"I can't believe that nobody could, like, knew, like, what my costume was," Poland complained, looking at Lithuania rather than the road he was driving on.

"Poland, can you please keep your eyes on the road? I don't want us to run over-"

"Like, seriously, it should have been, like, obvious, since I'm totally dressed like Snow White," Poland complained, cutting Lithuania off.

"Poland, you need to have your eyes on the road when you're driving," Lithuania said worryingly.

"How obvious do I, like, need to be? I'm wearing a yellow skirt with a blue shirt. Sure, I don't have the stupid collar thing, but, still, it should be, like, obvious that I'm totally, like, Snow White," Poland ranted ignoring Lithuania.

"The road-"

"I totally should have, like, won that costume contest. Like, what the hell was the winner supposed to be anyway? I totally should have like won that free breakfast at freaking Denny's," Poland complained, cutting Lithuania off in the process, again.

"Can you please just keep your eyes on the road?"

"I should have, like, totally won that freaking free breakfast at Denny's," Poland said as he turned his head to face the road. "If I would have, like, won I would, like, totally eat free pancakes tomorrow for, like, breakfast."


"I mean, seriously, I've been, like, craving pancakes for, like, awhile now. So, it would have been, like, totally perfect for me to win that freaking free breakfast," Poland complained making a left turn.

"This isn't the right exit," Lithuania said.

"I'm taking a shortcut," Poland stated. "But, seriously, my costume was fabulous."

"Are you sure that this road will take us back-"

"Positive," Poland answered. "Anyways, my costume is totally fabulous, and, I, like, totally should have, like, won the contest."

"Did it just get darker? Are the highlights turned on?" Lithuania worryingly asked as he looked out the front window.

"It's, like, totally crap. I really wanted that freaking breakfast at Denny's. I really should have, like, won that costume contest," Poland ranted, ignoring Lithuania.

"Are the highlights on?" Lithuania asked again. The darkness of the road really worried Lithuania.

"It's, like, so stupid. I bet whoever won isn't going to, like, actually use the free freaking breakfast at Denny's."

"I really think this road way too dark. Are the headlights even turned on?" Lithuania asked again this time a little louder.

"Like, OMG, Liet, why didn't you, like, tell me earlier that I needed to turn on lights?" Poland asked as he switched on the headlights. "I, like, totally could have hit that mailbox. And, it would have totally been, like, all your fault cause you didn't remind me earlier."

"Sorry." Lithuania didn't really want to debate over the fact that he shouldn't have to remind Poland to switch on the headlights at night.

"Like, crashing into that mailbox would, like, totally have ruined the fabulous custom paintjob on my jeep," Poland stated. "If the paintjob would have, like, got totally scratched, I would have to, like, totally make you redo it for me."

"That's not exactly-" Lithuania stopped himself as he heard a strange thumping noise. "Do you hear that?"

"That, like, thumpthump noise? Just, like, ignore it and it will, like, go away," Poland stated.

"I don't think it will go away-"

"Nah, everything, like, goes away in, like, time. Just, like, ignore it," Poland stated cutting off Lithuania.

"I think it's a flat," Lithuania said listening to the thumping noise.

"You're, like, such a worrywart. Just, like, forget it, and it will fix itself."

"We should pull over." Lithuania really didn't understand Poland's logic. How is a flat tire going to fix itself?

"Why? There's, like, nothing on this freaking road and I, like, want to get home."

"Poland, the jeep has a flat tire-"

"OMG, Liet, why didn't you, like, tell me that I was driving with a flat, like, earlier?" Poland apparently didn't get that when Lithuania said flat earlier he was referring to the tire.

"Pull over. You have a spare and a jack, right?"

"IDK, what's a spare and jack?" Poland asked pulling over on the side of the road.

"The jack is used to lift up the car when you change the tire," Lithuania explained.

"Oh, like, I don't like know if I got one of those."

"Don't you have a emergency kit in the back of the car?" Lithuania asked, wondering how Poland even passed drivers education.

"IDK, I don't really know what's back there. The hobbit guy I brought this jeep from might have, like, left like tools like that in the back," Poland said as Lithuania opened the passenger door of the vehicle. "Like, where are you going?"

"I'm going to see if we are going to have to call for help," Lithuania explained unbuckling his seatbelt to leave the jeep.

"Why would we have to, like, call for help?" Poland asked as Lithuania exited the vehicle.

