Erik had to go. He knew he had to go. He was a danger to himself and everyone around him if he stayed. There were parts of his mind that held his deepest secrets. Parts of his mind no one should ever see. Parts that at this point in time no one could ever see, and parts that hopefully no one would ever see. They were the parts that made him the most happy, and the parts that simultaneously made him realize he had to leave. You see, these parts of his mind were of love. Of his love for a certain mind reading professor. Every day, he could add a memory or two to the secret place in his mind, the only place where he and Charles could truly be together. He had succeeded in keeping Charles out of that locked portion of his mind so far, but the closer they became as friends increased the size of the secret, and the more Charles searched for happy memories, the harder it was to keep him out. There was a time when he thought maybe, maybe one day, he'd allow Charles to see. Maybe he'd dare to let himself hope to be happy. And then he had seen Charles flirt with Moira and at that moment he knew he would never tell him. Never tell him how much he means to him. Never say that he loves him. His feelings would never be returned, his love would go on unrequited. He lifted the helmet onto his head. He would no longer be Erik, the hopeful, happy, loving, weak, pathetic, uncontrollable metal bender. Charles' friend. Charles' Erik. He had become Magneto. Charles could never know. It would only cause harm. Yes, for the sake of the world, Charles could never know.