James snarled, earning a chuckle from the crowd.

"Come on guys, let him down," Simona said weakly, trying to keep a spiteful flash in her eyes.

"Certainly," said James and he jerked his wand upwards; Severus fell into a crumpled heap on the ground.

Severus quickly got to his feet, wand up, but Sirius said "Petrificus Totalus!" and Severus keeled over again, rigid as a board.

"That's enough Sirius, don't you think petrifying him is a step too far?" Simona asked angrily as she stepped forward. A line had been crossed for her, she recalled the time they were planning the revenge, they had agreed to only go as far as dangling Severus upside-down she had never agreed to petrifying him.

"You seemed all for a bit of pain and humiliation a couple of weeks ago Simona. Hell, you were the one who came up with the idea. Why the sudden change of heart?" Sirius asked in surprise. Simona looked balefully back at him.

"This has gone too far. I didn't want you to humiliate him like this. He doesn't deserve to be treated like that," Simona growled and turned her attention back to Severus.

"He deserves it Simona, after what he did to you and me. You wanted revenge, well here it is," James shot back.

"Of course he deserves some sort of justice but not this!" Simona replied, her inner need of justice crumbling.

"Why are you being such a spoil sport Simona? You're supposed to be our friend!" Sirius said in disbelief.

Simona dived to his side. Angry tears building up in the corners of her eyes. She now wished she had dealt with the Yule Ball issue in a different way. She had to admit the early stages of the plan amused her greatly, but as the crowds grew larger her enthusiasm declined.

"Leave him alone!" Simona shouted, her wand pointing at James and Sirius.

James sighed deeply, then turned to Severus and muttered the counter-curse.

"There you go," he said, as Severus struggled to his feet.

Simona glared at Sirius and James as they retreated back to Remus. The crowd, disappointed by the ending tutted and slowly began to disperse.

"Sev I'm so sorry, if I had known that-" Simona said desperately, apologetic tears starting to run down her face.

"I'd be humiliated by at least 30 students you'd think it had gone too far?" Severus snapped.

"Yes-but I-"

"Was 5 students enough- 10?" Severus said his eyes narrowed dangerously.


"So you thought setting James and Sirius on me was compensation for what happened at the Yule Ball?"

"Well you really-"

"I don't want to hear it. Why don't you do me a favour and go away?"

"Why don't you listen to what I've got to say?" Simona said, finally finding her voice.

"I think that immature prank said more than enough, now if you'll excuse me I've got to scrub away today's events from my mind," Severus snarled before marching off. Simona watched in grief as Severus marched away, sneering at anyone who watched him.

Severus was absolutely furious. Not only had he been pranked by two people he hated, he had learned it was started by someone he once considered his closest friend. Severus felt betrayed to the nth degree, he assumed Simona would have felt put out about what had happened at the Yule Ball but he would have never thought that she would retaliate in such a childish manner. He felt Simona's actions were unforgivable and whilst he still felt something for her, he no longer had any interest in pursuing his feelings. One thing was for certain in his mind, he cared more about Lily than he could ever do about Simona.

The next day brought misery on Simona's part. She couldn't sleep the previous night, haunted by James and Sirius' cruel prank on Severus. She tossed and turned as she remembered how dismissive Severus was of her when Simona stepped in to stop the prank. Simona had bags under her eyes and couldn't eat. The two no longer sat together during their lessons. Nor did they sit anywhere near each other in the Great Hall during breakfast and dinner. Simona barely saw Severus that day, she didn't talk to James or Sirius either. She was appalled by their behaviour and only spoke to Remus.

Students were once again gathered outside, it was strangely warm weather for mid-January. Simona walked out of the main doors to see Severus sat by himself on a patch of grass. Simona saw this as an opportunity to try and mend the damage that yesterday dealt to them.

"Sev, about yesterday," Simona said in a small voice as she approached him. Severus was reading a large book and flinched when he heard her talk. He however, didn't look away from the text.

"What about it?" He said harshly.

"I wanted to say I'm sorry. I feel so bad about what happened. I hate Sirius and James for what they did to you. I was so scared. I thought they were really going to hurt you. I-I shouldn't have been so childish and I want us to be friends," Simona said quickly and genuinely, she thought Severus would interrupt her again.

"No," Severus replied simply. Simona spluttered.

"I-no what?" Simona asked.

"I don't want to be your friend," Severus replied simply. Simona felt a shooting pain in her heart.

"Why-why not?" She asked quietly.

"Why would I want to be friends with someone like you?" Severus retorted sharply. He snapped his book shut and stood up.

