Hey everyone! ^_^ The idea for this CAME TO ME IN A DREAM! Sorry for the spaz attack. Anyway, the way this works is that Dora the Explorer is a live action show, and (of course) the Hetalians are real. Here it is, and please enjoy!

"What the fuck do you mean Dora got arrested for passing bad checks? And to the mafia? She's only six!" Alfred cried. "But how is this my problem? It's four in the morning, and I didn't have my damn coffee yet. Do you know what that does to me?" Alfred F. Jones sighed. He did not like waking up at four, only to be told a six year old was arrested. He glanced at his bed. The pillows were tantalizing him, calling his name.

"Alfred, Alfred?" a voice repeated. Oh, that wasn't his pillow.

"Dude, I'm here, just hurry it up. Just be glad there's not world meeting today."

"Mr. Jones, I'm sorry to disturb you're sleep, but this is an emergency. Dora's been arrested, along with her friends! If we don't have a new show by tomorrow, angry parents are going to sue!" The president of Nick Jr. was frustrated.

"Okay, I get it, you want replacements. I'll send them to the studio today." Alfred hung up the phone, tired. Now how was he going to get a nation to stand by for Dora, while they found a replacement for the little girl. The nation would have to be stupid, good with kids, and know Spanish. Suddenly, he knew who to call.


The scene began with a tan, handsome man staring at the camera. He was wearing a beaded bracelet, a pink shirt that slightly exposed his belly, khakis, a white backpack with pasta stains, pink shoes, and frilly socks. He was smiling happily at the camera, and standing in the middle of the forest.

"Hola. Soy Antonio!" the man said, still smiling. "You see, um, Dora's been having, um, you see-" he faltered, but was cut off by an angry looking money in bright red boots. He had a scowl on his adorable little face, and was throwing tomatoes at the spaniard.

"Listen up, chicos." the monkey flinched at using Spanish. He stopped throwing tomatoes at Antonio. "You're Dora's been fucking arrested for screwing with the mafia, something she shouldn't have done."

"Language, Lovi~. This is a show for los niƱos." he shook his head, which had only a slightly smaller smile. "Now introduce yourself." Antonio winced in pain, for he had been headbutted.

Going away from Antonio, the italian money introduced himself. "My name is Lovino, dammit." he blushed.

"Awwww! Lovi, you look just like un tomate!" Antonio tackle-hugged Lovino, who started resisting. They were oblivious to the magical tree that tried to speak to them.

"POR FAVOR!" the tree screamed, but the two responded with a confused glance.

"Who?" Antonio and Lovino both asked, staring at the tree that just appeared.

"I'm Matthew. Can you please help me?" the tree started to fade again, which made the two chuck crosses at it.

"Dammit! Antonio! Protect me from the ghost!" Lovino screamed, hidding behind Antonio. Antonio was too busy reciting prayers for warding off evil spirits.

"I'm not a ghost, maple. I'm Matthew, and I need your help." the tree started to cry tree sap.

"What do you think?" Antonio asked, turning to the camera. "Should we help the ghost-tree?" Antonio waited a lengthy twenty seconds before speaking again. "I think we should help, too."

"Who the fuck are you talking to?" Lovino asked. His question was ignored.

SOOOOO What do you guys think? I'm sorry, I had to post this. I'll probably continue if I get bored, or have a writers block. Maybe if I'm just struck with inspiration. (THAT COMES FROM REVIEWS!) Anyway, thanks for reading!