AN: Just a little drabble based off what a couple I know did for a Halloween party. Those boys were ridiculously cute.

"How the hell did you convince me this was a good idea?" Kurt asked, irritated. He held up the ridiculous overlarge purple toothbrush.

"Because you love me?" Blaine smiled sheepishly. "And you already had the tiara?"

"You're lucky I do love you. If I didn't there was no way I'd be the damn Tooth Fairy for Halloween." Kurt rolled his eyes.

"You look amazing." Blaine ventured.

"I know." Kurt snapped. Of course he looked amazing, he always looked amazing. He was clad in a plain white button down and black pants. Over which his small purple wings and arm veils, that matched the fluff on his tiara perfectly, made Kurt distinctly fairy. The tooth brush named him as a specific fairy.

"Come here." Blaine held his arms open for a hug.

"You'll squash my winds." Kurt protested but wrapped his arms around his boyfriend anyway. Kurt had to admit, Blaine looked adorable in his little boy costumeā€¦ "But I do feel like a pedophile."

"You're only a few months older than me." Blaine laughed.

"But your dressed as a five year old." Kurt sighed dramatically. "Our love is forbidden."

"Maybe you should have been a priest, made it even more forbidden."

"You're gross." Kurt let him go. "And you wrinkled my shirt."

"It's just a dress shirt, babe." Blaine rolled his eyes. "It's fine."

Kurt stuck his tongue out.

"Alright!" Finn came bounding down the stairs, zombie make up and ripped clothes on. "I'm ready to go."

"You took longer than me, Finn." Kurt stated. "You're turning into a girl."

"Shut up." Finn punched Kurt's shoulder. "You suck man."

"How about we go now." Blaine intervened before they could start fighting. "The candy won't magically get into our bags no matter what day it is."

"Exactly." Kurt opened the door. "Bye Dad, Carole!" He called.

"Bye kids, be back before one!" Carole answered.

"Bye Mom, Burt."

"Bye Mr. and Mrs. Hummel."

The night was a bit cold, but Blaine slipped his hand into Kurt's and it was warmer suddenly. Kurt looked over at his boyfriend. "You still look ridiculous." He smiled.

"And you're gonna steal my teeth." Blaine returned. "C'mon." He pulled them down the street, Finn following close behind.