"What-what do you mean by that?" Simona asked, her voice beginning to crack with emotion.

"You're vindictive, needy and selfish. I'm disgusted by you," Severus snarled. Simona winced with the severity of his words.


"You're no better than Black or Potter. You purposefully set out to hurt me, and you didn't even have the nerve to see my humiliation come to fruition, instead you caved in like a coward. In a way you're even worse than them. At least they have a reason to hate me. You just wanted to hurt me because everything didn't go your way," Severus spat out. Simona backed away, Severus' anger had always frightened Simona.

"I thought you like-"

"I thought I did. But now I'm glad I've seen the error of my ways. You're weak, haughty and a waste of space."

A small crowd began to gather around Simona and Severus. Simona blinked as she tried to ignore each hate-filled comment being shot at her.

"So why did you-"

"Why did I say those things at the Yule Ball? Someone probably spiked me with Amortentia. I have no idea why, you're the worst kind of person. Do you know that?" Severus growled. Simona felt tears streaming down her face.

"Plus you spend so much time with those idiotic Gryffindors. I think you're turning into one of them, you thought rushing to my side without thinking would have made me go running back to you? You act without thinking it through first."

"I said I'm sorry," Simona cried, trying to ignore the pairs of eyes focused on her.

"Sorry isn't always enough. You made me feel like a fool in front of all those people. You may not have physically done anything, but you set those dogs off. You started it," Severus roared.

"I didn't I-"

"Why can't you just take the hint and leave me alone?"

"Because I can't," Simona replied, her voice becoming small and pathetic.

"Of course you can. Life was so much simpler before you turned up and ruined everything."

"How did I-"

"Because you acted like Lily. You acted like you cared about me, and you pretended to be my friend," Severus said his voice becoming low and dangerous.

"I didn't act-"

"You did, you ran off to those Gryffindors at the drop of a hat. I bet you all had a good laugh on my expense."

"I never did, I was only friends with them because they were never unkind to me like you were," Simona replied, her eyes looking pleadingly to Severus.

"Oh poor orphan Simona. Your life must be so bad… Does that give you the right to shun me whenever you feel like it, or to manipulate others into doing what you want?" Severus asked, his tone full of vehemence.

Simona stood in shock. Severus had never brought up the fact she had no parents. She gritted her teeth, she didn't know whether or not the argument was worth fighting over anymore.

"You have no right to-"

"To what? Upset you? Do you know what you've done to me since you arrived? You've thrown everything stable in my life up into the air. You've ruined everything good in my life."

"I thought we were friends," Simona said quietly.

"So did I. You made me doubt everything. Just go away and leave me alone Simona."

"But I love you," Simona replied, tears now streaming uncontrollably down her face.

Severus laughed humourlessly and shook his head.

"Pathetic. Is that all you can say? You should win an award for your acting skills, because you really had me fooled there,"

"I'm not lying."

"And pray tell, why would I ever love you?" Severus asked, his voice full of malice.

"I don't know,"

"Exactly. I could never love you. I love Lily," Severus replied mockingly. Simona stepped back and stumbled on the grass. She fell and landed on the ground with a loud thud. She gasped in pain and tried to get up.

"Don't even bother getting up Simona, you're surrounded by dirt, you are dirt. Don't waste any more of my time, I don't ever want to see you again," Severus sneered as he marched off.

Simona sobbed whilst she sat on the ground. She felt alone. She no longer had any friends at Hogwarts, apart from Remus. She had alienated the one she loved.

The next couple of weeks were extremely difficult for Simona. No one would talk to her and she couldn't sleep. Her grades started to slip in lessons and she no longer had an appetite. Severus and Lily seemed to be still going strong and only made Simona feel worse. Simona had attempted to approach Severus a number of times with different amounts of desperation but was only violently shunned away.

Feeling completely helpless Simona approached Professor Dumbledore a month later and requested to be transferred to a different Wizarding School immediately. Whilst Professor Dumbledore was originally reluctant to do such a thing he could empathise with Simona's situation. After clearing it with Simona's adopted parents, Professor Slughorn and Professor Giolitti (The headmaster of Simona's new school) they decided to allow Simona to transfer to Italy's only Wizarding School, the very same school her parents had attended.

Simona packed up her things and left the common room without a single goodbye. She left the Great Hall after picking at her breakfast and was escorted out of the Hall by Professor Slughorn, her Head of House. Simona spotted Severus as she walked down the path to the gates of Hogwarts. He looked at her with curiosity and underlying dislike as she walked past. Simona looked at him with longing and exhaustion.

Emerald green eyes bore into black for one last time before Simona disapparated away for good.

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