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Warning: Murder in this chapter, somewhat explicit. If you would rather not read it, the portion is easily skip able, just look for the ††.

Feral; Chapter 10

I took a deep breath. My God, I was actually going to do this. I was going to show Kurt who I was. I was literally going to kill someone, for him, because I love him. Wow, never thought that would happen. I mean, when I was little I always imagined growing up and getting married, to the Green Hornet, but obviously that didn't work out. But ever since I became a wolf, I sort of decided I'd live a life of secrets and random fucks. That was before I met Kurt. Kurt's special. I'll do anything for him, consequences be damned.

And the best part is that there won't be any consequences. Karofsky will be dead, Kurt will be safe, and it's not like anyone will ever suspect me. I am well aware of how to hide bodies and clean crime scenes. I sighed, gently pushing Kurt off of me. I had to prepare, after all.


I smiled softly at Kurt. "Go back to bed angel. I have a surprise for you that I have to go get ready. I'll come pick you up in a few hours, okay?"

Kurt smiled sleepily. "Okay, just, text me an hour or two before you get here, kay? I need time to make myself attractive."

I laughed, giving him a quick kiss. "Yeah, because you need so much help," I rolled my eyes at him.

He giggled, before reconnecting our lips. "I love you," he sighed.

I brushed his bangs out of his face. "I love you too."

He closed his eyes, snuggling back into his pillow with a smile. God he's adorable. I want to be that pillow. But now was not the time. I had work to do.


Two hours later I pulled out my phone from my pocket and sent Kurt a text.

To: Kurt

Hey baby, there's no way you could drive yourself here, is there? I'm having a bit of car trouble.

This was not a lie. There was no way I could come pick him up with my backseat covered in blood; I doubt he'd appreciate that. Damn Karofsky for weighing more than I had estimated. The sedatives I'd shot him with had worn off a few minutes before we were at my home, and I'd had no other option then to simply knock him out. With a flashlight...

From: Kurt

Sure. Do you need me to bring my dad's truck? I could tow your car back to the garage and fix it for you.

I smiled, visualizing Kurt looking adorable in a little mechanic outfit with grease smudges all over his face. That naturally led to Kurt bending over the hood of my car...

To: Kurt

No thank you sweetheart. I have plans for us today, and I refuse to allow anything to mess with them.

From: Kurt

Plans? What kind of plans?

I sighed. Normally, this would be my opening to initiate heated sexting (which we haven't done as of yet, unfortunately); however, my plans, which were most certainly supposed to include sexual acts, also happened to consist of murder, and would be difficult to explain with my damn character limits. Actually, since I'm sort of on the subject of phone sex, I should probably find a plan without them, for my future convenience...

I decided to go with a suggestive yet non-specific reply.

To: Kurt

The very secretive kind that are to be kept from my darling boyfriend until he is in my arms.

From: Kurt

You're already keeping secrets from me? Not the best way to start a relationship :P

I sighed. Oh Kurt, if only you knew...

To: Kurt

Well, the sooner you get here, the sooner I can tell you and it will no longer be a secret.

From: Kurt

Touché, my dear Blaine. I'll be there in about thirty minutes.

I chuckled.

To: Kurt

Baby, it takes at least forty-five minutes, and that's if I speed much faster than I would ever want you to.

I felt a surge of worry at the thought of Kurt speeding enough to cut about twenty minutes off of the trip.

From: Kurt

First off, I can speed if I want to. And anyway, I've been driving since you said you didn't need the truck.

To: Kurt

Kurt Hummel, don't you dare continue this texting conversation any longer! Texting and driving is both dangerous and illegal! You're going to get yourself killed, and then I'll have to kill myself, just in the off chance there is an afterlife so I can beat you for putting yourself in danger.

My phone buzzed, and I hoped for my sanity it wasn't him.

From: Kurt

Blaine, honey, I'm perfectly capable of multitasking.

I took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of my nose.

To: Kurt

I'm being serious, Kurt. I love you, but I will give you exactly one minute to turn off your phone, and I will be checking.

