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It's not going to happen again. Bruce truly tried to convince himself while urging the Bat mobile to go at speeds that would rival ambulances in a case of emergency. Though, he already knew he had long ago passed the speeding limit the moment he had found the message.

Why do nearly all the greatest of tragedies in my life always have to revolve around HIM? Batman grinded his teeth together in both anger and the rare, but genuine concern that was currently coming off of him in violent waves. As he became closer to the cave entrance, it took all his will power to slow down the car just enough so he wouldn't crash. Striding out of the Bat mobile, Bruce made no indication that he even noticed the slightly startled Dick standing in the cave as Bruce headed straight towards the Bat computer.

"Are you in a hurry much or is it just me?" Dick questioned in a joking manner, but his voice held slight confusion from the fact that Bruce scarcely ever ignored Dick as he just did. True, Dick didn't always expect a response, but he usually got at least a head nod as an acknowledgement to his presence. Sometimes Bruce even cut him off in the middle of a sentence, yet rarely did he ever get silence. Therefore Dick's humorous nature quickly turned into worry when he received no answer, except for the soft sound of typing on a keyboard.

"Bruce, is there anything wrong?" Dick asked, making his way to Bruce's place that was currently in a chair which was in front of the Bat computer.

"Yes, there is something wrong." Bruce answered, without allowing his vision to stray away from the computer screen which was currently showing street addresses on the outskirts of Gotham City.

"Well, what's wrong?" Dick questioned, slowing prying the answer from Bruce since he seemed reluctant to reply. Dick noted the way that Bruce's eyes narrowed beneath the cowl, when he was questioned, and the fact that Bruce didn't give him an answer.

Come to think of it, didn't Damian go on patrol with Bruce? Dick was suddenly struck by the thought and almost immediately faced palmed in realization.

"Bruce, where's Damian?" Dick again asked, his voice not hiding his concern for the welfare of his youngest brother. Bruce paused for a second in his typing and turned around to face Dick, attempting his best to not give the computer screen any attention. Even though the screen had the word "Match" blinking in green light and two addresses listed, meaning Bruce had retrieved the information he was searching for.

"Damian... has been captured." Bruce answered, with complete calm in his voice, though he did pause a second to decide on his way to phrase it so Dick would have the least undesirable reaction.

"By who?" Dick nearly exclaimed, attempting with great effort to hold back on yelling his words when that had been his first instinct. Bruce turned back towards the computer screen and Dick nearly thought he wasn't going to reply for a split second, when the screen was turned off by Bruce himself. His attention was once again solely on Dick, his cowl hiding every emotion that could be on his face except for the small frown that was barely noticeable by nearly anyone, except for Dick.

"Would you just give me an answer already, Bruce? Because it seems to me like you're a bit grim today...more than usual anyway, and I would like to know why." Dick demanded, his voice just starting to rise, his control from earlier speedily disappearing. This was his little brother they were talking about so Dick not only wanted, but knew he needed to know who had taken Damian.

Bruce once again froze, for only about a minute, before he rose from his chair and slowly faced his eldest son. His eyes narrowed down to silts in anger, that Dick knew wasn't directed at him and Bruce smoothly answered, "It was the Joker." Bruce thus began to head back to the Bat mobile, leaving behind Dick, who felt a chill crawl down his spine the second the name was spoken.

"How?" Dick half whispered his question, even though there were a million more he wanted to ask. He would have voiced those questions too if only the dread that was slowly filling him hadn't seemed to glue his mouth shut. Bruce ceased in the long strides he was taking towards the car to let a soft sigh he could no longer hold back.

"I'm not completely certain on what happened, I only know that it began like our normal patrol when it went downhill. Somehow I was knocked unconscious and I have come to the understanding that Damian had been kidnapped while I was out of commission." Bruce's voice held no emotion, even though internally it felt to him that it was harder to keep his emotions at bay, which wanted to spill all over into his speech.

"Then let's get him back." Dick had finally regained his voice, glad that he still had his Nightwing suit on, meaning he didn't have to worry about changing.

"Not 'we'. Not this time." Bruce simply said, opening the door to the Bat mobile without hesitation.

"Why not? You know we could find him faster if we teamed up." Dick challenged, walking up to Bruce, who still hadn't entered the car. Bruce for an answer, pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Dick. Dick held the paper in front of himself, throwing a questioning glance at Bruce, before reading the paper out loud.

"Hello, Batsy. I guess it's safe to assume you've realized that you're missing a certain bird. You know, the one wearing the red and the green plus he's kind of a shortie too. HAHAHAH! You should pay more attention to your surroundings pal, or is your age finally getting to you? Anyway, if you want your little birdie back, I've written two addresses below, except only one of them has your partner in it. But that's not all! The real kicker is that you've got only about 25 minutes before both of those buildings goes BOOM! So if I were you, I'd find out where those places were and get a move on it!...P.S: I did this 'cause I was bored. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!" Dick finished the letter with a horrified expression, especially when he noticed that the addresses were both places located far apart from each other.

"Now you should see why I need to go, right now." Bruce said, entering the Bat mobile.

