Wavering. His heart was wavering. What did he see in that woman? What did he come to acknowledge? What was special about her? Nothing attracted him, yet anything connected to that girl allured him. It was as if the universe schemed a deadly plan, a plot purposely made for him. It wasn't right anymore. It should stop. It should just stay there, frozen into the depths of eternal. This feeling wasn't supposed to grow anymore.

But even though he knows it's not right, he continued to fall for her.

She loved another, and he knew that. She wishes the attention of another, and he feels that. But it was love, what did he expect? Love triumphs over sanity.

To love is to lose control. It makes you forget about the weighting scale of what's important.

Pain, that's what he felt when he sees her staring at the other person. It was a different kind of pain, a pain he have never felt, and wished to feel. The tears she shed were for that other person, yet he willingly embraced her and caressed those swollen eyes. He gently blew away the ache she felt and made her feel secure.

But it wasn't enough to make her fall for him.

It was excruciating. But he wasn't the kind to willingly give in to that pain.


If it's for her, he'll do anything.

He felt that if he conquered her heart, he can conquer the universe. He was willing to make the universe wrong just to prove his love for her right. It's love. Love is a trap. People know it, but we still let our pitiful hearts render with this cascading sheets of emotions. An attraction we can only see clearly if we truly believe in miracles. It's hard to fall in love.

Because foolish are the people who fall in love.

And unwillingly, he was one of those fools.