Her hand inched toward my thigh as she leaned in and looked from my eyes to my lips. My breathing hitched and I couldn't help but focus on her lips as they gravitated toward mine.

She walked her fingertips up the outside of my thigh to the top of it and slid her hand flat against it. I bit my bottom lip and ruled out the possibility of any conversation. The only communication was going to be through the language of our bodies, and I was more than happy to let my body do all the talking.

She moved her hand closer to my pleasure zone and tethered her lips to mine. Our lips remained pressed together for several of the most peaceful moments of my life. We eased apart and I took a few seconds to fully open my eyes. When I did, I found myself staring into chocolate brown eyes I felt myself melting in as they stared deep into mine.

Her hand moved from my thigh up to the side of my face and neck before she guided me onto my back on the couch.

She kissed me again and I instinctively, intuitively arched my back. She mounted me and took a single fluid movement to adjust herself atop me. I passed a few fingers through the tips of her hair before I ran them back in the opposite direction and grabbed a fistful.

I pulled her closer to my impatient body that craved more of her and deepened our following kisses.

After plenty of those passionate moments where our tongues collided in an intoxicating way, she lowered her mouth to the right side of my neck and bit me.

"Unh," I moaned as my hand fell from her hair to her bicep. "Harder."

Sara joyously obliged and bit me a few inches lower than the first bite mark.

Out of sheer pleasure, I dug my nails into Sara's bicep and used my free hand to tug on the waistband of Sara's pants, every finger except my thumb inside her short cut briefs.

She kissed where she had bit me and swiveled over to my left side. She nibbled on my earlobe and used one of her hands to run down the length of my body, starting from where she bit me to the button on my jeans.

I squirmed under her and raised one of my knees until it hit her ass.

"Mm," she purred as I ran my thigh along her core at a tantalizingly slow pace.

She pressed her lips against mine and slipped her tongue past my parted lips. She then began to lift my shirt from my waist to the under wire of my bra. I gently bit her bottom lip as she reached down again and unbuttoned my jeans with a few slick flicks of the wrist.

I released her lip and maneuvered one of my legs around her waist, the other still flat against her core.

"I bet you can do the same thing with my bra" I said as my pupils grew wide out of desire.

"You are absolutely correct," she hummed as she reached under me and brushed her hand against my back in her journey to the clasp of my bra.

With each movement she made, I arched my back even more to give her easier access. The moment her finger landed on the clasp, my breasts were free from restraint. She tugged on the under wire while I shrugged off the straps. Once the bra was off me and in her hand, Sara dropped it on the floor and grabbed the hem of my shirt on either side.

I sat up, she took my lead, and peeled off my shirt. In one swift move, Sara gracefully flung the shirt across the room and lowered herself onto me once again.

"You're beautiful," she growled like a predator preparing to pounce on their prey.

She kissed my collarbone and made her way down and around my chest. I felt like luckiest woman on the planet as every action, every touch, created a new wave of excitement that rippled though my veins.

She ran her fingertips against my body as she headed to the one place I never thought she would touch in that lifetime. I gasped and squirmed under her control as she grinned down at me. If I had known we were going to go even that far, I wouldn't have gone to Dr. Blocker, though it didn't hurt to get my feelings off my chest when I wasn't sure how I really felt in the first place.

She twirled her fingertips around my opening and brought them back up to my clit. With her index finger, she put pressure on that sensitive spot of nerves for a split second before she flicked her finger upward and brought her hand up to my stomach. I subtly moaned at the contact she had made, but when her fingers reached my stitches, I squeezed my eyes shut before I propped myself up on my elbows.

"Don't," I exclaimed, short of breath.

Her grin turned into a look of concern as she removed her hand from my stomach and sat up, still on top me.

"Why," she asked.

"We can't do this," I explained as I attempted to get up as well as get her off me at the same time.

"Catherine, we need to talk to each other. We obviously aren't talking to the shrink. We should at least talk out whatever we need to with each other, off the record and in complete confidence," she calmly argued.

"I have more to confess than you I'm sure," I somewhat harshly stated.

"You really think so," she asked with a hurt look in her eyes.

"Yes," I confidently said.

There was a moment of silence between us, neither us moving.

"Then I guess we're done here," she coldly stated as she lifted herself off me.

She moved across the room and picked up my shirt while I sat up on the couch and bent over to retrieve my bra.

She tossed my shirt at me with an icy stare that sent an unpleasant chill down my spine.

I got dressed with a hint of regret and gulped a few times to fight back tears of frustration.

"I hope to see you at work soon," she flatly said.

"You passed your eval?"

"I'm about to."

She walked to the door and opened it wide for me. I headed toward her and walked out without looking back at her to keep things from being more awkward than they were already.

When I heard the door slam behind me I jumped a little and closed my eyes, on edge and more stressed than I thought physically possible.


