"Hey, like, Liet, wake up," Poland said as he set the breakfast tray on the nightstand next to Lithuania's bed.

"Rats," Lithuania mumbled, turning over in his sleep.

"Seriously, Liet, you don't even look cute when you're freaking asleep. You got your mouth, like, open and you're, like, drooling and stuff. It's totally disgusting. Get up!" Poland demanded as he sat down on the bed Lithuania was sleeping on.

"I…never…wanted…to…go," Lithuania mumbled, turning over in his sleep again.

"Liet! Get the crap up! You're, like, getting drool everywhere," Poland demanded, putting his hands on Lithuania's shoulders.

"Rats…are…everywhere," Lithuania mumbled in his sleep as Poland began shaking him by the shoulders.

"Why are you, like, so unresponsive? Get up! Sleep time is, like, over," Poland said as he continued shaking Lithuania by the shoulders.

"Rodents…health violation," Lithuania mumbled, still in deep sleep, as Poland continued shaking him.

"OMG! How are you, like, still asleep? Get the crap up already," Poland said, letting go of Lithuania's shoulders.

"I…never…wanted... rodents," Lithuania said in his sleep.

"You're really not cute when you're sleeping," Poland said, standing up from the bed.

"Darkness…rodents…rats…locked doors," Lithuania said, turning in his sleep.

"Maybe I should, like, get like a bucket of water," Poland said as he put his hands on his hips. "Water is, like, cold and stuff so that might, like, be able to, like, wake you."

"Locked…doors…locked…windows…rodents," Lithuania mumbled, too deep in sleep to hear Poland's threats of dumping cold water on him.

"Well, I'm going to, like, get some, like, really cold water and stuff," Poland said as he began walking towards the door. "If you, like, get up, like, now I won't have to, like, dump water on you."

"Poland…don't…ever…take…me," Lithuania mumbled, still too deep in sleep hear the threat of cold water.

"Are you, like, dreaming about me?" Poland asked, suddenly interesting about what Lithuania was mumbling about. "That's, like, so romantic and stuff!"

"I…really…don't…like…rats…Poland," Lithuania mumbled as Poland sat back down on the bed.

"This is so cute, totally! Maybe you are kinda adorable in your sleep," Poland cheered, obviously not listening to everything Lithuania was saying in his sleep.


"This is so, like, totally adorable! You're, like, dreaming of me! I love it!"


"Adorable! So freaking cute! Now you, like, want me to, like, save you. You're, like, so freaking cute in your sleep, Liet."

"Poland…rodents…I…don't like…it," Lithuania mumbled, turning over in his sleep again.

"OMG! You, like, said my name again! This is, like, so totally cute and stuff," Poland cheered while Lithuania continued stirring around in his sleep.

"Flat tire…keys…locked…in…car…rodents…everywhere."

"What you're, like, mumbling now is, like, so totally boring. Say, like, my name again," Poland said, beginning to lose some interest in Lithuania's sleep talk.

"Flat tire…health violation…rats…giant rats."

"Okay, this is, like, getting boring. Say my name again, or, like, wake up," Poland said, not really realizing that Lithuania can't hear the choice in his sleep.

"Rodents are…my…least…favorite…vegetable," Lithuania said in his sleep as Poland stood up from sitting on the bed.

"You are, like, so not cute in your sleep anymore. Either be adorable and say, like, my name in your sleep again or wake up," Poland said, putting his hands on his hips again.

"Poland…rats…are…everywhere," Lithuania mumbled bringing back Poland's interest.

"Like, yay! You said my name! Do it again!" Poland cheered, clapping his hands while jumping up and down.

"Poland…I…want…Belarus…save me…Belarus."

"Did you just, like, say that fugly slut's name?" Poland asked as he stopped jumping up and down and clapping in response to suddenly losing interest.

"Belarus…thanks," Lithuania said in his sleep not tossing and turning this time. Perhaps his dream stopped being a nightmare.

"Like, what the freaking hell, Liet! You are so, like, totally not cute in, like, your sleep!" Poland screamed, spinning around to leave the bedroom. "Like, I'm so going to dump water on, like, your face. And it's going to, like, be freezing cold water!"

"I…love…you…Belarus," Lithuania mumbled in sleep as Poland slammed the bedroom door open.

"It's going to be, like, freezing cold water!" Poland yelled leaving the bedroom.

"Sure…I'll…love…to shop…at Target…with you…Belarus," Lithuania said in his deep sleep. What the hell is Lithuania dreaming about anyway?

After a few more minutes of Lithuania mumbling stupid things about Belarus and kittens in his sleep, Poland finally came back with a bucket of cold water.

"Okay, Liet, I really don't want to, like, do this. So, I'm going to give you, like, one more chance to wake up on, like, your own," Poland said holding the bucket of cold water over Lithuania's head.

"Belarus…you…are…so beautiful."

"OMG! Belarus is, like, not hot!" Poland cried as he dumped the bucket of cold water on Lithuania.

"What happened? Why am I wet? I was having such a good dream. What happened?" Lithuania asked sitting up now awake.

"I, like, totally saved you from a nightmare about a fugly slut," Poland said, setting the bucket down on the ground.

"What?" Lithuania asked pushing the wet blankets off his body.

"You, like, really shouldn't, like, talk in your sleep," Poland stated.

"Oh," Lithuania said embarrassed.

"Like, yeah. Promise me that I, like, won't have to ever, like, dump water on you when you're, like, sleeping again."

"Huh?" Lithuania asked, standing up from the wet bed.

"Like, totally promise me that you won't have dreams about that fugly slut again," Poland demanded, picking up the breakfast tray he put on the nightstand earlier.

"Okay, I promise you that I wouldn't have dreams about 'that fugly slut' again," Lithuania promised, hoping that Belarus wasn't what Poland was calling a "fugly slut".

"Great!" Poland cheered pleased. "I, like, made you like breakfast, but I think it might be, like, cold now, cause it, like, took me a long time to, like, wake you up."


"Well, I guess that you can't, like, have it, like, in bed since the bed is all, like, wet now. So, I guess that you'll have to, like, eat it in the kitchen or, like, living room or something," Poland said turning around to leave the bedroom.

"Oh, Poland, before you go, can you promise me something?" Lithuania asked stopping Poland from leaving the room.

"Depends on what it, like, is."

"Promise me that you won't ever lock your keys in your vehicle," Lithuania said, remembering his horrible nightmare before it turned into a good dream.

"Like, why would I, like, do something stupid like that?" Poland asked, opening the door to leave the bedroom.

"I don't know. Just promise me that you won't ever lock your keys in the car."

"If I promise you that, will you, like, come eat this, like, totally fabulous breakfast I made you?'


"Then I, like, totally promise you that I, like, wouldn't ever, like, lock my keys in, like, my car," Poland promised.


The End! So, I'm not sure why it took me so long to write the ending. But hey I finished. The ending could have been better, but whatever.

Anyway, special thanks to my beyond fabulous beta reader, Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin. Seriously, people I never meant, go read her epic stories. I recommend her Gatsby Parody. I like it more then I care to admit.


Remember, kids, don't lock your keys in your car, or we WILL find you. JK