Hey all! No, don't worry, this is not me saying that this series is being abandoned- nope. Not at all. (New note bottom for those who recheck before the end of Dec)

It's just that this last arc is difficult. Things aren't progressing the way I thought they would, so I'm redoing a bit of it, and shifting some things I'd planned, and really, I can't do that if I'm constantly going back to change chapters to fit the new/altered direction...

I'm sorry for the wait. I should have made a note earlier.

But I didn't, so this is me making up for it.

Q's you may be having:

What's the hold up? Plotty stuff is being difficult.

When will you update? Once I'm done this story. I'm writing it all out, so that I can keep all the plot bits together and not have to worry about making sure people go back and read the changes, and all of it will be posted, one a day, as soon as I'm done. I should have it all out before 2014, hopefully before even the X-mas Holidays.

What? Yes. Seriously? Yes.Do you realize how long I've been waiting? Yes, I do. Sorry, but thems the breaks. How about instead of complaining you look forward to when I post a whole slew of chapters all at once, and it'll be lovely, and then you'll have Harry Hogwarts to look forward to, hmm? It'll be worth the wait :)

Do you even know where you're going with this? Yes. This isn't just you making excuses because of writers block or whatever, right? I DO know what I'm doing, I know where I'm going, there are just roadblocks and bumps. I say this should happen, and other characters are like "NAY. Things shall be happening like THIS instead!" and it's a bit annoying. But everything is steadily moving from point A to B and onwards, so... yeah.

ARGH this update BLOWS! Yes, I know. (and I also know that's not a question, but I'll answer it anyway) But unlike Archive Of Our Own, it's much harder to add little notes and updates to notes, and require chapters like these. And yeah, that's why I haven't been saying much before this. Sorry, but real life actually has things happening, and I have only so much time I spend on the internet. Weird, I know.

But you've been updating other stories! Because I'm in a Torchwood kick. If you write fanfiction, you know that interest waxes and wanes in various fandoms as you focus on other things, and Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane Adventures are on my mind. Hell, I'm dressing up as Jack F-king Harkness for Halloween! Yeah, I'm updating my Torchwood stories more. Enough so that It's Green is no longer my longest/lengthiest story in my arsenal. If this sounds a bit defensive/antagonistic, I'm sorry, and the person responsible for this knows who they are. Here's looking at you, bub. Untwist your panties and take a deep breath.

I do genuinely apologize to Janelly Slytherin, because we're PM buddies, I hope you're feeling better, and sorry if I got your hopes up... but before the year is out, this story will be done. Cross my heart.

Why haven't you been replying to reviews like you used to? I mean srsly, I used to get a reply to EVERYTHING... Lack of time. I have all the reviews I haven't responded to saved in a file, so when I have the time I will sit down and give my thanks for the support and enthusiasm (seriously, thanks), and occasionally I check my e-mail and have time to respond to a few people, but if you've sent me a sentiment/question/whatever, and I haven't responded, know that I will, and that I appreciate it :)

So thank you for your patience, and I'm sorry for asking that you wait longer. But know that I'll have chapters up sometime in December.



P.S. This 'chapter' will be taken down when I'm actually updating. So if you get a notice saying that Chapter 42 of It's Green has been posted, and you're a bit confused, well, that's why. I don't like Chapter AN's, but this one seemed like it was needed.

EDIT: Yes, I also post at Ao3, or Archive Of Our Own. They offer downloads as well if that's what you're interested in. (They also have a neat button that means youu can just view the entire work, no clicking for the next chapter :D It's lovely) Also, should I actually be mentioning that I write in other fandoms? Like, I've written for Torchwood, and Sherlock, and a bit of Suits, and whatnot? Because I do actually have others stories, and a few of you have expressed surprise. :S

2ND EDIT: (Dec 20th) Due to issues in the family, work, and some social drama, if this isn't updated before the end of the year (2013), it'll certainly be updated before the end of January. Sorry to those who read this before I put this edited part in, and I'm still sorry this took so long to update. Thank you for your patience and all the support!

3rd edit: Yeah, sh*t's been going down, very busy, no more promises and I apologise for getting your hopes up. I'll post a chapter, but that's because I'll know for certain that that one isn't going to get changed. *holds up hands* sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry a million times, and hopefully things'll calm down enough for me to get some actual writing and editing done, but things be things. Sorry. (Jan 30/14)