"Well, that story was scary. Except for the part where Hungary was the hero, because nobody would want her to be one anyway. Now then, our next story revolves around Russia's little sister. Don't get me wrong she's already very scary, but when magic is involved it turns her even scarier than ever."

"I was a Belarusian Demon,"

It was almost Halloween for our fellow nations and everyone was busy with their costumes. One of the nations that had the hardest decisions was Belarus. She was constantly looking for ideas and barely had her mind made up.

"Dammit, I can't get big brother's attention this year if I don't have the right costume. I've been through so many ideas. Goth bride, check, dead bride, check, ghost bride, check, shit I can't find anything."

Over in England's house he was doing some magic room cleaning to get rid of unused or dangerous magic items.

"Well England, it looks like you've done a fine job this time, this box of junk will go straight in the garbage. I mean I barely use any of this stuff anyway, why did I insist on keeping all of this in the first place?"

However, a blue gem caught England's eye,

"Huh? Now what's this thing?"

It was a bright blue gem in a silver amulet that was attached to a necklace. It looked magical but England didn't know what it did.

"Well, might as well put this in the trash as well."

With that England took his trash box out to the garbage can and the truck picked the trash up. As the garbage truck traveled it eventually bounced thanks to a huge crack in the road and the necklace bounced out of it.

While Belarus was walking thinking of her costume she saw the amulet land near her feet and she picked it up.

"This looks like it could be a nice piece of jewelry for my costume. But I better clean this first."

So Belarus cleaned the necklace and saw it looked too beautiful not to wear, so she put it on.

"This looks amazing, I bet big brother will love this and he'll want to marry me."

Later on she was looking for a new knife at the store since one of her old ones broke. She then saw a really nice big sharp knife that she felt was perfect. Unfortunately, someone else got it before she did. So Belarus asked a worker,

"Excuse me, when will there be another one of those knives in that large size?"

"Oh you mean the chopping wiz brand? Sorry but that was our last one. If you want another one in that size it will be available in about 6 weeks."

Belarus then got angry,

"6 weeks!"

Her anger began to take control of her, soon her hair started to turn into snakes, she started to grow into a gigantic size, spikes and wings started forming on her back, her fingers grew into sharp and long claws, her mouth grew and her teeth started to grow longer and sharper, her voice deeper, her legs into tentacles and her eyes a demon red. She then began yelling and sent everyone in the store screaming.


She crashed the store, and wrecked everything as she was yelling; she even made a tornado of appliances while going on her rampage. However, something hit her necklace off of her neck and landed next to the knife she was looking for. When the necklace came off she started to change back to normal.

"Hm, ugh my head what happened here? My necklace, and the knife I was looking for. Lucky me."

So she left the store wrecked with the knife in hand.

Halloween was only two days away and she finally found her costume, a scary Alice in wonderland Alice costume.

"It's perfect, big brother will be so impressed by my costume that he'll fall head over heels for me."

However, it was meeting time for everyone at the world conference, and she came wearing the necklace. As she took her seat England saw the amulet and thought.

"Didn't I throw that out a few days ago?"

As the meeting went on she focused her attention on Russia, soon before the meeting ended a maid came around and just poured him a drink and afterwards Russia thanked her. However, Belarus got jealous easily and turned into the same monster from the store. Everybody screamed at the monster and ran out of the room while Belarus, grabbed the maid who poured Russia his drink.


The maid shook her head and said,

"Please, no I was only pouring him a drink."


Russia came in trying to face the monster that was his little sister.

"Belarus, please stop this."


"I really don't want to do this but it looks like I have no choice."

Russia took out his pipe and began swinging at Belarus. Soon Russia's pipe got caught in her necklace and it came off transforming her back to normal but she was still knocked out. Russia got up hyperventilating as everyone came back inside,

"What, was that?"

"Dude, I have no idea. But it would be good if it didn't happen again."

"Still, Ukraine please take Belarus home. We need to look more into this."

Ukraine picked up her sister's unconscious body and the necklace and brought her home.

When everybody came back in they wanted to know what was going on then England asked,

"I saw your sister wearing this amulet necklace with a blur gem in it, I think I might have seen it before."

"Hold on, does that mean that necklace might have something to do with what happened?"

"Ve~ I think so, I mean she was scary before but she became even scarier right now."

So England took out a laptop and looked up a site about magical items and he found the page with Belarus' necklace.

"Ah here it is, the Sapphire eye of Wrathima."