I let out a sigh of relief when he didn't text back, and waited a little longer then I had insisted before calling his phone.

"This is Kurt Hummel. Sorry I can't answer my phone right now, my overprotective boyfriend insisted that driving and having a convienient way to contact others is a danger to my life. If you're calling for a super-important reason you can always bitch at him by calling 614-***-****. That's 614-***-****. Thank you and have a lovely day."

I sighed.

"This boy is going to be the death of me." I turned around to smirk slightly at Karofsky's sleeping form, bound and gagged to a table placed in the center of my basement. A clichéd setting for homicide, I'll admit, but I would rather not have to scrub blood stains out of my living room carpet.

Noticing Karofsky's eyes fluttering open to focus on mine I smirked at him. "I suppose, in the scheme of things, he's sorta the death of you too." I smiled toothily as his eyes widened. I went over to him, carefully injecting adrenaline into his veins, just in case. I pursed my lips. "You know, it really is a shame. I had wanted to keep you around long enough to give you as an anniversary present one day, but you're just too awful to him. Eh, I guess I'll figure out something, I have about eleven months." I smiled wistfully. "Funny, isn't it? He's only known me for about a month and already fallen head-over-heels in love with me, while he's known you for years, and never felt anything for you beyond fear and hate."

Karofsky struggled against his bindings, and I laughed.

"I suppose you're in denial about that. I would be too, if he hated me. We're similar, in some ways. We both have tempers to reckon with. We both put forth an air of confidence, though I doubt yours is as genuine as mine. We both live for the power we have over others. And, most importantly, we are both exceptionally obsessed with Kurt." I smiled cruelly at him. "That's where the similarities end, though. Because I'm the one who's out and proud and living the life I want. I'm the one who actually has Kurt, who can hold him and kiss him and fuck him and make love to him. I'm the one who he'll introduce to his father and the one he'll run to when he needs protecting."

I smirked at him. "Wanna know why he chose me?"

He didn't answer, but not from lack of trying. He was yelling through his gag angrily, but I continued anyway, moving closer to him.

"It's a number of things, really. There are the obvious ones, like how I'm handsome and smart and have a voice that perfectly complements his, while you don't have any of those things. But it goes further than that. It's because he trusts me. It's because I've stood up for him, and been open about how much I love him." I loomed over him. "It's because I'll never hurt him. I'll never push him into lockers, or throw drinks on him, or hit him. And it's because I'll stop at nothing, to make sure that nobody else touches him. Especially you," I stared at him, my eyes undoubtedly flashing.

The doorbell upstairs rang and I felt my ear twitch towards it. I tried to quickly calm myself, as that was a sign that the wolf was definitely starting to come out. I walked calmly towards the stairs, removing my blood-stained shirt as I went. I turned back towards him.

"You might want to relax for now. Kurt and I could be a while, if you catch my drift." I smirked at him one more time, before ascending the stairs.


"I think," Kurt muttered between kisses, "that we should either stop, or take this to the bedroom."

I sighed, pulling myself off of him. "You're right. Let's take a moment to cool off." I smiled at Kurt, who was pouting slightly.

"I didn't think that was the option you'd pick..."

I laughed, pulling him in close and kissing his forehead. "Well I normally wouldn't, but I wanted to show you something." I swallowed slightly. "In the basement." Kurt raised an eyebrow.

"The basement?"

I nodded carefully.

"Blaine," he started uncomfortably, "is this like a sex thing? Because Puck sent out this really explicit porn video to everyone in glee and it froze my computer and I couldn't get it off, and I gained that some people might...like things like dusty basements and chains and whatnot, I'd really prefer it if we stuck to rooms above ground for now, and that electrocution not be a part of our love life."

I stared at him. He sure looked serious...He bit his lip when I didn't answer.

"You...you're not like, dead-set on electrocution, are you? Because I love you and all, but I really, really don't want to do that..."

I shook my head.

"Kurt, I'm not, no. No, I just, I...you know I'd do anything to keep you safe, right?"

He nodded, beginning to calm down a bit.

