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Summary: Harry grows up working on his Aunts Garden and develops a love for it, meeting Samuel and eventually Max, who gives him a Mark of his own. He finds Magic to be a Wonderful Thing.

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It's Green – Chapter 2 – Words like FOOD, THEY, and SKOOL

Aunt Petunia wanted to start a vegetable Garden.

Harry did not know all together what that would mean for him, but suspected that it would be more time out of his Aunt and Uncles notice.

It was Good.

Aunt gave him a trowel, a small shovel with a rubber grip, and told him to dig.

He was too small for a normal shovel, and he could hear as he dug within the small square his Aunt had marked out what his Aunt was telling one of the neighbors from over the fence.

"Oh, the boy loves to dig," Aunt said. "He might as well dig something useful… you know how boys are." Aunt and the Neighbor had tittered and clucked over that as Harry carefully placed each square of grass into the wheelbarrow next to his hole. Harry didn't know how boys were, or how that even mattered.

Boys just were.

He moved his bucket closer, now that he had a square of no-grass, and started digging down farther.

His Aunt said that it had to be as deep as his arm, ad he had better finish it before dinner or he wouldn't get any.

Harry learned to scrape the dirt, always moving along the grass rather than in the no-grass dirt area so he would be let into the house, and to turn his bucket on it's side so he could scrape dirt into the bucket.

Harry learned that he could only fill his bucket less than full, or he wouldn't be able to lift the bucket enough to dump it into the wheelbarrow.

Harry learned, later, that it didn't matter that only his shoes and hands were dirty (he'd stayed on the grass), neither his Aunt nor his Uncle let him inside, even though he finished, and instead made him eat his peanut butter sandwich outside.

He weeded the back Garden once he was done, and allowed himself to wash the dryness from his mouth with hose water before his relatives noticed.

Harry learned, watching Dudley trample dirt all over the house, that perhaps the only ones who appreciated his work were the plants, and maybe Samuel.

The vegetable Garden was wonderful.

His Aunt had been surprised and pleased when the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers had grown so well.

The ripe colours had enchanted Harry when he'd seen them, and soon found out that he could get rewards for gardening.

Rewards that his Aunt and Uncle didn't have to know about.

They were careful in what they said to the neighbors, Uncle telling how proud of his wife he was, Aunt blushing and accepting praise.

Harry accepted food.

Uncle and Aunt didn't count what each line of plants gave off, and Harry was careful to give the best of each to his Aunt and Uncle.

The rest he ate at night.

It was the first time he'd eaten tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and he found which tasted best in what colour.

He liked red, a lot.

Almost as much as he liked Green.

Red and yellow peppers he liked more than green or orange. He liked tomatoes when they were red, and had found out that he could hide away green tomatoes in his Cupboard, and after a few days they would be red and delicious. Cucumbers he rarely had, as he could never tell quite when they were ripe.

Ripe was important.

That's why he liked red so much; it was always obvious that it was Time To Eat when it was Red.

For the first time in his life, he didn't despair when his Aunt didn't give him food.

Plants gave him food.

Harry frowned slightly as he watered the Garden, listening to the screams of his cousin. He was upset because the other kids in his class watched Disney, and HE wanted to see those movies TOO. Harry wondered what a Disney was.

Shockingly, Dudley was Denied. Aunt and Uncle said that there would be NO Disney movies in the house.

This was the first time Harry could remember that Dudley was said 'no' to, and he promised to remember it always.

When Harry turned five there was a Change.

Harry was allowed to look through his Aunts gardening magazines, and was given the colorful books his cousin didn't like.

It didn't matter that his cousin had given them to him because he was 'boring' enough to like them, and laughed whenever he saw Harry looking them over.

It didn't matter that his Aunt let him look at the magazines because she wanted his Garden to look better.

The books were precious.

The images of flowers that he could eventually look after were precious.

As he poured over the books, he began to see more than pictures in the magazines, too.

He saw WORDS.

It didn't matter that the words he recognized were scattered and few.







It was wonderful.

Soon he saw words that he understood part of.




And soon he found out words that he loved.







It was Wonderful.

And then things Changed again.

And Harry learned why it was Bad when the neighbors Talked.

He had been picking tomatoes from the garden, his Aunt talking to one of the Neighbors from the fence, when the Neighbor started talking about a thing called school. Harry didn't know what it was, but started to try to spell it out in his head.

'S' makes sss, 'K' makes kuh, 'O' makes oh, two 'O's make ooh, 'L' makes el.

S-K-O-O-L. Sss-kuh-ooh-el.

S-K-O-O-L. Makes school.

Words broke though his concentration.

"Oh, you must be so excited for next year!"

"Oh yes, my little Diddy-dums going off to school… he'll be done nursery school this year, and then off to first grade… Oh it'll be so different without my precious Pumpkin around the house!" Aunt sounded tearful.

"Ah, yes, you'll have an empty house to look forward to. You're lucky that Dudley and Harry are the same age, you'll have them both gone at the same time!" the neighbor gushed.

There was a half-moment of silence, and Harry very carefully set the tomatoes into the basket, not looking up.

The Change wasn't good.

That night Aunt and Uncle had a loud conversation in the kitchen after he had made it back into his Cupboard.

It was a loud enough conversation that he could hear what they were saying, mostly.

They were talking about sending him to this school, or rather, why they can't afford NOT to.

Uncle said that he wasn't going to pay for it.

Aunt said that They were watching, and the Neighbors would Notice.

Uncle said that the boy wouldn't get anything from it.

Aunt said it didn't matter because They were Watching, and the Neighbors would Notice.

Uncle said that he'd be slowing down their Dudders.

Aunt said that the Neighbors would Notice if he didn't go, and that They were Watching.

The loud conversation got louder, and went on for some time.

Harry wondered who They were.

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