Part IV

"Mmmm…" Misaki's small voice murmured as his mind started to emerge from the land of sleep. The student inhaled, shifting around a bit and feeling the amazing warmth that surrounded his whole body. But his eyebrows creased slightly as he heard another throaty yawn hit his face.


No. It was different.

The little mystery starting to rouse his heavy mind, Misaki slowly opened his baggy eyes…

And found himself staring at the wide, rusty eyes of his literature professor, who was lying stark naked next to him.

The two ukes stared at each other for exactly ten seconds before they erupted into screams that could be heard from a block away.

And needless, to say, Misaki did not have the heart (or cajones) to call the winery and explain exactly why he wasn't thrilled with his purchase.

Not to mention that this orgy of sin had given Akihiko a fabulous new idea for a BL novel.

And gave Hiroki an incentive to murder his childhood friend.

And Nowaki…well, he thought it had been fun. Though he had one hell of a hangover.

The End.

I am so going to hell for this.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed XD Though I'm sure you did.

But Jesus, it seems like all I ever write are lemons, and even when I do I never come up with normal ones.

This fic actually started out as an idea for a Akihiko/Misaki/Haruhiko lemon. Then I thought about an Akihiko/Hiroki/Nowaki lemon. But either way, I really just wanted two hot semes and one screaming uke. But then I thought, two ukes are better than one ;D

I actually came up with the prototype for this fic when I was at my brother's house last Friday watching the new vampire move "Let me In." Apparently one of my turn ons is gore and people having their heads ripped off in alleyways and swimming pools. But I had had a little wine that night, so therefore a plot bunny was born.

Then again, I think this lemon was actually spawned by me reading too many Final Fantasy VII threesomes with Zack, Cloud, and Sephiroth. (otherwise known as Clackiroth XDD hah) (btw if that's your cup of tea look in my favs "In Control" involves collars and Cloud is so bitch whipped ;D )

But anyway, I did enjoy writing this, though it's a bit hard to describe who's hand is where and doing what and who's mouth is kissing who (or what) etc etc etc etc.

But you know, all of you should be gettin down on your fucking knees and thanking me that I don't write lemons chapter by chapter and that I'm kind enough to post them all at once.

Cause god knows I love kissing ass...

But I guess one of my merits (or faults) is that when I start writing a lemon, I can't stop. So I hate taking breaks.

Anyways, drop me a line peeps. Because I love you all enough to write pretty boys doing smutty things.

Thanks for reading!


Edit 11/22/12

Since Yourfanfiction went under, I've decided to completely disregard the lemon scare that went on last summer and reupload all my lemon chapters. Most are up right now and the ones that are missing should be up on my blog. The URL is on my profile.