"Well, when I say anything, I mean it. And Karofsky is the number-one factor in the amount of bullying you're subjected to."

Kurt sighed. "Yes, but Blaine, what can you possibly do about him? I mean, you beat the shit out of him the day we became boyfriends, and he still threatened to kill me..."

I froze, "He what?"

Kurt's eyes immediately widened. "Oh, nothing, it was just an expression. I mean, it's not like he'd ever really do that, right?"

He did not sound convinced, and I sure as hell wasn't. Why hadn't he told me the moment this happened? He had been walking around school with a boy that threatened his life, and I hadn't even known. Hell, I knew Karofsky was trouble, why hadn't I killed him sooner?

"Blaine you're scaring me..."

I pounced, pinning him beneath me on the sofa and kissing him fiercely. "Am I? Because it's starting to scare me how much you let slide. That bastard threatened to kill you, and you just decided it wasn't worth it to say anything? What if he went through with it Kurt? What if he did kill you? Did you even consider how much pain you dying would cause your dad? Would cause me?"

Kurt started crying. "I-I'm sorry. I just thought he'd get over it, and dad can't handle everything with his heart like it is, and you already spend all of your time trying to keep me safe..."

I sighed deeply, trying to calm down. My eyes softened as I took in the tears streaming down his face. "It's alright."

His crying was bordering on hysterical, and I reached a hand up to brush away at his tears.

"Kurt, hey, calm down. You know I love you, right?"

He nodded slightly, still crying, but trying to stop.

"But baby, you can't keep something of this magnitude from me. I'm selfish Kurt; and now that I have you I'm not going to let anybody take you from me, least of all David Karofsky." I kissed his cheek. "You are to tell me anything and everything that anyone does that wrongs you, whether they push you or call you a name or cut in front of you in line at the grocery store. Do I make myself clear?"

He nodded, wiping his tears away on the back of his hands, before reaching his arms around my neck and pulling me closer, like he was trying to bury himself beneath me. "I love you, Blaine. So much..."

I nuzzled his shoulder. "I know, baby, I know."

"Make love to me?"

I pulled my head up, looking into his eyes. He looked so sweet, and needy, and vulnerable. I mean, I couldn't say no, what with his fragile state. "Of course; hands above your head."

He did as he was told, holding his wrists. I carefully undid his pants, and slid them down slowly along with his underwear. Normally I'd insist on keeping them around his ankles, since I thought it made him look naughty, but this was supposed to be sweet and loving, not rough and lust-driven. I reached up and undid his shirt completely, kissing each new bit of skin revealed. When I finally had him completely undressed, I pulled off my own jeans as quickly as possible, after retrieving a small bottle of lube from the pocket (you can never be too careful) and I kissed him softly as my first finger entered him.

"Alright angel, just relax. I'm going to take my time, make this perfect for you, okay?"

Kurt whimpered quietly. "Okay."

I took what was probably more than enough time prepping him, because he was squirming and begging beneath me long before I decided he was ready. He whined when I finally removed my fingers.

"Hush, Kurt. I've got something better for you, if you'll just wait a moment." I rolled a condom on, and was careful to put a generous amount of lube on myself. "Ready?"

He glared at me slightly. I smirked.

"Alright, fine," I said, slipping in to him slowly. He gasped, and I leaned down to kiss him as I let him adjust.

"Blaine, please move..." he whispered, and I naturally did as asked. I started off slow and gentle, just like I'd read in that article in Cosmo about how to have meaningful sex. He soon wrapped his legs around my waist, so I began thrusting deeper and a bit harder, though still at the same speed. The slowness is apparently the most important part. "Blaine! I lo-love you. I love you so much..."

"Shhh. I love you too. Now I want you to come for me, okay?" I punctuated 'okay' with a slightly harder thrust directly hitting his prostate, causing him to moan loudly. I smirked, being sure to hit that spot a few more times. And then he was gone. I followed shortly after, feeling his muscles contract around me. I began pressing small kisses all over his face as soon as I came down.

