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Similarities Brought Us Love

Chapter 4

Sasuke's POV:

I woke up the next day at 4 a.m. and got ready for the survival exercise. While doing so, I couldn't stop thinking about my lavender eyed teammate.

She's just like me. She has been through the same pain as I have. Is that why I feel like I can trust her? Is that why I feel like I can get closer to her?

"Tch. Yeah right. I bet she's just some stupid fangirl. I don't need her. No one knows what I've been through", I desperately tried to convince myself.

But no. No one can pretend the pain of losing your whole clan. She is just like me. Maybe I can become closer to someone again. Maybe.

With that last thought, I got all my essential items, ate breakfast, and left to the training grounds. As soon as I got there I saw Hinata sitting by a tree, eating an apple. For some strange reason I wanted to go over there and talk to her, but I just walked past her and sat on a tree across from her.

She turned to me, smiled while nodding her head, and said ," Hello Sasuke-kun".

I nod my head back and we stay quiet the rest of the time. It wasn't awkward, it was actually comfortable. That is before the dobe showed up.

"Hey guys. Man I'm tired", he drowsily said.

I pretended to be asleep on the tree.

"Goodmorning Naruto-kun", Hinata warmly said.

"Goodmorning Hinata-chan", Naruto said happily. "Hinata, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, Naruto-kun. What is it?"

"Do you have any food with you?"

I almost fell out of the tree when I heard him say that. Didn't I tell him to eat breakfast. He can be really stupid sometimes.

"Yeah. I have a spare apple with me."


I tuned them out after that, waiting for Kakashi to show up.

Three hours later:

"Morning everyone. Ready for the survival exercise."

"Your late!", Naruto screamed and for once I wanted to do the same thing.

"Well an old lady needed help crossing the road, so I helped her out and took her home like a good citizen does", he explained, but I can tell he was lying.

"Anyways, let's get started."

We followed him until we were in front of a tree stump with a clock on top of it.

"Okay. This clock is set for noon. Your assignment is very simple. You just have to take these bells from me. That's it. Nothing else. Understand? Good."

He was about to walk away when he suddenly said,

"Oh! And before I forget. If you don't steal these bells before noon you go without lunch. You'll be tied to those post over there and you'll watch while I eat in front of you."

That's why he told us not to eat breakfast. To slow us down. I smirked knowing that we saw through his plan.

"Wait. Ano sensei, you have two bells right?"

I turn to face Hinata as she finished talking. Why would she ask that? Wait two bells, three of us. That can't be good.

"That is correct Hinata. The one that doesn't get a bell will be disqualified meaning he/she will go back to the academy."

What? That can't be. I was shocked to say the least. I need to pass this assignment. I need to become stronger. I need to get that bell.

"But then again. All three of you can flunk out, too. You can use any weapon including shuriken. If you're not prepared to kill me, you won't be able to take the bells. When I say start you can begin."

The wind blows and everyone is quietly waiting. I need to get those bells. If i get those bells, then that means I'm one step closer to beating Itachi. I can't lose!

"Alright. Let's begin."

Hinata's POV

We all seperated. I hid myself on top of a tree and tried to mask my chakra. I activated my byakugan to see Kakashi-sensei just standing there, while Naruto and Sasuke hid on some trees, too.

I need to get closer to them. I think I have a way of getting those bells.

I got out of the tree and tried to go around Kakashi-sensei when...



I turn around and see Naruto and Sasuke bloody and beaten up with kunais all over their bodies.

My eyes grow wide and I couldn't make a sound.What happened to them. They were alright just a second ago.

"Hinata-chan. Help me", Naruto said.

"Hyuga-san. Help me."

I couldn't move. I was paralyzed by fear. I was about to scream when suddenly a thought struck me.

"He was to strong Hinata-chan. I wasn't strong enough", Naruto said.

"Help us." Sasuke said

Wait a minute. Sasuke and Naruto wouldn't go down this easily. They wouldn't give up no matter what.

I looked at Sasuke. Especially not you Sasuke-kun.

I activate my byakugan and saw that it was an illusion.


I was back to where I was before the illusion. I was 2 meters away from Naruto and Sasuke.

I tried to get there attention and when I did, I motioned them to follow me. They swiftly moved towards me and we hid behind some bushes, masking our chakra.

When we were sure Kakashi wasn't around, I explained to them my plan.

"Okay we will need two people to distract him while the other one sneaks up on him."

"But Hinata, there's only two bells and three of us. One of us will have to go back to the academy."

"I know Naruto, which is why I'm gonna let you and Sasuke get the bells."

I saw their faces. They were shocked of what I said. Even though I want to defeat Neji, Naruto and Sasuke have worked hard to get where they are and I can't let them go through the academy again. I will defeat Neji and I'll get stronger even if I have to go back to the academy.

"Okay. Here's the plan..."

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