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Happy Halloween. Sorry it's short!

The boy sighed and adjusted the costume in the full length mirror. He looked stupid. He felt immature the more he kept thinking about the ridiculous costume. A part of him really felt like hitting the younger boy, for being so childish and pushy. If it wasn't for those damn puppy eyes, Kyoya would have never done this. Without another thought, Kyoya left his room. Walking down to the stairs he stopped immediately. The maid had smiled and informed him that his friends were here. She must have seen the rest of the host club's ridiculous costumes. God help him.

Kyoya gulped and breathed. Smoothing the tight material he gracefully walked to the living room, where he found the rest of the club.

From the looks he received, Kyoya fidgeted uncomfortably. As he surveyed the room, ignoring the blush on his cheeks, he noticed the only simple costume (compared to the others) was Haruhi's. Hunny was dressed as the Easter bunny, complete with the basket and furry feet. Mori was dressed as a vampire and of course pale as a ghost. The twins were dressed as kittens that almost rivaled the cuteness of Hunny's costume. Their furry long tails wrapped around each other's waist. Haruhi, the simplest of them all, was dressed as a nun. As Kyoya surveyed the last one he had to hold back a gasp. Tamaki was dressed as a police officer. A VERY sexy police officer. His white shirt clung to his body as if it were painted on. His black pants to his thighs, making the costume even more insatiable. His black sunglasses rested neatly on top of his silk tresses.

The blonde looked pretty damn good.

"Wow Kyoya, you look hot!", Hikaru boldly yelled. The shock was clearly evident on Kaoru's and his face. Mori instantly covered Hunny's eyes to shield the vulgar image from the boy's precious eyes. But that didn't stop the slow rising blush creeping up his neck. Haruhi blushed furiously at the bare skin. But how could she not? The tight orange material clung to Kyoya's body that with every twist or turn it would rise...all the way up to his inner thighs. The blonde gulped and was glad his pants were thick enough to hide the heat that rushed down to a very familiar region. Kyoya's black leggings clung to his long, slim legs making Tamaki drool (from what she could see). His black 2 inch heels that came up all the way to the boy's knees made the costume all the more sensual. Kyoya's make-up consisted of dark brown eyeliner and just the right amount of mascara that made his brown eyes pop out. But how could she miss the dark red lipstick the boy had on? With the absence of his glasses and neatly done up hair, Kyoya looked completely different. The black long and silky wig was a perfect match for the outfit.

She had never seen a prisoner's costume look so sexual.

But that's what she got for joining the Host Club.

Nonetheless, she stood up and smiled. This was going to be one special Halloween.

"So, who's ready to go trick or treating?"