"Yep, that's a defiantly a flat," Lithuania said to himself as he looked at the flat tire. "If there's not a jack and a spare back there, we can't change the tire-"

"You mean that we are going to have to actually, like, change the tire ourselves!"

"If we want to get home, yes. But, if we don't have a jack or a spare, then we'll have to call somebody who does to get the tire changed," Lithuania explained.

"Why can't we just call somebody to, like, do it for us?" Poland asked.

"If there's a jack and a spare in the back, then we really shouldn't annoy somebody to do the job for us," Lithuania said closing the passenger side door shut.

"But, I don't want to change a freaking tire," Poland complained unbuckling his seatbelt, and opening the driver's door to leave the jeep.

"It's not too hard. If you have a jack and a spare, then we can do it," Lithuania said as Poland joined him outside the vehicle.

"My gosh, its, like, freezing out here," Poland slamming his door shut. "Can't we just get somebody to, like, do it for us?"

"We really shouldn't annoy somebody on Halloween night," Lithuania said not wanting to tell Poland that he wouldn't be so cold if he weren't wearing such a short skirt. "Can you please unlock the trunk?"

"Like, whatever," Poland said putting his hands in his pocket to take out his keys. "OMG, where are, like, my keys?"

"Please tell me that you didn't leave the keys in the-"

"OMG, Liet, I think you made me leave the keys in the jeep!"

"Don't panic, I'm sure the door isn't locked yet," Lithuania said as Poland tried to open the door.

"OMG, the doors are, like, locked! And the keys are, like, inside the jeep! And it's, like, freezing out here!"

"Poland, calm down. We can just call for help," Lithuania said as Poland up his hand in his other pocket to take out his cellphone.

"Crap! I, like, left my phone in the car," Poland said looking at his phone sitting in the cup holder from the jeep's window. "You got your phone right?"


"What? How do you, like, not have your freaking phone?"

"I left it at the party. Remember, I tried to tell you as we were leaving, but, you didn't listen and kept driving," Lithuania explained.

"This is all, like, totally your fault, Liet! You shouldn't have, like, left your freaking phone at the freaking party!"

"Please calm down. Let's just go find help," Lithuania said turning around to face the road. "Where are we anyway?"

"I don't, like, freaking know! OMG, we're lost!" Poland panicked turning away from the vehicle.

"But, I thought you said that this was a shortcut," Lithuania said turning to look at Poland.

"I don't know. It could, like, be a shortcut. It, like, looked, like, it was a shortcut. IDK, what I was thinking when I turned on this freaking road."

"Oh, goodness, this isn't good," Lithuania mumbled to himself.

"Liet, don't, like, mumble."


"Whatever, let's just go get help, before we, like, freeze and die," Poland said surprisingly calm.


"OMG! Liet, what if we like, freeze and die! That would, like, totally suck!" Poland panicked losing any form of calm he had earlier.

"Calm down! Everything is going to be okay," Lithuania commanded for Poland to calm down. "Let's just walk until we see someplace that looks promising."

"But, that can be, like, hours, and it's, like, freaking cold out here," Poland complied as he they began walking away from the vehicle.

"Well, hopefully the walking will warm us up," Lithuania said hopefully as he put his hands inside his hoodie.

"Like, that's not fair!"

"What is?" Lithuania asked they continued walking.

"Why do you, like, get to have a freaking coat?" Poland complained, "I'm, like, freezing my butt off."

"You could have brought a coat," Lithuania stated as they continued walking.

"Liet, Snow White, doesn't, like, wear a freaking coat," Poland replied.

"Well, do you want me to take my coat off?" Lithuania asked not wanting to point out that Snow White doesn't wear a shirt that exposes her midriff.

"Duh, it would, like, be more fair if we both didn't have coats," Poland stated.

"Fine," said Lithuania pulling his hoodie over his head.

"See, now it's, like, totally fair," Poland said as Lithuania folded his coat over his arm.


"Like, can I, like, totally see your coat?" Poland asked.

"Why?" Lithuania asked as he handed his coat over to Poland.

"Thanks, Liet," Poland said as he pulled Lithuania's hoodie over his head.


"Hey! I think I see a light up there!" Poland said as he began sprinting towards the light.

"Wait for me!" Lithuania called out as he began sprinting after Poland and towards the source of the light.


Well, this was going to just be a oneshot of Pol and Liet trying to change a tire on Halloween. But a story idea occurred to me while I was writing this. So, I had to take the opportunity.

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