June 21, 1862

Dear Brother,

The war is hard. I have been through many long, hard battles, but they seem like they will never end. I know what you are thinking: 'If you've survived that many battles, won't you be a hero?' Well, there is more to war than fighting. You must be determined and not run away like cowards, or you will definitely lose.

I am sure you will want to hear about my experiences in battle. I will not tell you all of it, for it is not good for one so young, but I will tell you the most important parts. In battle, you have to face a thousand well-trained soldiers who have devoted their lives to protecting their cause, even though it is not the same as ours. They fire at you, using true firepower. They might throw blades at you, or even their guns if they have mentally gone mad. You have to be brave if you want to avoid the flying balls of metal above your heads, flying faster than a jet plane with 300 mph winds pushing it along.

I hope we will see each other again after this long, cold war; God knows when it is going to end. Why, God knows how I managed to get this letter to be written to you! It certainly seems like I would not have the time. Good-Bye for now, brother, as I am not sure what will happen after this letter.


Your Brother, Penguin729.