Title: Skies On Fire

Chapter: 1/?

Setting: au!post-Hogwarts

Author: laughingmagician

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the world of Harry Potter, and I commend J. for her brilliant idea!

Rating: Mature

Pairing: Draco/Hermione

Warnings: tbd


I don't think anyone could foresee what would happen. We were too involved in our own war to give notice to the rest of the world. Magic had a way of setting you apart from the rest of humanity back then, and if we're being honest here, the wizarding world at large was entirely too sure of itself.

It was a weapon we had not expected, a war we had not even been part of, but then the same could be said about them with ours. Two peoples fighting two very different wars at the same time. One had to dominate the other. There are never two winners, someone must always lose.

Muggle nuclear war got to us before Voldemort could. The skies were lit on fire and all I'd known changed.

I had nothing familiar to me left.

When the dust settled only the strong had survived. Some would argue that magic gave us an advantage, but our death toll was just as bad as theirs. With both Harry Potter and Voldemort missing-neither presumed dead given their history-we tried to move on. But there weren't enough of us.

That boundary between muggles and wizards had been destroyed in the bombs too, and piecing this world back together was going to take all of us.

So I adopted some of their ways, but I never forgot my own. Wizards became something very real, but a whispered rumor across the barren landscape. 'If they had magic, why hadn't they saved us?' people would ask. We were discovered and hated all in the same moment.

To be a wizard or a witch was to be hunted for what you were.