29th October

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Ok I'm sitting here at my desk…Oh and I lost my blue pen today. I think Motoko might have stolen it but I don't really know! I have a feeling she really hates me… And I did the laundry today and cleaned up the kitchen. WAIT! WILL MOTOKO READ THIS? OH NO!

Oh! who's going to read this anyway? Does Kyo or Kagura or Yuki have an account?

I don't know…*sigh*

This is a lot shorter than I hoped. Well. Bye everyone!


Subject: STUPID

Kyo Sohma: I still think writing is better. This is stupid! Why does that stupid sheep get a say anyway? :( I ONLY GOT AN ACCOUNT BECAUSE YOU HAD ONE! X(

RE: Subject: STUPID

Hiro Sohma: Look Einstein! Do you want Tohru to be some out of date loser? If I were you I'd begin my knitting career today! XD

RE:RE: subject: STUPID

Kyo Sohma: -_-

Subject: Lucky?

Hiro Sohma: What's the matter Lucky Kyo? Cat got your tongue?

Subject: Watch it!

Kisa Sohma: Hiro! Don't be mean to big sissy's boyfriend!

Subject: I'm not her boyfriend!

Kyo Sohma: Title says it all…

RE:Subject: I'm not her boyfriend!

Kisa Sohma: We all know you are…Or at least you want to be XP

Subject: YOU LIAR

Kagura Sohma: NO! He wants to be my boyfriend! XC

Subject: I'm leaving for today

Kyo Sohma: Bye peeps. I aint gunna take crap from 14yr olds.

Subject: Aww!

Tohru Honda: Yay! Lots of comments! Love you Kisa! You're so cute!

RE:Subject: Aww!

Kisa Sohma: Thanks. Luv u big sissy

30th October

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! Second entry!

So much happened today! Kisa and Haru came over! We had so much fun! Well Kisa and I did.

We plaited each other's hair, she gave me a make-over with her lip glosses and mascara. We coloured in a tiger and drew a mustache on a cat. Kisa started laughing so I did too. Kisa said my eyes were pretty, which really made my day, or as my Mum used to say, was the ball in my riceball!

And Kyo? Were you the one who sent me this poem? I will show everyone because I think this is so sweet.

Dear Tohru

I've always been so angry

Angry all my life

Hated by the world

Tempted by the knife

And when you came along

You made me realize

That when I needed someone most

I shouldn't tell lies

Just bellow out the name

Of someone pure and true

And that special someone

Happens to be you.

From ***

And you are the only one I know who has three letters to their name.

By the way as I'm writing this blog there is this person spying on me…She is looking through the window…I wonder who it is?

But as my mum used to say, not everyone is as fortunate as we are, so maybe I'll invite her in…

SO other stuff that happened, Shigure pranked his editor, Kyo and Yuki fought a lot and Hatsaharu turned black…because Kyo made him angry.

It really makes me wonder if I can help them become nicer to each other. Imagine the day they become friends…Then again, that would be kinda scary…


Motoko really hates me…she really does. I've never had anyone actually hate me before. Well except Kyo but I don't think he hated me…

She is always making me feel so terrible for living inside Shigure's house. She said "Why should that family have anything to do with you, an ugly witch."

Oh and my school uniform has finally gotten too small for me and Aya has asked if he could make me one! Exactly the same as the school one just he will add the, and I quote "Finest cotton and embroidery"

Oh and Kisa bought me new hair ribbons! I luv u Kisa! This time they're yellow. Kisa thinks they suit me better but I'm going to keep the blue ribbons forever because my Mum bought them for me…even during those hard times.

She said "Honey, these look gorgeous on you. Don't worry! We have enough money! And these will last you a long time as long as you look after them, sorta like pets, well, I guess It's just fun to think that way"

I do miss my Mum. I try to visit her as much as I can, bringing her favourite flowers every time. She…we were so close. I-…don't feel like writing anymore. Maybe tomorrow.


Tohru Honda


Subject: Aww softie much?

Yuki Sohma: Oh Cat! I never knew you had a soft side? XD

Re: Subject: Aww softie much?

Kyo Sohma: That..wasn't me! I swear on my mothers grave

RE:Re: Subject: Aww softie much?

Yuki Sohma: Your poor mother…Stupid Cat

RE:Re: Subject: Aww softie much?

Kyo Sohma: Ha say that again! To my face!

RE:Re: Subject: Aww softie much?

Yuki Sohma: I'll say it to your face and on Tohru's blog. Ehem. STUPID. CAT. xP

RE:Re: Subject: Aww softie much?

Kyo Sohma: Still waiting for it in my face…too scared rat?

RE:Re: Subject: Aww softie much?

Yuki Sohma: I'm coming hang on, Just giving you time to call the ambulance beforehand.

RE:Re: Subject: Aww softie much?

Kyo Sohma: Pfft. As if! XD BOK BOK BOK!

RE:Re: Subject: Aww softie much?

Yuki Sohma: Hey, I doubt Kureno would like it if you mocked brids…

Subject: Aww

Kisa Sohma: Wow sissy, he really likes you…=D And We did have fun. As always. :P

Subject: Hey It's Uncle Shigure!

Shigure Sohma: Aaahh doing what the youth of today do best…sit and use technology…And I helped Kyo write that…poem. He was so intent on keeping things hush I suppose I wasn't meant to say that…But I fear I have forgotten where the backspace button is…Technology really gets me these days :P

Subject: WTH?

Kyo Sohma: Ok 1st off rat. He's not a coward after all and secondly, Shigure you are a real bastard. Now delete that comment now.

Subject: Oh no please!

Tohru Honda: Please don't fight...I will take down my blog if it makes you happy.

Subject: For that cat?

Ayame Sohma:Yuki! my dear brother, How lovely to have access to you through enternet! Why It is lovely... Maybe I should start a bog! Tohru dear...don't take down your blog...Yuki and I can communicate via it.

Subject: stupid snake...

Yuki Sohma: Ayame. It's internet


Hope you enjoyed! And add Tohru to your sub/reveiw