The information read,

"Wrathima, a demon of absolute destruction and chaos that was easily angered and whenever was angered, destroyed or devoured what made the demon angry, in order to end Wrathima's destruction a powerful mage sealed it into a sapphire amulet the demon was wearing. Whoever wears the amulet and expresses emotions related to anger, the wearer will transform into the demon. However, the wearer can change back once the amulet is removed but, if the wearer is still a demon and the amulet is not removed before the clock strikes twelve on the night of a full moon, the wearer will become the demon forever."

When England was done reading he started looking up for when the next full moon would be. He got the information and the date said October 31st,

"The 31st, that's on Halloween and it's only 2 days away."

America asked,

"So, Iggy? What are we supposed to do about it?"

"I'm not finished git, and don't call me Iggy. What we need to do about it is that Belarus doesn't get angry on Halloween and more importantly that we get that amulet away from her somehow."

"How ze hell are ve going to do zat?"

Germany sternly asked.

"Simple, Russia, you're going to have to make a sacrifice and serve as a distraction for Belarus."

"Me, why me?"

Russia cowered at the thought,

"Russia, she only likes you and will only listen to you."

"Da, it's true she only likes me. But please, if she brings out the marriage registration papers help me."

They all agreed on preventing Belarus from turning into a demon for good, and would assist Russia if she tried to marry him. This would be difficult since Russia is barely scared of anything, but his little sister makes him cower in fear, and anybody would know. If Russia is scared that means something very scary is going on.

As time passed it was soon Halloween night and at the usual world party, everyone was prepared to prevent Belarus from getting angry. America talked into his walkie-talkie,

"Hero Eagle to Burnt Scones, Hero Eagle to Burnt scones, over."

"I thought my name would be British Mage."

"Okay fine then, I'm seeing Psycho knife with Big Vodka bear, over."

"Right, what are the conditions? "

"Hold on, I'm getting someone else right now, over."

"Bonjour, who is zis?"

"Ah, Wine lust, this is Hero Eagle, any sight on Psycho knife? Over."

"I'm at a different area but she seems calm for now."

"Let me contact Wok Panda for a report. Over."

"What is it Aru?"

"Wok Panda anything yet?"

"No aru."

"Man this thing is annoying, Belarus is still not angry and she could snap at anytime we turn our backs."

America soon had an idea, so he contacted everyone and said,

"Okay since the stake out isn't going so well I propose that we go near her and Russia, act normal and contact each other whenever she looks angry. Code blue means she's calm, green will mean on the verge of anger, yellow means anger rising, and red means she's angry, Over."

So everyone went into the crowds and blended in near Belarus to check for anything suspicious. Time passed and soon it was 30 minutes until midnight.

"This is hero eagle speaking, I think we can stop checking, all night it was code blue, over."

However, it was soon to announce the winner of the costume contest and Belarus wanted to win so badly, especially for her brother. When they announced the winner, Belarus started to get mad. Italy picked up his walkie-talkie right away and shouted,

"Code green! Code green!"

America soon alerted Russia about his sister's anger and he went up to Belarus to calm her down.

"Belarus, it's okay you're not the only one who didn't win."

"Are you just saying that big brother? Has the winner stolen your love?"

"Niyet, calm down."

"I see big brother, you wanted to win this year but you're angry because you didn't win."

"Niyet, it's not like that."

"I can sense that you want to be happy big brother but you're not."

Belarus slowly started transforming with every word she spoke.

"You're angry of the fact that you really wanted to win this competition. And thanks to not winning you won't marry me. So it seems that the only way for you to love me will be getting rid of all of the other competitors."

Russia gulped as he saw his sister in the demon form bigger than ever.

She started roaring and shouted,


Everyone was sent screaming when they saw Belarus' form. America contacted everyone,

"Code red everyone, it's time to fight back."

As Belarus rampaged she took some people in costume and swallowed them one by one. As everyone did their best to hold Belarus down the clock kept on getting closer to midnight. Pretty soon it was only one minute left and eventually she grabbed Liechtenstein.

"Big Brother, help me!"

Switzerland heard his sister's cry for help and decided that the only way to save his sister was to kill Belarus. So he loaded his gun and prepared to fire.

"That demon has another thing coming."

Russia stopped him and said,

"Switzerland, don't do it that's Belarus, she may be scary but don't kill her."

"Not kill her? If I don't she'll kill my sister."

As the arguing went on Liechtenstein screamed and the clock soon had 10 seconds left. Soon England came up with an idea,

"Switzerland, shoot the amulet!"

"Why would I want to shoot?"

He was cut off,

"Trust me just do it!"

He took England's word and shot the amulet right off of Belarus' neck with one second to spare. Soon she belched out everyone she swallowed and began transforming back to normal. England found the amulet and threw it into a drain with running water that way the amulet would be gone, for good. As everyone went home Russia carried his sister's unconscious body home knowing that a day like that would never happen again.