After a quick shower, Sara grabbed her keys and high-tailed it to the lab. She scheduled an impromptu appointment with the good doctor during her drive and, though she clenched the steering wheel out of anger, she was prepared to let go of the thing that held her back.

"Sara," the psychologist said as he adjusted himself behind his desk. "Nice to-"

"Dr. Jameson," Sara cut him off. "I'd like to get to the point of this session before I change my mind. Is that okay with you?"

"If you feel you'll change your mind, you can't possibly be ready to talk," he explained.

"No, I'm ready," she firmly stated.

Dr. Jameson hesitated, but nodded as a gesture for her to continue.

Sara released a sigh to ease her way into the subject.

"That night...when I heard she'd been kidnapped...I couldn't believe it," she slowly started.

"Nobody's seen Catherine since she went back to the scene a couple hours ago," Nick said as he rushed into the layout room with a manila case file in his hand.

"And no one thought to go with her," Sara asked with a furrowed brow as she snatched the file from Nick.

Sara opened the folder and placed it on the table in front of the group.

Greg sighed and pulled the folder closer to him.

"Look, we know where she was about two hours ago and we have good leads on the guy who's behind this. We'll find her," Greg explained in all seriousness.

Sara shook her head.

"I should've come in earlier," Sara began to beat herself up.

"Sara," Nick started. "There's nothing you could've done. None of us could have done anything. How were we supposed to know?"

"It's our job to know! Suspects come back to the scene all the time. Not to mention, this isn't the first time there's been a suspect on location when Catherine was on the scene. This shouldn't have happened."

"I'd called in that night. Told Catherine I'd be an hour late due to personal reasons," Sara explained to Dr. Jameson. "I never call in. I've never missed a day of work, let alone called to say I'd be late, until that night. Why did it have to be that night?"

Sara appeared on the verge of tears as she asked her rhetorical question.

"So you were already emotional when you heard from one of your colleagues that she was missing" Dr. Jameson stated.


"Why was that?"

"We're the only two female field agents the lab's got. We had a lot to talk about, a lot in common."

"But you weren't always friends."

She silently stared at the psychologist for a moment before she continued.

"No, we weren't. But...after a while...you realize good friends who will have your back are are to come by these days. We worked side by side one long, hot summer and found that talking to each other was more helpful than harmful."

"Okay. So what happened once you'd figured out Pete Landau was behind everything?"

Sara licked her lips and continued.

"We've got to get her before he makes her his next victim," Nick said with wide eyes.

Sara already had the keys to her work vehicle in her hands, half way out the door in a quick jog toward the parking lot.

She raced to Peter Landau's last known address, unsure if he'd even be there, though he wasn't her concern.

"Knowing all the things I know about abuse, I didn't want Catherine to deal with it, which I'm sure I've stated for the record."

Dr. Jameson nodded.

"Last time she was involved in something like that, she freaked out afterward."

"And when you said she'd been with a suspect on location before? What did you mean by that?"

"She was dusting prints. I wasn't there, but the whole lab heard about it. Uh, but she was alone in the victim's living room and the suspect caught her off guard. He bashed her head into a wall and when Warrick pulled him off her, she was tossed onto the floor, into a pool of blood."

"I see. You protect all your coworkers like you protect Ms. Willows?"

"I'd protect them all however I could, but...Catherine's different."

"If you don't mind, I'd like to jump ahead to when you found her," he requested after a short beat.

Sara slowly nodded.

Sara burst through the door with Captain Jim Brass by her side, a handful of cops behind them for backup. Peter Landau squirmed on top of feisty Catherine Willows and created a white hot rage inside Sara.

Catherine's soft but bold blue eyes told a story of pain and loss in one glimpse. Sara recognized that look of shame from the mirror once upon time. She saw how defeated Catherine was and pulled the trigger.

Everything happened in flashes and blinks, Sara's attention directed at Catherine as she pushed Landau's body off herself. Sara rushed to Catherine's side and ran a hand through Catherine's partially wet and matted down hair. She allowed herself to cry as the images of her world crashing down around her at a young age flooded her mind. She knew Catherine would have images of her own to haunt her now that Landau had gotten her.

Catherine clutched Sara's left forearm for support as she curled into the brunette's comforting body. She squeezed her eyes shut and let a few tears of her own escape. A few immediately landed on Sara's arm.

"It's over," Sara whispered to Catherine.

"Catherine doesn't know this, but I see her as a hero. She's a single mom and she's had her fair share of burdens. That kind of abuse was my cross to bear. It should've been me. I've already been down that road. Rape has shaped me into the person I am today. It didn't have to change her into the person she'll now always be," Sara started to cry. "I've been able to save everyone else around me from getting hurt, but I couldn't save her. All the others, the ones I'd saved, I was only a kid. Why couldn't I save her?"

"Do you believe in the saying, 'everything happens for a reason'?"

"Yes...but if this happened for a reason, I'll never understand it."

She wiped her tears with either index finger and sniffled.

"Off the record," Sara slowly started again. "I think I'm in love with her."


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