He sighed contently. "That was so beautiful. Like having our love manifest, almost."

I stared at him in wonder. "God, Kurt, you're so beautiful, you know that? Just so perfect, and all mine. I love you."

"I love you too...can we maybe take a shower now?"


Once we were all cleaned up, and I had convinced Kurt that wearing one of my dress shirts would be better than trying to put his jeans back on, (I'm honestly starting to think he doesn't own a pair of jeans that aren't skin tight) I led him back to the basement door.

"Kurt," I said, in my most sincere voice. "I'm transferring to McKinley in order to protect you. I honestly believe that my intimidation techniques will keep homophobic jocks from bothering you both inside and outside of school." My eyes darkened. "However, Karofsky is not simply a homophobic jock. He wants you, and we have reason to believe he might actually kill you." I looked at him carefully, and he seemed to be listening intently. "Kurt, I refuse to have you in that kind of preventable danger."

Kurt raised an eyebrow. "And what do you think you can do about it? You could beat the crap out of him again. Are we going to get him expelled? Because I tried that before, but it didn't really work."

I shook my head. "No, even if he was expelled he could still get to you outside of school. We're taking every precaution. We're going to make sure he can never come near you. Like, ever." I took a deep breath. It's total moment of truth time, and I think it'll be fine. I mean, it's not like I'm going to kill some freshman football player who's just picking on Kurt to fit in or something like that. I'm taking out the guy who threatened to kill him. Really, the guy's a time-bomb; this is the only way to keep Kurt truly safe. And maybe seeing this will finally get that darkness to make itself known. I looked into his eyes. "This is completely, one-hundred percent, for you. I love you, so much, and if this is what it takes to protect you, well, I said I'd do anything, didn't I?" I slowly swung open the basement door.

Kurt gasped.

I cautiously laid my hand on his shoulder. "What do you think?"

Kurt took a deep breath before shaking his head and giggling slightly. "You were worried about texting while driving being illegal?"

I laughed softly. This wasn't so bad. Sure, his humor was more than likely derived from shock, but he hadn't run away screaming, so that was a plus.

"So," he asked softly, "what is about to occur here, exactly?"

I'm going to kill him for you, and then you're going to drop to your knees and thank me for being your hero, while I insist that it's no bother because I love you and would do anything for you. Although I'd let you suck me anyway, because you'd be dead-set on it, and I wouldn't want to disappoint you. "I," I said confidently, "am going to commit a dreadful homicide, and you are going to get to watch." I paused for a second. "If you want to, of course."

He cocked his head thoughtfully to the side. "I don't have to touch him, do I?"

I pressed a happy kiss on his cheek. "Not unless you want to, angel."

He smiled slightly, and I took his hand to lead him down the steps. We approached Karofsky slowly. He struggled upon seeing us, glaring at me harshly. I shrugged it off, picking up a knife that I had laid out earlier. His eyes widened, and the muffled sounds he was making around his gag became more frantic.

"Take it off."

I turned to Kurt, raising an eyebrow. "This seems like a rather inappropriate time, doesn't it?" I expected him to glare at me of slap my arm or something, but he was just staring at Karofsky intently. "Kurt?"

"The gag, I want...I want to hear what he has to say."

I considered this. On one hand, I really didn't want to listen to him scream about how sorry he was, or try to admit his love for Kurt. That would just piss me off. On the other hand, the look in Kurt's eyes was dangerous, and I've put a lot of effort into getting him to this state. I couldn't risk fucking it up by not letting him have this. I grabbed the gag, looking at Karofsky apprehensively.

"I'm going to remove the gag now, but I'll put it back on if you try screaming. I live miles from town, so nobody would hear you anyway." I pulled the gag out, holding it gingerly between my thumb and forefinger. Gross, he'd slobbered all over it. He stared at Kurt with an intensity that made me uncomfortable.

Kurt cleared his throat awkwardly. "So, um, I assume you've realized what's going on by now."

Karofsky's eyes widened. "You can't really be cool with this! Your boyfriend's crazy as shit, he'll kill you too!"

