A/N: Okay everyone this is a story I wrote for my sister Lidya and my baby cousin Vicky, this is my first perfect chemistry story so please be kind. And trust me this is going to be something like you never read before hope you enjoy it!

Mi Perfecta Ángel

Summary: What if Alex and Brittany have been best friends since pre-school? What if they made a promise to each other but like their friendship, was forgotten all because of one mistake? Will Brittany's love be enough to save Alex? Or will he stay loyal to the gang and continue to push her farther away? Just how much pain can one heart take?


Brown eyes meet ice cold blue ones, he tried to read them but as hard as he did he could detect no emotion. Funny how when they were younger he was able to read her like an open book, now he could barely read her. He couldn't tell if she was scared, mad, upset, or all of the above.

He could hear his heart crying begging him not to do this. She meant the world to him but he had no choice, Hector made it clear that she had to die; if not then he would take care of the problem.

She knew too much, she's seen too much.

He had no choice.

As he looked into her eyes he saw that sweet loveable girl that he feel in love with, the sweet innocent child that refuse to leave his side even when he was being a complete pendejo towards her.

"I promise I will never hurt you cariño," The promise he made to her, the promise they made to each other.

"I promise I will never leave you Alex,"

A promise they made to each other, a promise that was going to be broken the minute they made it. Tears threaten to fall off her eyes but she held them. Trying to be strong and show him she wasn't afraid even though he knew she was.

He lifted the gun and aimed it at her heart."

"I promise I will never leave you Alex," she whispered the words so carefully that he was scared he didn't hear her. But he did, he heard her loud and clear.

Those words were so precious to him that he held onto them as a life line. He couldn't do it, he couldn't kill his lover or his unborn child. Paco was right, he couldn't do this, he shouldn't do this, this was Brittany Ellis, the girl he loved since kindergarten. The one thing he would give anything just to see her smile. For the first time in his life since his father's death a small lone tear roll off his left eye.

He looked into her eyes and for once in a long time imagine that they were still little kids playing at the park not caring about tommorow.

"I promise I will never hurt you…cariño," He lifted the gun and shot the one thing that turn his whole world upside down.

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