Ermac stepped outside of the meeting hall. He looked around the countryside for any sign of Miasma. Nothing. She had disappeared. Sally came out of the building.

"Blue!" she cried. "You can't challenge her! She's like a force of nature compared to the Manticore you fought." Ermac thought back to all the memories stored within him. He's beaten up gods plenty of times with mixed results. He knew he had to try.

"Who else will do it though. The guards couldn't do it, someone has to try." Ermac used the souls within him to change his vision so he would be able to trace Miasma, taking great care not to show this to Sally. He then saw a perfect trail of energy heading towards the Everfree Forest. "What else is in the Everfree Forest besides trees and monsters?" Ermac asked.

"Well," she said as she tapped her hoof against her chin, "there was an old story of a castle that belonged to Celestia back in the old days. But that's just an old pony tale." Ermac put his mask back on.

"Some tales are based off of truth." He turned back to Sally. "Listen, you stay here, I'm going after it." Sally put on a scowl.

"Oh no, you're not gonna go alone!" Sally put a hoof against Ermac's chest.

"It's too dangerous for you Sally."

"And it's not too dangerous for you?"

"I have experience with this sort of thing."

"You're a stunt double!" Ermac regretted making that his fake career path. "And besides, no pony should go into the Everfree alone at night. That's when things get worse."

"It doesn't matter, I won't endanger any innocent lives." Ermac couldn't believe this creature. Was it so eager to die?

"Well I guess I'll go without you and find Nightmare Moon myself!" Sally took off towards the Everfree Forest. Ermac sighed.

"You don't know what you'll be looking for Sally, I do" Ermac rushed next to her.

"Well then I suppose you'll have to help me look." Sally was trying to sound clever, but Ermac could only roll his eyes.

"Come on, the trail will go cold." Ermac and Sally went into the Everfree Forest and made their way forward. They found a path that went along side the trail. That's a bad choice monster the souls within Ermac thought. You're just making it easier for us to find you. The path went alongside a cliff, looking out towards the rest of the forest.

"Hey look at those ponies down there" Sally pointed down towards six ponies making their way through the forest. "Maybe they're looking for that creature as well."

Ermac then saw the creature fly down towards the ponies and cause the cliff they were under to collapse. Two of the ponies took flight while the rest fell down towards the bottom.

"Blue! We gotta do something!" Ermac backed up a bit to make sure Sally couldn't see what he was about to do. His hooves glowed green and focused his energy towards the ponies down below. Each of the little ponies slowed down. Long enough to be rescued by each of their friends.

Above them, Nightmare Moon watched Ermac do this. She growled and materialized a white pony with red eyes and a blue mane. It screeched and lunged towards Sally. Ermac turned to see this creature.

"Sally watch out!" Sally turned to see the attacking pony and managed to gasp. Ermac jumped in the air and knocked the pony away. The creature got up and took a fighting stance. Ermac followed suit. "Let's test your might monster." The creature growled and lunged at Ermac. It threw two punches, both of which Ermac was able to dodge. Ermac threw a punch that the creature was about to grab. It threw Ermac towards the precipice of the cliff. It made a mad dash towards Ermac, trying to finish him off. Ermac scowled and used his back legs to pick the creature up and threw him over the cliff. The creature screamed all the way down, but it turned to smoke before it reached the bottom.

"What in the Moon was that?" Sally asked.

"Basic slave of that thing. We have to keep going." Ermac picked himself up and motioned for Sally to follow him. The sooner he could finish Miasma off, the faster he could get Sally out of the Forest.

"Alright. Lead the Bluegrass." The two made their way along the path and followed the trail Miasma laid before them. "Those were some pretty nice moves with them hooves Blue. Where'd you learn all that?" Ermac looked at his chest, seeing all the souls within.

"I've had many teachers." Something Ermac could say truthfully. He's had many of the great fighters in all the realms within him. Back in those days, he was a mindless automaton. Fighting for Shao Khan and his Lieutenants.

"Well I'm sure they're all proud of you." Ermac sighed. If only. We'd all rather rest than be within this shell. We've tried to escape, many times. But someone put an enchantment upon this shell, so no souls could escape. "He look up ahead!" Sally yelled.

It was a large dark castle that overlooked much of the forest. The castle stunk of Miasma's presence. Ermac stood in front of Sally.

"You stay out here. I'll take care of this." Ermac began to walk to the castle when he was stopped by Sally.

