The day was warm just like every other day in August. The sky was filled with clouds but, the wind was whispering to the trees and the sun would peek through the clouds when it had the chance. I live in Blue Mountain, Mississippi. It's a small town 672 people, it's a little olden but it's catching up. My brother, Todd and I went to the park to spend a nice Sunday afternoon. Todd is 3 years old he looks a lot like my mom brown eyes, brown hair, but the shape of his face is my dad's oval. Todd was in the sand box and I was on the swing. I love my brother sister days but today should have been family day to bad my parents are no long together, they try to make it work here and there but it just ends bad. We can make the best of it, later we are going to go to our friend Jake's house. He lives in front of us. Jake is the type of friend that has your back but when something doesn't go his way he gets mad. He plays soccer, so I guess he looks like one strong legs, black straight hair, light brown eyes and semi tall. We know him since we were in diapers. It's his birthday and they are going to have a Moon house for the little kids and a Dancing contest for the bigger. Jake's turning 17, am only 1 year younger and next month would be my birthday. My big Sweet Sixteen's the best party of the year. This year I wanted to have an Indian theme party but my mother wants a Beach theme so we picked an Arabian night's theme. "Jessica!" my mother called. My mom is the realtor of the town not much to say for the fact that so little people live here but she's looking in a different company. A vice president at a whole sale company at Ripley, that's out side of town. She is very dedicated to her job and he kids. Out house has changed so many times, she likes to be creative. As I watched her get close I saw that she added some high lights to her hair making it look dirty blond, her big brown eyes and long yellow summer dress, she looked like a walking banana. "Jessica. Don't you hear me calling you?" she said, but really I was lost in thought and I didn't pay very much attention to her until she told me that my birthday invitations had arrived. "Yes, mother am sorry I was lost in though for a moment." I said. "Your invitations are here, come so that we can go pick them up at Mrs. Rodriguez store." My mother told me. "Ok mother let me get Todd and we are on our way" I answered. I got up packed Todd's toys and things, pat him down to take the sand out of his clothes, put him in the stroller and we left to Mrs. Rodriguez store.

It took us 20 minutes to get there and I was really excited. Mrs. Rodriguez owned a printing store the only one in our town. Mrs. Rodriguez is a little older then my mom about 3 years. She has 3 kids. Jessie the oldest, he was out to collage in New York he visit rarely, Jeff the middle he was our age also hot he loved to play baseball, last we had Jasmine she was a Todd's age. All the 3 kids looked a lot a like. Dirty blond hair, dark green eyes. The boys had the baseball figure and Jasmine was a girly girl. In Blue Mountain there is pretty much one of everything and some of the houses are a few minutes or a few hours out of town. The people that live a few hours out of town have ranches. One of my best friends name Mimi lives out of town about one hour. She is the I want to be a cheerleader but I don't think am good enough for it type of girl. Mimi and I kind of look a like both have brown hair and light eyes. Her and her family moved here when I was 3 years old and we have been inseparable ever since. We go once every two weeks to her house to spend the weekend. When we got to Mrs. Rodriguez store there was no one inside. Good that way no one can see my invitation, it would be a surprise. "Jessica, do you like them?" my mother asked. I looked at them perfectly squared, out of the edges came out string to make it look like a carpet. It looked beautiful. "I love it, they look just like the Arabian carpet", "Yes Jessica that is exactly what we were going for" Mrs. Rodriguez told me. "Mrs. Rodriguez here is one for you and your family." My mother told her. "Thank you, we will be there" She answered. "Jessica lets go before it gets late to go to Jake's house for the party." My mother told me. I nodded and waved to Mrs. Rodriguez as I walked out. My mother asked to stop at a clothes shop to get Jake his gift so that we can head straight to his house from here. I told her that I would wait outside. She took Todd and walked in. I went and sat at a bench that was at the corner of the store. As I was sitting I looked across the street and I saw him, David. Mimi's older brother.