A/N: Follows the events of american secrets. Seriously, you have to have read that or this will be confusing.

"Trick-or-Treat!" Such was the announcement of some overjoyed children come to the Sikowitz residence in hopes of receiving candy.

Jade's lip curled up; though she loved the holiday, she hated random children she would never see again coming to her house and asking for candy with that sickening puppy dog look in their eyes.

"Oh, you want candy, do you?" The children nodded eagerly.

Jade pulled out the bowl Sikowitz had set out with the instruction to her that she had to give it out.
What he didn't say was that they didn't have to earn it. So Jade figured she would have some fun.

"Well, I can give you the candy, but you'll have to do something for me in return".
The wise child in the back shouted "I'm out!" to the rest of his group, and walked away from the home.
Their eyes grew wide as they asked:
"And what would we have to do, miss?"
"Watch me as I wind up my jack-in-the-box!"
And, laughing, she pulled said jack-in-the-box out from its hiding place, and began to reenact the scene from her movie she did so many years ago for her re-audition.
Thankfully, she had had the foresight to put on a similar costume and do her hair and makeup in the creepiest way possible. It was Halloween, after all.
Only one child remained, and her eyes were as wide as dinner plates.
"Do you still want some candy?"
She didn't respond, so Jade leaned into her face closely.

The girl screamed and ran away.

Jade repeated the same routine for most of the night; only a few kids were brave enough to receive a handful of candy.
While she was in the middle of her act, she heard a voice.
"Excuse me, let me through. I live here, that's why!"
Crap, she thought. NOW he comes home? He wasn't supposed to be back until 10:30!

"Jade…honey, what are you doing?"
"I'm giving candy to kids who've earned it, sweetheart. Now let me finish."
Sikowitz grabbed the bowl from her, gave some candy to each child with an apology about how she scared them, and shut and locked the door.
"I think we've had enough trick-or-treaters for tonight, don't you?"
Jade didn't look at him.
"Jade, why do you still have that jack-in-the-box?"
"Because I can, husband".
"Well, wife, it quite frankly creeps me out. And reminds me of your re-audition film. In fact…was that what you were trying to recreate?"
"Mmhmm. Was it an accurate portrayal?" She still needed approval from him after all these years; some things never change. Once a teacher, once a student; remnants from those roles never truly leave.
"It was…even down to the outfit. I'm terrified and turned on at the same time. You conflicting person, you!"
Jade looked down at herself; she had forgotten that she was in a skin-tight corsage with sheer stockings. She also saw that Sikowitz had a little visitor.
"Well, I can fix one of those things. And if you bring me chocolate, we can watch whatever sappy film you want to afterwards," she said with a smirk.
He leaned in and kissed her; as he pulled back, he whispered: "I think I will take you up on that offer, Mrs. Sikowitz".
And a Happy, frightful Halloween was had by all.


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