Hi. I don't own Harry Potter or Percy Jackson.

Okay, some people say that Percy & Harry have a lot in common- maybe a little too much. Well, let's see how much of that is true.

And yes, it'll be VERY close to canon in the beginning but it'll be going equally as off the rails soon enough. Alas, I lack JK and Rick's wit… bummer.

This will be the one to kind of sort of explain things. Heh. And it's the shortest. Sorry.

EDITED by Mellie Erdmann.

Chapter One: The Boy(s) Who Lived

Someone had seen the lives of two black-haired, green-eyed boys. This someone had seen the pain and loss they had gone through, far too much in far too short a time. Yes, in time both boys would live and succeed. But the costs were too high, and defeat came so close.

But how to help them? This being had been particularly forbidden from interfering in these universes. Furthermore, the two were so alike in some ways yet so different in others.

The being smiled.

Perhaps by trading places they would be able to aid the other's world. Usually in such cases a soul's sacrifice would be required in order to link the traded souls, but not this time. And the two would not completely trade powers- resulting in the strengthening of both their abilities. At the very least this would be very fun to watch as it played out across two spaces and times.