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Prologue: The Child

A nervous, fat man walked up to a much taller man, if you could call him a man, with red eyes and an air of superiority around him.
The first person bowed to the second, nervously stating "M-my Lord."
"Ah yes, Wormtail, rise. You have done well. I have decided to entrust you with a valuable object necessary to my plans. Should you lose it, or have it stolen from you, or if it is destroyed, YOU will be destroyed. Understand Wormtail?" the tall man was pacing, but he suddenly turned and faced the other.
"Y-y-yes, my Lord," Wormtail stammered.
"Good, Wormtail," the Dark Lord walked to a nearby cabinet and pulled out an old, battered diary and stroked it for a moment before handing it to Pettigrew, "Here it is. Handle it VERY carefully."
"Th-this my Lord? A-are you sure?"
"Crucio! Do not doubt me Wormtail!" he held the curse for a minute or so before releasing. "Now leave me."
"Y-yes, my Lord," he raced out of the room.


Peter cut off his finger, only wincing slightly, before using a curse to blow up the street. Not wasting any time, he used his animagus abilities to turn into a rat and raced toward the sewer. Once safely inside it and holding the diary, he spared a glance back at the now madly-laughing Sirirus. Why was he laughing? That would only get him convicted faster. Right, not his problem. He turned around and ran through the sewers.

Much later, he arrived at the Weasley household. He deposited the book on the doormat, sighing in relief as he let it go. It was incredibly heavy for a rat, but he had dare not let it go for fear of You-Know-Who's wrath.

Peter wasn't completely sure why the Weasleys had a doorbell, but he decided to use it to his advantage by turning into his human form, ringing it, then turning right back into a rat. He waited nervously, until a young boy came out, looked around, and scooped Peter and the diary up, taking them both inside. He was safe! However, he could never trust anyone ever again.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a baby crib. The diary had been placed right by it. Was that really smart? Oh wait they didn't know it was the Dark Lord's. Well, come what may for the baby, right now he couldn't care less fo-

Woah why was he suddenly feeling like he was flying? Peter looked around, frightened until he saw the same young boy who had taken him in earlier carrying him somewhere. If he had to take a guess, he would say the boy's room. They reached his destination.

The little boy started to talk, "Hello, little rat," Peter snorted internally. He was NOT little. Well, then again maybe he was, "My name is Percy Weasley. I am five years old. Do you want to be my pet rat?" Peter frowned, unsure of how much it was showing on his face, "Great! Let me tell you all about myself!" Oh no. Percy had decided that not moving was a yes. God save him! "I am a wizard and I want to be the Minister of Magic someday..."


Life at the Weasleys was good. He got food, he knew of current wizarding events, he heard Percy's stories...well maybe that part wasn't as good. But he was still happy.

About two months passed before the disastrous occurred on New Year's Eve.

The diary disappeared with a huge bang, attracting the attention of all the Weasleys plus one rat.

Percy was reading a book aloud to Peter...Scabbers...but once he heard the bang he scooped him up and ran downstairs to find many panicking Weasleys.


"Mom, where's Ginny?"

"Yeah, where's Ginny?"

"Molly, wasn't Gin just in her crib?"

"What just happened, Mother?"

"Didn't there used to be-"

"-a book next to Ginny's crib?"


All people froze as Molly Weasley screamed. Then Ron promptly started crying again but everyone else was silent.

"Now, we have everyone here except Ginny. Arthur, dear, please go check the backyard. Bill, check the fifth floor. Charlie, the fourth floor. Percy, please check the third floor. Fred and George check the second floor, and I will have Ron and check this floor."

Everyone quickly ran to the places they were assigned and thoroughly searched for any sign of their little sister/daughter or the mysterious book. Half an hour later, when they had all returned, there was no sign of her.


Meanwhile, in 1926, a baby had shown up in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic with a diary with it. The baby was quietly sleeping until an official passed by, did a double-take and screamed. Of course, the baby started crying. Other officials quickly came and everyone looked around for any hint of who it could be. No visitors had came that had not gone directly to where they needed to be and nobody was supposed to be able to sneak in just to leave.

Finally, an idea was voiced that was the smartest of all of those. "Why don't we look at the book?"

When the book was opened, words appeared on the page saying Hello. Where and when am I?

Nervously, the employees looked at each other, before one shrugged and took a quill and wrote in.

You are at the Ministry of Magic's atrium, and the date is December 31, 1926.


Of course, everyone was confused but didn't dare ask what the diary meant.

Do you know anything about the baby that is next to you? The baby and this diary, that you are apparently in, just appeared here today and nobody knows how.

I cannot say how I got here, but I would guess that the baby is Ginevra Molly Weasley.

A Weasley, you say? Is she related to Leander Weasley?

Distantly, perhaps.

Is she a pureblood at least?

Yes, she is a pureblood.

Another person interrupted here.

What do you suggest we do with her?

I doubt that you will be able to return her or myself to our proper...place, so I would recommend having her adopted by a pureblood family and letting her keep the diary.

Any suggestions on which family?

Perhaps the Notts, the Greengrasses, the Malfoys, the Blacks...

Another person intervened.

Why not the Weasleys?

Do you really think it would be wise to have her grow up as a Weasley with their unusual ideals?

I suppose not...

We will look into getting her adopted by one of those families.

Just let me know who she ends up with.


Later that day a representative from each of the four families mentioned was called over.

"What is it, Minister?" Arcturus Black asked, with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

The Minister looked at each of the four families before sharing the news. "This afternoon a baby was found in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic. A diary was with her, and it said that her name is Ginevra Molly, and that she is a pureblood. The diary also recommended having her adopted by an old pureblood family, specifically one of your families." He had carefully omitted some details, while adding a few others.

Arcturus laughed outright at the thought. "Absolutely not. I have no guarantee that you are speaking the truth, and Blacks do not adopt children. Goodbye, Minister, Lords Nott, Greengrass, Malfoy, and Happy New Year."

He promptly left, and the Minister internally sighed. Why he had even bothered inviting him, he wasn't sure.

"Sorry, Minister, I have to agree with Arcturus on this matter. Happy New Year!" Lord Nott left slightly less quickly, but still left.

The Greengrass and Malfoy families looked more open on the matter. "Did the diary say who her parents are?"

The Minister tried to reply with a normal inflection. "No, I'm sorry, it did not." Which, in itself, wasn't a lie, however, the diary had said that Ginevra was a Weasley.

"Perhaps it would be good for young Abraxas to have a playmate..." Lord Thaddeus Malfoy commented slowly.

"Same for my child, Darius." the Head of Greengrass agreed. "Perhaps you let us talk it over with our wives and let you know tomorrow?"

The Minister nodded. "That sounds fine. Let's meet again, say one, tomorrow, here in my office?"

The Lords nodded and left with "Goodbye, Minister!"


The next day, Malfoy and Greengrass met again with the Minister.

Malfoy nodded to Greengrass to begin. "I'm sorry, Minister, my wife was not interested in taking on another child."

Before the Minister could comment, Malfoy interjected "However, my wife and I are willing to adopt little Ginevra. Let us sign some adoption papers and we will be on our way."

"I'm glad to hear that, Thaddeus. Goodbye, Herbert, and Happy New Year!"

The documents were signed and recorded without any issues and Ginevra was taken home with the Malfoys.

Ginevra Molly Weasley's life had begun as Ginevra Cecilia Malfoy.

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