Creatures of the universe

Hey people of the internet, this is just a test chapter for a story idea I had in math class.

Before I get started I'd like to say I know this story idea of a pokemon trainer going to Hogwarts to teach has been used a few times before, but this is my take on it.

And as another heads up their will be an OC named Storm Masters who will be working as professor Oaks student or apprentice. I know there's someone else that's suppose to be that person but I haven't seen the show in forever so I can't remember the name.

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"Make sure to call if anything goes wrong ok Gary." Professor Oak lectured his grandson. "If you can't reach me go to Mrs. Ketchum's."

"Don't worry Gramps everything will be fine. Though I'm a little insulted that you're taking the little twerp as your assistant instead of me?" Gary told his grandfather load enough for Storm who was finishing up packing in the background could hear.

Storm merely shot him a glare before going back to work.

"I'm surprised Gary this should actually take this as a complement, you have control of the lab and everything." Oak told him with a smile.

"So this Dumbledore guy just out and offered you a job…and these people don't even know what pokemon are?"

"He said it would be good for the students to learn more than just about what's in the world around them and decided to give this a try." Oak explained.

"And why are you taking Storm?"

"Because this will be a good learning experience and Mrs. Ketchum shouldn't have to baby-sit both of you." The Professor explained petting one of the many pokemon in the place. "Plus she can show them first hand what it means to be a trainer and how they work."

"Ready to go boss." Storm told tem walking into the room. The girl was about 12, was oddly pale with icy blue eyes and black hair with patch's and strips of purple, grey, tan and brown. Next to her sat her beloved Umbreon named Shade.

"Alright Storm remember to be on your best behavor ok." Professor told her strictly.

Storm gave a mock solute in response.

"Professor Snape will you please give our new teacher a tour of the place and explain everything to him when he get's here." Dumbledore asked as they sat in his office. Dumbledore was reading off the list of students.

Snape grimaced in distaste. "Please tell me you don't mean Lockhart the fool shouldn't have even gotten the job."

"I mean Professor Oak he should be here any minute now." Dumbledore told him, ignoring the Lockhart comment.

"Already here Headmaster." A friendly voice said behind them, before Snape could protest.

Snape glared at the old man in the lab coat, before noticing the kid beside him. Dumbledore smiled up at him his eyes twinkling. "Ah Professor Oak glad you could make it."

"It's my pleasure I assure you." Oak told him reflecting the smile. "This is my student Storm she's be working as my assistant."

"Of course." Dumbledore said, turning to young Storm. Even though she had a calm look on her face, her eyes glittered like fireworks with excitement. "School will be starting tomorrow night so you have till then to get ready, Professor Snape will explain how things will work if you like."

"Of course thank you."

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