"Then you should also see that there is no way you could get to both of those addresses before one of the buildings explodes. Don't you get it? If I came, then both of us could take a look at a different address and one of us would find Damian." Dick attempted to reason with the man he considered a father, which was always a hard task to accomplish, even for him. Bruce considered his options carefully in his head and unwillingly understood the truth behind Dick's words.

Bruce didn't say a word as he gave a nod in Dick's direction and handed him one of the addresses location on a mini GPS. "We each have only twenty minutes or less to find him. Remember to contact me if you find Damian." Bruce spoke gruffly plus briefly as he closed the car's door and drove off.

Dick stood there, watching the car drive off when he suddenly whispered, "Don't worry little brother. I won't let you down...not like the way I did with Jason." Dick still felt uneasy just saying the name and his uneasiness was still there as his motorcycle zoomed out of the cave. Leaving an eerie silence behind, except for the occasional cry of the bats that flew above.

Nightwing landed without a sound on the rooftop of the building that looked like it should have been torn down years ago.

This does seem like a place the Joker would pick for a hideout. Nightwing thought to himself, noticing that there weren't any people around the area, yet it was nearing midnight, meaning not a lot of people would be out around this time of night anyway.

Of course, no one really knows what goes on in the Joker's head. I don't think anybody wants to know either. Dick continued to muse as he landed easily on the ground below, right in front of the entrance of the building. He glanced once more at the small GPS in his hand just to make sure he was at the right place only to be reassured that he definitely was. He also checked the clock on the GPS, using it as a timer, and he was glad to know that he still had 7 minutes until the building went up in flames. That was if the Joker wasn't lying and the building wouldn't actually burst into sparks the minute he stepped a foot inside, which was likely.

"There's only one way to get an answer." Nightwing told himself, entering the building cautiously, while making sure to stay hidden beneath the shadows. Nightwing quickly switched to his night vision on his mask when he realized that there were no windows that could bring any moonlight into the room.

Now with his night vision on, Nightwing could see how the building was basically a large room that had numerous empty crates scattered around. The floor appeared to be covered with layers of dust, telling Nightwing that next to no one had been in the building for at least over a decade. Nightwing scanned the darkened room thoroughly, eventually deciding that there were no other rooms in the warehouse like building, except for the one he currently stood in.

I guess Bruce found Damian then. Nightwing thought with a contempt sigh, just glad to know that his younger sibling was going to be alright.

Except, Bruce would have contacted me if he did, right? Nightwing wondered, as a sinking feeling began to fill him once again. He took a swift look at the clock; causing the dread filling him to run even deeper when he read that there was only about three minutes until both of the buildings exploded. Nightwing exited the building, as his heart began to accelerate with worry. He lifted his hand to his comlink when suddenly he felt pain rack the back of his head. With a moan, Nightwing collapsed onto the ground with black spots in his vision.

"Why if it isn't the first kid that flew with the Bat. I was hoping you would come out to play, especially since the game can't begin without you." The voice spoke before bursting into a fit of laughter that Nightwing recognized. Nightwing wanted to rise up, but he was already having a hard time managing to keep conscious. With his vision dwindling down to the point where he could barely see the stones that were littering the floor, he just barely lifted his head off the ground when something once again crashed onto the back of his head and he saw no more.

Batman let out a curse when he came to the conclusion that there was not a single living thing in the entire building. He re-read the clock once again and let out an animalistic growl of frustration when he read that there was only two minutes to find Damian.

Batman had checked out every corner of the abandoned building that sat near the docks of Gotham. He had been there for over the past ten minutes searching for his son, only to come empty handed. He let his fist crash into the already unstable wall of the building and felt no better than earlier when he observed the wall crumble into pieces.

Where is he? Bruce questioned himself, as he stormed out of the broken down building which was probably condemned. Bruce glanced down at the watch, like an impatient parent waiting for their child to return home from school.

There's only one minute before this building, along with the other one, both go down and Nightwing still hasn't called. Bruce narrowed his eyes even more and decided that if Nightwing didn't call in the next ten seconds he would call him personally.

Maybe, he tried to contact me, but something was jamming the signal. Bruce thought, walking away from the building as the demolition deadline drew near.

"That's it." Batman told himself, raising his hand to his comlink when it just happened to start buzzing.

"Nightwing?" Batman questioned through the small communication device. There was a pause in the transmission when suddenly laughter erupted from the other end and Batman felt his heart skip a beat.

"So that's how this little gadget works. By the way, I'm guessing that you figured out both of the addresses were fake right?" The Joker's voice basically cooed over his new found "toy" while he acted like they were merely having a simple conversation.

"Joker. Where are they?" Batman practically hissed the name out like venom, with his full Batman voice on.

"Now, now, what's with all the rushing? The game's just beginning now that the chess pieces have been lined up in their places. All we're missing is the opponent, which would be you." The Joker taunted as if they were really just talking about a game, which in the Joker's mind, it pretty much was one.

"This isn't a game, Joker." Batman growled, only to receive more laughter on the other end.

"Ok, if you insist on being Mr. Grumpy Bat. I guess, I can tell you were your birds are being caged at. The address, and I'm not lying this time, is 54622 Miller Rd. But I must warn you... By the end of this game, you'll only be leaving with one birdie tonight." The Joker's sounded deadly serious for once before he yet again filled the communicator with his psychotic laughing. That was all Batman heard until the comlink became silent, once more.

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