"Now Mimi how is everything going with the lawyer and Bebe's case with her daughter" I asked "Well its not going to be that easy she messed up the lawyer is trying to get her to have visitation for a least supervised until they see that the child is safe with her" she told me "Ok that's fine as long as we are going one step at a time" I said. She filled me in on a few others that are doing well and are getting their life in order, in 3 months they were going to have the interviews and they needed to be ready for it. We let people sign up for the list of jobs we had so when the company came they knew who was going to be their interviewer. The month before we had 15 companies confirm that they were coming to the house, this was going to be one of the biggest event ever. "Ok Mimi, Brit please make sure that every one that has signed up for the test are ready and remember that its tomorrow at 9 am, not later and please remind every one else that the gathering will take place in the back yard tonight at 6 o'clock. There are a few things that they needed to be informed of, Thank You" I said. As I got all the announcements ready for tonight Missy knock but the door was open "Mrs. Carter there is some one here to see you" she said, I didn't look up but I nodded my head, as to let the person pass "Hi Jessica remember me?" a familiar voice said, a women, as I left my head the person that I least expect saw standing in front of me. I was not about to stand up so that she can see my belly but I picked up the phone and asked Missy to bring some juice for the lady and to do it fast because I needed her help with some papers. "How can I help you Mrs. Goodfell?" I said "Now I know we have had this conversation before, in front of your house. I told you that you were going to fix my son, like it or not" she said. At that moment Missy came in "Thank you Missy you can leave" she told her "Am sorry you don't tell me staff what they can do. Missy please put the cups down and help with the papers, I need you to put together the copies that I made for the following events for the house. Now Mrs. Goodfell I still don't understand how I can help you" I said trying my best to keep my self calm, getting all hyped up isn't good for the baby. "Well your going to get my son out of jail and then your going to tell the judge that your going to put him in this program and that your going to take full responsibility for him" she told me "really I am? What makes you think that I will do that" I said "well if you don't I will take what means the most to you, your husband" she said , at that moment Sam came in with the cops and David "Actually your under arrest for trespassing on privet property and for helping your son in the rape and kidnap for Jessica Daniels" the cop said, at that moment I stood up and she looked at my belly "your pregnant? Its Jakes isn't it? I know it" she said "no what happened with you son happed 10 months ago am only 6 months and when I found out I was only 1 month, this baby is Sam's" I said and the cop took her out "Are you ok?" he asked "yeah am fine, I didn't think it would take her this long to find us, I thought she would have been here months ago" I said "wait how did you know she was coming?" he asked "I had my hunch, a few days ago remember Missy came, said some one was looking for me and you told her to tell the person that I was busy?" I asked "yeah" he said "well I asked Missy what the person looked like and she told me I knew that it had to be her" I said "Ok Nancy Drew, you solved the case, now lets get back to the papers at 3pm and we still need to get ready.

"Hey every one, lets get started. Every one knows that tomorrow morning some of you have signed up for the test that it's a practice of the SAT's which if you get a good score, on the resume that we are typing up for you it will come out. For those who don't do such a good job don't worry it wont come out and you get another in 2 weeks. In 3 weeks we are having the job fair event going on, remember that this is kind of like school, if you got the scores and the grades then you get to go if not then am sorry you stay inside and continue with the teachers, 3 people have a meeting with me and the lawyer tomorrow afternoon, please have what ever extra that you think we might need for that meeting. Missy and the girls are passing out a copy of everything am saying right now for those that lose it there will be one posted in the bulletin bored in the hall. Also don't forget that next month the classes will change if there is something that you want please sign up, we will have a paper that you can sign up for classes, you make your own schedule, if you don't mind us doing it then you don't have to sign up. Now month you have your 2 week vacation, no teachers or instructors, but for the first 2 weeks of the month we will sit down with you and talk to you see how you feel here and if you still want to stay or leave. So for those that are having second thoughts during the time that we sit down, you get to tell us how you feel." I said "Guys, I know that right now everything is school and work and church and test and homework and pray but after this last 6 months its going to change, we are just helping you in the direction that god wants you to go. He doesn't want you on the street asking for food, or selling your body, or doing things that does more bad then good to your body. Our body is our temple and if you don't take care of it, we destroy it. The holy spirit lives in us but if we let our selves get wasted the holy spirit wont want to be in us. Its like taking a king that lives in a castle and putting him in a shack, he's not going to like it. He's going to leave. We are the ladder that your using to get out of the whole, once your out of the hole god will do the rest. Jessica and I are a microscopic part of the big plan that he has for you. What you were doing before coming here, killed him, he hated to see his children like that, he hates to see his kids parted from him and out from under his protective umbrella. He cares for us, he nurtures us, protects us, blesses us. He does so much and we don't say thank you, we don't show him gradated. So for a few minutes right now I want for you guys to thank him. Forget where you are and who's around you, just say Thank You god for everything that you have given me. Thank you for helping out from that dark place. I looked for the truth and I found you. Spend some time in that" Sam said. I was watching him, he was kind of imitating what Pastor Mike does but it looked cute, there was a sense of peace that came over at that moment like the earth stood still and time had stopped. "Now I want you guys to ask him for forgiveness, tell how sorry you are for not spending more time with him or for not praying more or reading the bible more. Sorry lord for letting the world rub off on me and letting it influence me the way it did. Forgive me that I didn't say God bless you to that man when you told me or give a hug to that lady and say Jesus loves you" Sam said, he was on a roll I was so amazed. Sam and Pastor Mike had been spending a lot of time together, they had talked about doing some thing called discipleship, guys under a strong man of god that will help them grow spiritually and continue pushing them to follow god, and women under a strong woman of god. We promised that we would sit down during the two weeks that they had vacation to get everything ready, Pastor Mike said it would be a Live group, like a semi church during the week apart from the Sunday church service, I think it would be great.

The Sunday of that week when Sam and I entered the church to take our seats we saw some many people there, everyone that was there for the grand opening and a lot more, the whole town was there. People were standing in the side of the church, kids on their parent's laps to make space for others to sit. Faces of heaven was now the most packed church I had ever seen, there were people for the town were my uncle church was. Pastor Mike blow the roof off the church the message was powerful and all the women were on the floor crying. To lead the end of the service Pastor Mike asked Sam to take over so that he can pray for people. Sam got up and he was so amazing that I started to cry he made men cry, I turned to look around and there were men on the floor on their knees cry out to god in such despair that I couldn't believe it. After the service we had people so thank you to us for opening such a powerful church. "This church has brought me to the reality of what I should have know but didn't" one guy said "I have never been touched by god until I got here. Once I entered I felt a peace that no other church has, you guys a blessed and protected by god" a lady told me "I guess this is the beginning of your new ministry" Pastor Mike said as we all walked out "I guess it is" Sam said "I guess it is"