I'm back, writing my very first crossover! :D Yes, I know I'm supposed to be updating my other stories, but I promise this won't interrupt the updates :)

I've been reading FMA/HP crossovers a lot lately, but I've only managed to find one decent-looking EdxLuna. One. So I thought I'd write one myself :3


Prologue - We Seem to Have a Visitor

"... And I would like to remind all first years that the Forbidden Forest is, in fact, forbidden, and there will be a heavy punishment if you are caught entering it or exiting it - the same rules also apply for the corridor on the-" Dumbledore abruptly stopped his start-of-year speech, and the sudden silence dragged the students out of their slumbers. "Ah," Dumbledore smiled, "it seems as though we have a visitor."

Most of the students began to get rowdier, and frequent mutterings of, "What the hell is he talking about?" and "I wonder who it could be!" could be heard echoing around the Great Hall.

Before the students could cause too much of a ruckus, however, there was a horrific crash sounding from the great stained glass windows behind Dumbledore. Most of the teachers either leapt out of their seats in shock or were frozen in fear. Dumbledore remained as calm as ever, his wise smile still placed on his kind face, even as shards of shimmering light hailed down upon the hall.

The wide eyes of the students and staff scattered around the hall grew impossibly wider as they saw the cause of the piercing scream of glass. There, sitting tall and proud on the back of an ashen thestral, was a boy no older than sixteen, ribbons of sunlight flowing loose down his black-clothed back, golden eyes melting into you as if they saw your very soul. He surveyed the students with a hard, but rather dreamy look, his hands placed gently on his thestral's back in front of him, his legs straddling the terrifying creature.

Without even batting an eyelash, Dumbledore's smile grew ever larger. "Hello, Edward."

Short, I know. But it's only the prologue. The real chapters will be muuuuuuuch longer ;)

I've had this idea buzzing around my head for a while now, and I just couldn't put up with the constant buzz anymore. I had to write it! XO

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