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After making a dramatic escape from the Wurst and Potato Kingdom with Ludwig, Lovino decided the German would hold their camera. Antonio complied with the monkey's request, delighted that he didn't have to drag around the camera. Lovino tended to pick on him with tasks like those sometimes.

"Can you please let me go now?" Ludwig asked. He was being dragged by a leash supplied by Austria. Nobody was quite sure why he had it; and the others decided it was best not to ask questions.

"Nope!" Antonio cheerfully replied. Lovino, content with the answer, threw Antonio a cherry tomato. He caught it in his mouth. "Gracías, Lovi~" Lovino scowled, and threw a larger tomato at Antonio.

"Don't call me that, you bastard!" He screamed. Antonio tried to duck, but the tomato hit him in the face.

"That wasn't nice, Lovi."

"Do I look like I give a damn?"


"Again, that was a rhetorical question." Lovino rolled his eyes. Once they were safely away from the borders of the kingdom (they could tell by the beer river), the group slowed down.

"Okay, where do we g-" Antonio was cut off by a girl flying down from the sky. Upon closer inspection they saw a helicopter hastily retreating. The girl must have been pushed out of it. She landed on Ludwig, making him fall to the floor.

"Mierda..." Ludwig cursed. The girl, realizing that she was crushing the German, jumped off. She was unhurt, for some reason. The girl was in a pair of jeans with a pink shirt. She had brown hair and eyes, as well as a purple head band with a flower attached.

"Who are you?" Roderich asked, his voice muffled by the backpack. Lovino sighed. Normally, he would try to score a date with the girl, but he was a monkey.

"I'm Alli." She responded. They remained in an awkward silence for a few moments until Feliciano broke the awkwardness.

"Why are you here, Alli? Ve? And do you like pasta?" He interrogated.

Alli turned to look at Feliciano. She smiled. So cute~ "I'm an intern at Nick Jr. They sent me to be a cameraman." Ludwig gave a sigh of relief. He handed the girl the camera, and turned to Antonio.

"So, can you let me go now?" The Spaniard turned to the elder Italian, waiting for an answer. He shook his head. "Nope~" Antonio said. Lovino tossed him another cherry tomato. The taller brunet caught it in his mouth.

Suddenly, Feliciano gasped. "Wait! You didn't answer the more important part of my question, ve! Do you like pasta?" The girl opened her mouth, only to be interrupted by Lovino.

"It doesn't matter, stupid!" Lovino crossed his arms, ignoring the now pouting girl holding the heavy camera.

"Ve, it does!" Feliciano argued.


"Feliciano, I must agree with your hermano." Roderich said.

"Nobody asked you!" Lovino screamed. The girl opened her mouth again, wanting to ask someone about the strange laugh she was hearing.

"Ohonhonhon!" It sounded again. This time, Ludwig heard it too.

"Everybody shut up!" He yelled. Lovino snickered.

"Hey, potato bastard!" Ludwig turned to face the Italian. "You're not the one who's capable of giving orders right now!" Ludwig switched his glance to his collar. The German sighed, forgetting why he had asked them to be quiet.

"Ohonhonhonhon!" The laughter came, a little bit more forcefully.

"What's that?" Antonio asked, cocking his head to the side. Lovino's mouth curled up in disgust.

"Francis, get away you perverted bastard!" He was preparing grab María out of hammerspace.

"How did you know it was me?" He cried. Alli tried to shield her eyes as France emerged from the river. He wore nothing, except for a pair of cat ears and a mask. He also had a rose covering his "special place." The other members of the group weren't that surprised; they were used to the Frenchman popping up at random times. Without clothing.

"I-It was your obnoxious l-laugh!" Lovino stuttered. He hid behind the Spaniard.

"Lovi~ You wound me, mi amor." He clutched his chest, making his way over to Antonio.

"Ay de mi! What do we say now?" Antonio said, turning to Alli. She struggled to turn the camera to face Antonio.

