Brittany Pov

"Connor!" I scream. I see he is bloodied and hert just laying motionsless on the floor.I burst into tears.

I cannot see his face, he is lieing on his side facing the wall.

"Well isn't that a nasty blood spill" a deep-male voice says.

"Who the hell are you and what did you do to Connor?"

"I didn't do anything" poitning at me"You did this by not giving me what I want" the man says

" I don't even know who you are so how could I not give you something?"I ask

"You didn't give me your life!"he screams then pulls out a blade then lunges at me. I am able to side kick

him but he is very strong. And before I knew what was happening he sticks the blade deep into my heart and

before I die I see Connor cry towards me screaming and I trying to scream but can't. With a fial burst of air I scream

Connors name with everything I had.

Then I fall to the...

"Brittany! Wake up! Come on Brittany wake up" I hear a voice say. I open my eyes to see Mikaila standing over me. She's

a new novance who wanted to stay with me.

Brittant are you ok do you want me to go get Connor?" she asks. She just had to say Connors name though and I started bursting into tears.

" Um Connor! Come Now" she yells and before I know it I see a male figure standing at my side.

"Hey Brit whats wrong why is Mikaila screaming my name in the middle of the night?" he asks. Without a word I sit up and hug him with all I have.

"She was screaming and crying in her bed then she screamed in bloody murder your name" Mikaila says. She then leaves and gives us some privacy. Connor just continues to rub circles on my back and whispers my name. I finally get the breath back to speak.

"I'm sorry for waking you up. I didn't relise I was having such a bad nightmare till Mikaila woke me up. I'm really sorry and..." i couldn't finish because I was cut off.

"Brit it's fine im just glad your safe I thought something bad happened it sounded like you were dying please tell me what happened I can't stand to see you like this. It's killing me." he whispers to me.

"Well I was in a rom and I saw you lieing bloody and hert and then a man was there sying I didn't give hi my life and them he stabbd me but I saw you and screamed your name. I still really sorry I didn't mean to worry you" I whisper then take a huge breath.

"Aaaahhhhh Brit don't worry I'm still here and breathing and so are you do you want me to stay the rest of the night?" without answering him I scoot over and make room. He then curls in the bed beside me and starts kissing me. Jst then I hear the door open

"Sorry I'm just crabbing stuff to sleep on the couch" Mikaila says. She has her hand over her eyes then grabs her tuff ut runs into the door.

"Sorry again leaving now" .After her leaving I start laughing so doe Connor but he suddenly stops.

"Who do you think that man was?" his questions rings with me all night. Because I suspect it is my father.

Srry If it's a little bit of rough start I just wanted to try writing a story for Connor and Brittany and I undertstand if its completly horrible.