"You can't go in there alone Blue! You don't know what's in there." Ermac sighed.

"I know exactly what's in there. And I'm to teach it a lesson."

"Teach ME a lesson? You must be joking." Nightmare Moon took shape before them. Ermac pushed Sally back. "I must admit, I didn't think I'd have to deal with an extra group of troublemakers tonight. Especially with a troublemaker from Outworld." Ermac's eyes shot wide open. How could she know about Outworld? "But it matters little. Soon you will be destroyed."

"What is she talking about Blue?" Ermac shifted back.

"It's nothing Sally. Get to cover, I'll deal with this." Ermac's eyes started to glow green.

"Haha, let's dance Outworlder." Two foes circled each other. Ermac studied her movement.

"Leave the creature you've possessed Miasma." Nightmare scowled.

"I am no longer Miasma. I am the powerful Nightmare Moon!" The skies rumbled with thunder and lightning.

"You're practice" Ermac smiled. "Get out of the goddess you've possessed or I'll make you get out."

"And how will you do that?" The creature of the night asked. Ermac stomped his hooves. They lunged at each other. The two punched each other, blocking each others shots. Nightmare stabbed Ermac in the shoulder with her horn. He stumbled back holding on to it. His eyes turned green and flung a rock at Nightmare, hitting her.

"Impudent whelp!" Nightmare shot a bolt of lightning at Ermac. He dodged it, but only barely.

"You'll have to do better than that parasite" Ermac smirked. "All you do is feed off the power of those who are more powerful than you."

"I could easily destroy you without the help of Luna's power." Nightmare's eyes glowed white. "But it's so much easier." She fired a beam of energy towards Ermac. He dodged it.

"You are two beings, disconnected from each other." Ermac rose up into the air. "We encompass this shell with number of souls that cannot begin to be counted."

Sally was viewing this from behind cover. She was confused. Was Bluegrass a monster? Ermac turned around and saw the scared look Sally had on her face. He panicked.

"And you're slipping Bluegrass. Or is it... Ermac?" Ermac's eyes turned green again. He lunged towards her. This is what Nightmare was waiting for. She fired another beam of energy at Ermac, hitting him. He fell to the ground and landed close to Sally. Sally stayed behind cover, scared. "You haven't been here for very long. And now it is time to end you." Nightmare walked up to Ermac and rose a hoof in the air to strike a final blow. Sally cringed. She couldn't allow Nightmare to hurt her friend. But she was confused by Bluegrass. What was he? Nightmare was about to strike but Sally busted out of her cover and bucked Nightmare off balance.

"Get away from my friend!" Sally screamed.

"Why you little-" Before Nightmare could retaliate, she turned her attention to the castle. Somebody was trying to use the Elements of Harmony. "I'll be back soon to finish the both of you off." With that, Nightmare disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Sally-" Ermac tried to speak.

"Don't try to move Blue, you're in bad shape."



"Move back!" Ermac arose with field of green energy surrounding him. Sally moved back in fear and then saw him upright, with no wounds or damage at all. Good as new.

"What are you?" Sally asked.

"I'll tell you later. For now, let's get in there and get her." She nodded and they both made their way to the castle. Lights shined from within the castle. "I hope we're not too late." They climbed the stairs to the highest chamber in the castle. They arrived to see a beam of colors firing at Nightmare Moon. He looked to where the light was originating from. Six ponies with jewels with the power of Harmony within them. But that wouldn't be enough, for Miasma to leave would require a spell.

Ermac spoke with the souls within him, he found a spell that would expel Miasma out of Equestria. He spoke the spell aloud. Sally was confused but then startled when a beam of gold light left Ermac's eyes. It entered the beam of light and it ripped Miasma away from the Goddess she was possessing. Miasma was then taken into the sky where she disappeared. Ermac's eyes turned back to normal, he pulled Sally back to hide from the Element bearers. They all spoke to each other about their newly acquired jewelry. He sighed.

"So, your name is Ermac?" Sally asked.

"It's a long story Sally. I'll explain later."

"Hey it's Princess Celestia!" Sally said excitedly. Ermac turned around to see Celestia shine in. The princess was busy talking with the Elements. She seemed like a very nice leader. He looked to where Nightmare Moon was once standing. It was a blue pony, similar to Celestia, but with her power drained considerably.

"Let's get out of here Sally. I'll tell you my story along the way."

"No, I think you'll tell your story now," He turned around to see Celestia towering over him, "Outworlder..."