here, have some Spn drabble.

set after Balthazar and Gabriel's deaths (SPOILAHS)

disclaimer: how many times? I didn't take over from Kripke, as much as I'd've loved to!

Balthazar's eyes flickered open and he gasped in a huge breath, one hand at his throat, one at where the angel blade had been plunged into him. He choked for a moment, unable to draw enough air, when he registered something on his shoulder, a hand, and he focused on that until it became apparent he wasn't in any immediate danger. His whole body hurt, but nothing was worse than his back, where the dagger had entered his body.

"Hey man, you okay?" a vaguely familiar voice came from Balthazar's left and he looked up, pulling himself into a somewhat upright position. "It ain't pleasant, I know."

"I suppose you could say that." The blonde grimaced, trying to place where he recognised the other person from. Apparently male, human, short, brown hair, and was that… a lollipop?

"I'm the Trickster. Well, Loki. Well, Gabriel." Trickster-Loki-Gabriel made a face—wait, Gabriel?

"As in, arch—"

"Yes, as in archangel Gabriel. Cut me a break, would ya? I already got enough shit from those idiot brothers…"

"Idiot brothers? The Winchesters?" Balthazar frowned.

"Yeah, you know 'em?"

"Pretty much died for them, actually."

"Wow, small world. What was your name again?"

Balthazar smirked.