"Swiper no swiping?" Feliciano asked, confused. Antonio frowned and made a "SHHHH!" noise.

"You were supposed to let los niños say it." Feliciano teared up.

"Lo siento!"

"Just shut up, bastard!" Lovino rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as Ludwig and Antonio ran over to the crying backpack. Suddenly, he remembered the Frenchman praying on them. "A-Antonio! Say i-it quickly!" Francis leered and slowly came closer. Together, Antonio, Alli and Lovino said "Swiper no swiping!" three times.

It didn't work.

"What do we do now?" Lovino panicked. Alli was wishing that she could disappear; Francis was undressing her with his eyes. As Francis advanced, Romano began to squirm. Alli was becoming nervous as well, bu then her phone rang.

"Y-Yes?" She answered.

A few minutes before in Xavier's office cubicle

"I'M GOING TO DIE!" Xavier had been running around like a chicken without a head for two hours now. Many angry parent's phone calls were still on hold, or had been transferred. James and Ava had been exchanging glances.

"Xavier!" Xavier's boss finally arrived at the scene. "Sit down! You're not going to die!" Xavier pouted and began to calm down. His boss surveyed the scene while his eye twitched.

Multiple desks were flipped over. A couple of chairs had also been torn apart. Two windows were cracked, and a pigeon was calmly strolling around the office. Most of the office workers were hiding near James's cubicle. James was, after all, the most sneaky and talented man in the office.

"XAVIER!" The boss screamed. A vein on his forehead was popping. "IF YOU DO NOT GET TO WORK RIGHT NOW, YOUR ASS IS SO FUCKING FIRED!" Xavier swallowed and went back to work. He straightened his desk and read the assignment his boss gave him.

Returning to Antonio the Explorer!

"Hello. Is this Alli, the intern?" The voice on the other end asked.

"I-It is." Lovino was now hiding behind the trembling girl.

"My name is Xavier." The girl sighed. Was she supposed to care? She needed some serious help, dammit! "I know how to get rid of Francis."

"TELL HER ALREADY, YOU BASTARD!" Lovino shrieked, hearing the conversation.

Alli headed the instructions, then hung up the phone. She whispered what to say to Lovino, who nodded.

"Francis no molesting! Francis no molesting! Francis no molesting!" The girl and monkey chanted together. Antonio was cheering in the back round. Lovi was finally getting involved!

"I'm so proud of you, Lovinito!" Antonio smiled.

"Get off me, you ugly bastard!" Lovino tried to push him off. Neither noticed Francis still walking closer.

"Hola." Francis whispered into Antonio's ear. It was obvious that he was trying to be sexy.

"Hola Francis!" Antonio instinctively placed the monkey behind himself while talking to his friend. "You should have left by now!" Francis came closer to the Spaniard, placing a hand on his chest.

"No~ I'd rather stay." Francis kissed Antonio's cheek. Alli was visibly moving towards Feliciano and Ludwig.

"G-Go away!" Lovino cried, clutching Antonio's pink shirt. Francis laughed obnoxiously when he saw Lovino's now tear-stained face.

"Look, it's hermano Francis!" Feli smiled, flying over to the Frenchman.

"Hola Francis." Ludwig said, following the backpack. Francis's face morphed into one struck by fear.

"IT'S LUDWIG!" He screeched, hiding behind Alli.

"That's very undignified behavior, Francis." Roderich commented. Alli looked like she was going to explode as Francis tightened his grip. As Francis's hands found their way to, erm, another part of Alli's body the girl dropped the camera.

"I think I'll be taking my leave now!" Francis announced, giving the German some uneasy glances.

"Adíos!" Antonio and Feliciano waved as Francis ran off, dragging Alli with him. Cries of "HELP ME!" could be heard.

As Francis continued to retreat, Lovino began to relax a bit more. He pushed Antonio off of him, and turned to the only blond man there. "So, potato-bastard. You're holding the camera again." Feliciano cheered, latching onto the newest member of their group. Ludwig merely sighed and picked up the camera.

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