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WARNINGS: Violence, child abuse mentioned, SLASH, implied slash, Mpreg, implied Mpreg. Severus/Ron/Molly/Ginny/Hermione/Seamus/Sirius and slight Dumbledore bashing.

JUNE 1996

"What do you mean he's gone? Where the hell could he have gone?" Severus Snape stared at Albus Dumbledore in confusion. Sheer panic gripped him as he paced the rug in front of Albus' hearth. "Where would the idiot boy go? You're sure the Dursleys don't have him?" He wasn't panicked because he felt guilty for rejecting the boy he told himself...never that...he just...he...

"I'm positive, Severus. They came to pick him up at the station, but he never arrived. Quite upset they were...said something about the boy being ungrateful and he was never to go back to them. We can't have that. Voldemort may be gone for good now, but there are still Death Eaters out there; what happens if one of them finds Harry and kidnaps him?"

"What's wrong Albus? Afraid of losing your little poster boy for the Light?" As a blush spread across the ageing Headmaster's face, Severus knew he had touched upon a nerve. "Oh, so you're no better than the rest of us, eh? Well, at least no one has lied to you!"

"Nor has anyone lied to you Severus. He is your biological son; I saw that part of his family tree."

"If he's my son, why does he look like Potter, hmm? And I do not recall having relations with Lily Evans"

"You're a wizard, Severus, use your brain. Glamours and charms can make anyone resemble someone else. Here," Albus set down a blank sheet of parchment, "Make your own family tree if you want proof."

Severus cast the Reperio Genus spell on the parchment and added a few drops of his own blood. The spell would show his family tree back three generations and forward one. It would show if he had any children and who their other parent was. Severus had never cared who his sexual partners were or whether they were male or female; as long as he was satisfied, it hadn't mattered. Both men watched with morbid fascination as the lines wove their way across the heavy paper. Severus' ancestors were placed first, then the children would be next. As a line dropped down from his name, Severus' breath caught in his throat...maybe the rumours were indeed the truth.

Albus watched as Harry Potter's name appeared underneath Severus' and another line shot out from the side to connect Harry's and Severus' names with a third. That name startled Albus...he hadn't thought that Severus would have slept with that person once, let alone often enough to ensure a pregnancy. He looked up at his Potions Master and saw the look of absolute shock that crossed his face. "Well, Severus? Is that proof enough for you? I must admit that I'm surprised by Harry's other parent, but I'm not one to quibble over past history. Well, now that we know this, Harry cannot go back to the Dursleys' home; the blood wards are useless...apparently they always have been."

Severus continued to stare at the parchment in horror. He knew that wizards could become pregnant, but there had to be a deeper connection than just wanting to get their rocks off. Did this mean that he had loved Severus? Did this mean that they had been soul mates? What DID this mean...other than that Severus had gotten him pregnant?

Severus Tobias Snape

9 January, 1960

James Charles Potter

27 March, 1960

31 October, 1981

Harry James Severus Potter

31 July, 1980