Chapter 1

Attacking the Chimera

They walk silently trying to be as quiet as they can from human survivors, however they weren't quiet enough to hide from ME. I see two of them walk towards me, their weapons aimed ever so cautiously as they walk. The fools, they passed right by me, one of them passed right over me. I lay dead in the streets, my heart not beating, my lungs not taking in any air, but I am alive. A trick my brothers taught me. As they set up camp next to a dead beast that the humans used to ride in. As they camp I slowly resume my breathing, my eyes lose their white color and I put on my goggles. I slowly take out my machete from my jacket and crawl slowly over to a dwelling place of the humans. I take on of their drinking vases and bang it on the hard landscape of the dwelling place. "What was that?" one of them asked in confusion, "I'll check it out." the other replied as it got up with it's weapon. I hid up the passage up to the next part of the dwelling, as the Chimera enters the upper part of the dwelling. As it passes me I ready my machete and slit it's throat. One thing I also know, if you slit an enemies throat he can't call for help. The Chimera attempts to fire his weapon but I stick the machete in his head. As he dies A pick up his weapon, but sling it over my shoulder. My brothers tell me it is only right to use an enemy weapon when it is needed. As I get up a shot comes through the wall from an enemy weapon that can shot through obstacles, it barely misses me. "Human!" he cries to a drone which flies off to bring more. Now was the time to use the weapon. I unsling it and fire it from the dwellings upper openings, I killed it while aiming at the throat. I then run as their flying beasts that they ride in comes and fires on the dwelling. I jump from the opening and run. The beast follows me as it rains fire. But I continue to run, run from the beast. I jump and slide into the underground caverns beneath the humans cities. As I walked, another Chimera came out and shot me. As I fell down he was ready to finish the job, but then I blacked out.


Tell me what you like, I decided to make this fanfic because I just recently rented the game, Resistance 3 and at first it seemed like any other first person shooter games, but then I met the Grims and made the experience more frightening, I got to mount pleasant, with barely and bullets for guns I use the most and it really made it an excellent walk n the par for me :D. It really reminded me of Dead space, a game I want so badly but can't have. To be honest when I got to the scariest parts I was actually quite happy. I hope to rent and finish the game to play maybe another scary part.

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