Chapter 1


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Museum (yesterday)

Raven's POV

It seemed to be our worst loss in a long time. Maybe that's because it was me who would suffer the most, it was me that went through.

The day started normally, Starfire was cooking poison, Robin was listening to the sound he called music, Beastboy and Cyborg were fighting to the virtual death on the PS3 and I was reading, or at least fooling everyone into thinking I was, so all in all perfectly regular.

That was until the damned alarm rung and Robin announced it was Slade. That boy is obsessed with him, but I understood that. After all, Slade had been the messenger from my hell of a father. I wasn't too concerned when Beast Boy whimpered slightly, and Robin got that serious "if we don't go now we'll die" look on his face. I wasn't even alarmed when Starfire tipped her acid mixture onto the floor when she jumped with terror.

We had all been on edge lately, we had all been expecting the worst. We all had felt it, the bad aura, like a raincloud that refused to fade. The worst eventually happened, just like I knew it would.

"Titans, go!" Robin had yelled as soon as we got to the crime scene. Even I had to admit it brought my spirits up: being able to fight together. This time though the fight was significantly harder, because it was Slade, we were in a museum, and his sole intention was not to get on our nerves.

Slade was after the DD: Dimension Distorter. The fight could've gone either way no problem. The DD sucked people into another dimension, that was it's job, and I had absolutely no clue why Slade was after it. The machine worked well, it did as its name suggested, but it was deemed unstable and uncontrollable so it was placed in Jump City's museum. I didn't really know how we would stop Slade, or if it even was Slade, but I knew we had to stop him, because Slade and a Dimension Distorter spelt trouble.

Once the clash between the good and the bad begun, it seemed to drag on. To me, it looked like we had the upper hand. But the tables turned. They always seemed to do that with Slade in the picture.

A blow to the face sent Starfire tumbling off the museum roof. That wasn't so much a problem, she could fly, but the fact that she hit the DD on the fall was. A small sharp siren alerted us that the DD was activated. A look of shame formed on Starfire's face as soon as she flew back to the roof. She looked away just as quickly.

I ran in the same direction, feet just leaving the groubd with Slade on my heels… and then the stupid portal opened leaving the closest, which was me, to get sucked in.

The last image I remembered before the portal closed was a sobbing Starfire clinging to Robin, Cyborg with his jaw on the floor and Beast Boy running towards me, with arms outstretched, probably to save me. His hand just fit through and my own brushed his fingers before I was wrenched away by the force of the portal.

For a moment I even saw myself, tumbling through a never-ending darkness, with a watery substance pouring from my eyes. Tears. Then everything stopped, and the thought came to me; this was unstoppable, and irreversible, I wasn't sure if I was dead or alive, and I didn't know what had happened to the others, but all those thoughts seemed to disintegrate as my head hit something hard, and everything turned coal black.

End POV.

Raven woke slowly, trying to recover from the lingering grogginess that shrouded her mind. She muttered her disbelief then looked around.

The world surrounding her was filled with what looked like a type of red plant and thousands of unnameable objects. She could at best describe it as a confused jungle. The towering rock foundations seemed far off to Raven but the calm and empty violet sky seemed to relax her. Whatever this dimension was though, she had to get out and get home.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos," she chanted. Nothing happened. That was strange, she thought, she had felt the normal feelings which she usually experienced during her mantra, but the results weren't there. She was trying to contact Robin or open a portal home. She focused on a tree and repeated her mantra. It was enveloped in black and lifted. There wasn't a problem, she noticed it even felt easier and lighter.

She sighed. So she could only access and use her powers in this certain dimension. The sages of Azarath had foretold the scenario in one of her large collection of magic books.

She continued to brood until she heard leaves on the floor crunch.

"Who i-is it?" she asked, trying to conceal her stutter. The empath was surprised that she could even talk during a time like this. The leaves crunched again and she turned her head to face a small, three eyed bird flying off. It's only a bird, she reassured herself, slowly relaxing again, even if it was a weird one. That was until a voice came from the trees.

"Afraid of a mere bird, Raven? What would the other Titans say?" a far too familiar voice spoke. It caused goose-bumps to wrack her whole body. She wasn't the least bit amazed when she saw the man who was towering over her.

Quickly, she acted on her feet, and lifted her hand to attack, but Slade just as quickly blocked her, and raised both his hands, as if surrendering. "Dear child, I'm not here for a fight. It would be pointless, at best, and I don't want to kill you today."

Confusion crossed her face but was soon replaced by anger.

"Why did you go after the machine? Where are we and what do you want?" she spat black flames as she spoke, getting angrier and angrier. She never was one to keep her cool, and now she was completely in another dimension she did not fear the man in front of her.

"Temper, temper," he scolded. "Yelling won't get you anywhere, but to ease your stress, I'll answer your questions. My reasons are my own, and as for what I wanted it certainly wasn't to end up here."

Raven nodded, accepting it for now, since she had figured the same. Slade looked at Raven, noting her stressed appearance and sighed. Teenagers.

The sorceress began to speak, though it was almost inaudible, "I think, I think..." she tried hard to utter the words, and her voice rose slightly "we should... form an..." she paused, giving a quick glance to Slade, who looked like he was paying attention. She sighed and carried on. " I think we should form an alliance to help each other get out."

Slade stroked his chin weighing out his options; he gave a harsh intake of breath before grasping Ravens outstretched hand and shaking it. He nodded.

She was inwardly relieved. Yes, she could probably take him on, but fighting for her life would be unpleasant, and Azar knew she knew little on the DD, let alone how to escape.

The uneasy duo proposed a temporary truce til they got home and Raven foretold the stories the sages told her. They'd apply what they could to get out, together, and neither of them would ask for anything in return. It would be as if it had never happened.

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