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A/U story starting from within the episode: 'Never Been Kissed'. SLASH/ Supernatural/ Romance/ HC/ Murder-Character Deaths (neither Blaine or Kurt)/ Possessive-Protective, a-moral Werewolf Blaine.

Feral; Chapter 01

The day I met Kurt Hummel was the day everything changed. The moment I saw him, I felt something. I wasn't sure what it was, not at the time. I could smell the fear, pain, and nerves of the beautiful boy on the stair above me. But there was something else, something different… something more.

It was intoxicating, and it instantly drew me in. I had to know him. I couldn't fathom not. He was the most beautiful person I'd ever seen. Kurt was the very definition of visual innocence: his flawless porcelain skin, glasz eyes, and naturally pouty lips, all giving the impression of purity.

But he had this dark undercurrent, this vibe that he could be so much more. He needed to be corrupted. Everything about him was calling to me, begging me to teach him, to show him his full potential.

I had always had a soft spot for those who begged...


Dalton Academy is structured, well-maintained, and never loud; much like the boys who attend it. Needless to say, it's boring. It was out of the question for me to kill off anyone though, as that would draw attention to myself. It would be very hard to hide my changing into a wolf three days a month if I was under constant watch from a warden. I had no form of entertainment.

So when I received an urgent text from Kurt saying he needed me, I was out the door. By that point I would have actually used any excuse to get away for a while, so my instant compliance was unsurprising. What was surprising, shocking even, was that I was actually concerned. I hadn't worried about anyone other than myself since my first transformation four years ago when I accidentally murdered my parents. But even then, I got over it pretty quickly.

I had always supposed the darkness in me simply overcame my ability to feel for others. After all, I killed people, and I liked it, it was satisfying. I mean, I had rules: like no small children, and nobody directly linked to me. But everyone else was fair game. And Kurt, well the gorgeous boy would actually have been a perfect target, except, I didn't want to kill him. Hell, I wanted to protect him, and I had no idea why. It was very unsettling. Yet, here I was, arriving at McKinley High, searching the parking lot for Kurt.

When I saw him, I was immediately concerned. Kurt's eyes looked greyer than usual, and his hair was slightly mussed. This was… wrong. It had been painfully obvious upon meeting him that Kurt's appearance was one of his top priorities. So when he looked at me with those gorgeous, yet completely empty eyes, I couldn't resist pulling him into my arms.

Kurt buried his face into my neck and I straight away sensed something even more off. He didn't smell right. Kurt had had this light, airily sweet scent on the staircase; and while he still did, it was overlaid by something else, something sweaty, something unclean, something just plain wrong. My eyes narrowed.

"Kurt, what happened?" I adopted a soothing tone, hoping he would open up to me.

"He… he, kissed me," Kurt whispered, and I could feel his body tremble against mine.

I felt a wave of anger wash over me but tried to repress it, knowing that I couldn't risk losing control. Tonight was the full moon, and if I got too pissed, shit would go down. But someone had had the audacity to kiss Kurt, someone not me. And that was simply unacceptable.


Kurt mumbled into my neck, inaudible to most, but I heard it, "Karofsky."

Karofsky. The guy who harassed Kurt, the guy who threw him into lockers and called him "fag" on a daily basis, the biggest homophobe in Lima, Ohio, kissed my Kurt. There was no way in hell I was going to let this slide.

"Take me to him."

This chapter originally written by specsO-O, and now beta'd by Mythchievous Murmurs

Posted: 10/31/2011