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"Were you planning on staying at the hospital with him?" she asked Jack once he began to drive, turning first to make sure Clu was still unconscious.

"For a little bit, if that's alright with you."

Fi nodded. "Would you mind if I stay in the car once we get there?"

"Yeah, no problem. Feeling alright? Want to have yourself checked out too while we're there?"

"Nah, I'm okay. I just can't face him yet, conscious at least."

He nodded, letting her words sink in. Jack peeked over at her, studying her uneasy expression. There was more than guilt written on her face.

"I heard what that demon was saying you know."

"About what? It's all a blur to me at this point."

"Nothing, never mind. I'm sure he was spouting lies anyways."

"Kind of comes with the territory, huh?"

He shook the bad taste in his mouth and mustered a small smile.

"Actually, there was one thing I remember him saying that I meant to mention," Fi recalled.

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"It's about Mom."

"Oh boy, here we go," Jack groaned and rolled his eyes.

"What?" Fi demanded.

"I thought I sensed one of your classic Mom-bashing sessions coming on."

"For your information, I just wanted to let you know she's been in Pagosa Springs. Colorado. Probably the entire time we've been looking for her."

"The demon said that?"

Fi nodded in response.

"And you believe a demon? That lying, manipulative, son of a bitch?"

"It's the best lead we've gotten in a while, Jack."

Jack pinned his eyes to the road and pinched his bottom lip.

"Well, if it was telling the truth, I'm sure Mom has a good reason to be hiding from us."

He could feel Fi glaring at him from the passenger seat.

"What?" he asked, momentarily breaking eye contact from the passing pavement.

"You don't even hesitate to make an excuse for her. When are you going to admit that she's wrong?"

"Mom's not wrong, Fi."

"Are you kidding me? She's been wrong. Everything she's done up until this very moment has been wrong. She's lied to us our entire lives, she kept us in the dark about her, about Dad, about what we were meant to be doing… How is any of that acceptable to you?"

"You're so quick to throw all of the blame on her."

"Because she deserves it, Jack."

"What do you think she should have done differently, huh? How's a parent supposed to tell their child about what's really out there?"

"She should have found a way. She should have been honest from day one. Instead of telling me not to be afraid of the thing in my closet she should have handed me a .45!"

"And imagine the damage that would have done to your psyche at nine years old."

"It doesn't matter! She should have raised us as hunters."

"She did the best thing for us."

"The best thing for us? She's lucky we turned out to be naturals at this or we'd be dead! There are other hunters out there, Jack. Other hunters with decades more experience who get killed on the job every day! We made it out today by the skin of our teeth. Maybe if we'd had more training-"

"Fi, will you listen to yourself? You're pissed at Mom for protecting us. It was for our own good! Don't get me wrong, I regret not having more experience under my belt, but at least we got to be kids! We got to be a typical family, for the most part. We had a home to go back to when the tour was over. Do you honestly believe we'd have had any of that if we were raised hunting? I don't think so. Mom hid everything - as bad as she may have wanted to tell us - just so we could be normal!"

"I never got to be normal, Jack! I was a freak! And she let me believe for years, for years, that I was facing all this paranormal stuff all on my own."

"It was for your own good. She let you discover the truth at your own pace so it wouldn't drive you insane!"

"Yeah, instead it drove me away! I separated myself from you, from Mom, because you two made it seem like I was making you miserable."

"Oh, now it's my fault too? Because you were throwing theories at me that I didn't want to hear? That's crap and you know it, Fiona. I would sit there and listen to every crazy story you ever pitched, and no matter how completely off the deep end I thought you'd gone, I was always there for you. You're the one who left! You're the one who ran away, not me. So go shove your angsty, P.M.S. bullshit down someone else's throat because I'm done!"

The siblings sat in silence for the remainder of the car ride. It wasn't until they pulled into the hospital that a grainy melody came from the back seat and cut through the tension.

"His phone's ringing," Fi stated coldly, reaching to retrieve it. She glanced at the caller ID forgetting that the screen had been smashed, and passed it to her brother.

"Hello? Calm down, it's Jack. What's going on, man?" he asked, sitting up straight.

"Jack? Where's my brother? It's important," the voice insisted in a tone slightly higher than usual.

"Sleeping," he answered, looking into the review mirror. "I'll get him the message when he wakes up."

"No time."

"What's so urgent, Carey? Need to post bail or something?"

Fi's focus snapped to the phone, and Jack mouthed, "kidding," at her. She rolled her eyes and repressed a sigh of relief.

Jack's brow knotted as Carey elaborated. His eyes got wide.

"What is it?" Fi hissed, studying his reaction.

"Not kidding," he whispered.

"What! Give me the phone!" she insisted from behind her hand.

Jack switched ears to get it out of Fi's reach. "I'll wire you the money. Yes. Yes, we- I'm on my way."

Fi stared at him, bug-eyed and awaiting an explanation, as he ended the call and tossed the phone into the back seat.

"Carey found Mom."


"In uh, Pagosa Springs, Colorado."

"Huh, guess demons do tell the truth sometimes. So, what the hell happened?"

"Well, first let's get Sleeping Beauty here into the hospital, then we'll get our asses back over to Colorado and find out."

"How are we going to get Carey that money? I used up most of our funds on the bus ticket."

Jack smirked.

"Jack, you're not going to take it from Clu, are you? Don't you think he's been through enough today?"

"I don't know. From that look on your face earlier, I think he might owe me."

Fi paled as Jack glared at Clu through the rearview mirror and stepped out of the car.

"Next time I see this boy conscious," he said, taking hold of Clu under his arms, "I'd say Lucy's got some splainin' to do."