Kurt shook his head. "Blaine wouldn't do that."

I smiled. It's good that we have such a trusting relationship, and that Kurt can say that with confidence.

Karofsky looked at Kurt pleadingly. "Please, don't hurt me."

Something in Kurt's eyes changed at that. I'm not sure what, but it was definitely something important. He suddenly looked colder, more intimidating. His lips formed a humorless smile.

"Why not? Asking nicely never stopped you." He turned to me. "Do it."

†† I nodded, moving to slit Karofsky's throat, but stopped at the last moment. "Kurt, darling?"

His eyes snapped from my hand to my face. "Yes?"

"Come here."

He did, slowly walking towards me.

I moved him in front of me, wrapping my unoccupied arm around his waist. I kissed his hair softly, before moving my lips to the shell of his ear. "Tell me where he hurt you."

He shivered slightly in my arms, before gesturing to his shoulder. "My s-shoulder. It always collides with lockers when he checks me into them."

I unbuttoned the first few buttons of his (my) shirt, before pulling the collar to the side and placing a hot, open-mouthed kiss to his bare shoulder, while I slowly pushed the knife into Karofsky's own shoulder, ignoring his screams. I continued placing wet kisses all over Kurt's shoulder until Karofsky had quieted to quiet moans of pain. I removed my lips from Kurt's skin, before roughly pulling the knife out of Karofsky's flesh, which he responded to with an agonized yell. I ignored him, hugging Kurt tighter and moving my mouth back to his ear.

"Where else?"

About an hour later, I surveyed Karofsky's body, taking in the multiple wounds across his body. Both legs had gashes, and his stomach resembled that of a deer I'd mauled on my first full moon. I'd felt incredibly guilty, and watched Bambi approximately twelve times wallowing in self-hate. For some reason, killing animals just depresses me. Deer are cute, damn it.

I kissed Kurt's cheek softly. "Anywhere else, sweetheart?"

He shook his head slowly. "Not physically, no."

I growled quietly, thinking about all of the mental abuse that had to have been included with Karofsky's tormenting. I glared at him coldly. "Then I think we're done here."

I calmly reached over and slit his throat. It was nothing dramatic or fancy, just a lot of blood and gurgling noises. I watched Kurt watch the life leave the other boy's eyes. Karofsky's body eventually stilled completely. ††

Kurt let out a deep sigh, before practically collapsing into me. I put the knife down, and wrapped my arms around him comfortingly. We were both covered in blood, so I carefully turned him so I could pick him up, with one arm under his knees, and the other across his back. I nuzzled his hair, and made my way up the stairs and towards my bathroom. I set him down gently on the side of the tub, and started the shower. I turned to look at him, and he was just staring off into space. I sighed, reaching out to turn his face to look at me, and to brush his bangs away from his forehead.

"Hey, everything's going to be fine, great even. He's gone, baby. Nobody's ever going to suspect us, and we can just continue on with our life, without him there to mess with you and what we have."

Kurt looked at me hopefully. "It, it wasn't really bad, or, or evil though, was it? I mean, if we didn't kill him, then he could have killed me. Or what if he brought a gun or something, you could die too. He was unstable...he could shoot up the school or something! We just saved like, the entirety of McKinley's student body!" He took a few calming breaths, before looking up to meet my eyes. "...Right?" he asked quietly.

I nodded in what was hopefully a reassuring manner. "Right. After all, he threatened murder first. We're just playing the game a step ahead of him." I took his face in my hands. "This is refusing to be the victim, Kurt."

He leaned forward, resting our foreheads together and sighing deeply.

I kissed him, and when we pulled away he was smiling again.

"I love you."

I grinned. "I love you too." We kissed again, and I pulled back, and quickly removed my jeans, before sitting back and watching appreciatively as Kurt removed his (my) shirt and his boxers. I pulled him into the shower, grabbing shampoo from the shelf. "Can I wash your hair?"

He sighed, resting his back against my chest. "Only if you promise to spoon me later."

I smiled, threading my hands through his hair.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

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