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Two weeks after Slade and Raven's return...

Raven tossed and turned in her bed, unable to sleep. It was one in the morning. Stupid insomnia...

She noticed many things in two weeks after their return.

For example, all the Titans acted differently around her, and it probably was because she was chummy with Slade.

Robin noticed that in hand to hand combat, she had improved a lot. That wasn't a bad thing, but he noticed that her style was the same as Slade's. Had he taught her? His blood boiled at the thought, remembering his own days with Slade. That man, Robin would kill him if he had the chance. He couldn't eveb sleep at night, wondering what he and Raven had done while they were apart from the team- how close had they gotten? Did Raven have blood on her hands too?

Cyborg acted the same, but was more sensitive to his 'little sister', as though saying the wrong thing would set a bomb off. He was worried for her, she seemed somewhat more...raw...more edgy in a way. Her subtle but obvious changes frightened Cyborg to an extent- had he really lost his sister?

Beast Boy was almost oblivious to her similarities to Slade, but cracked even more jokes. He noticed she seemed happier, letting a genuine smile out more often, which still wasn't often enough. In many ways, his awkward comic relief attitude battered Raven more than ever...but for some reason or other; she had become so much more patient, hardly ever thinking about throwing him out of a window.

Starfire was concerned more, trying to drag the dark girl with her to more places, trying to spend more time with her. She was trying to save her from her thoughts. Slade could've poisoned them, and even the naive alien girl could she plain as day that Raven was...different.

The one good thing Raven noticed though was that they'd stopped asking her questions about the criminal. They probably thought they'd get no more answers. Which Raven knew all too well was the truth.

For that moment, she needed to relax, and then sleep. The empath phased through the ceilings, as well as the floors, to reach the roof. Standing on the edge, she remembered when she had been up there, back at the time she was still dealing with the prophecy.

"Can't sleep, Raven?"

A smirk played its way onto her mouth. She already knew who it was. A hand placed itself on her shoulder, Raven suppressing a shudder. The man could still kill her any second, but she knew deep down he wouldn't dare try with the team just under their feet.

"Not really, Slade. Come to pay me a visit?"

The last time they'd spoken was a week ago, through their bond. There had been less contact because of the Titans checking up on her more, taking up more of her time.

"I thought that was more than obvious, my dear. Tell me, Raven, how you are? After all, you must be happy to be back with your family?"

She didn't speak yet, savouring the moment, and just trying to piece together an answer, and as she thought, her cloak whipped behind her in the wind, her face cold from the chilling night breeze. She could see Slade next to her, his mask shining, reflecting the moon.

It was dark, but light enough to see each other. The skies were sapphire, with the moon waning, directly above the duo. Lights from buildings were on, Jump City still full of night life.

"I'm just a little out of place. I'd rather be in that dimension, but yes, I am happy to be back. They're still my family, they still care. I care for them too. But when something changes, you get used to it. So when it changes back, you want it to change again, to what you were used to. They just treat me differently. I'll get used to it...I hope."

Heavy footsteps were heard, heading for the roof. "I see. Someone is coming. Goodbye, Raven. Remember though- Things are never as good as you remember them."

"Don't go, I still want to talk!" It was too late, as he'd jumped off the roof. As she looked down, he was gone.

A thought, his thought, made itself heard in her head. 'If you really have more to say, Raven, then we'll talk later through the bond.'

She didn't get to reply, since Cyborg had appeared on the roof. He looked tired as he trod over to her, heavy metal feet surprisingly quiet, covered by the wind.

"Hey, Rae! Why are you up so late? I heard noises, so I came up." He scratched the human side of his head, anxiously.

It was a half lie, Raven could tell. She was caught up on whether he'd heard Slade. To keep up her facade, she raised an eyebrow, to which the cybernetic teen raised one too.

Cyborg had really come up because his scanners said there were two people on the roof. As soon as he'd come, one had left. He had suspicions. Still, he was tired, and didn't want to ruin his relationship with his friends over some guy. Trivial...

"I couldn't sleep. I was meditating up here," she replied coolly, wondering how she could lie to her friends so easily. Must be because of him...

He nodded, quickly following the action up with a yawn, "Oh, okay then. I'm just gonna recharge now, and you should sleep too. You look exhausted. Goodnight, Rae."

He walked off, and she realised something. "It's Raven. Goodnight, Cyborg."

She teleported back to her room, and sat in the lotus position, breathing deeply. Feeling Slade 'call' her through the bond, she let her soul be taken away to his.

Raven found herself in an abandoned warehouse, the same warehouse where they had fought on her birthday. Slade had chosen it. It was still intact, because that's how he had remembered it.

"Brings back memories, doesn't it?"

She nodded, as he appeared in front of her. "Look, I didn't really have anything to say, but I just didn't want to stop talking. Around you, I'm more relaxed, and understood."

A small chuckle, but the sorceress found nothing funny about what she said. "Touching, Raven. Perhaps I can find more time for our little conversations."

"Thanks. There's nothing more I have to say. This isn't the last time, so I'll see you next time," she said, smiling.

"Your optimism is really adorable."

"You... you said that to me before the prophecy. In that vision, stopping me from mediating. Why did you work for him?"

"The deal was that I'd get what I'd lost, which in this case meant my flesh and bones. Still, working for your father had its own benefits, Raven."

"He's not my father," she hissed. "What benefits did you get? Causing me trauma? My destiny was worse enough."

"What benefits did I get, Raven? Let's see, my dear, the Titans are still my enemies. That journey to that dimension has changed little. Maybe my relationships with you, but if I must remind you, just know that nothing has changed here, in Jump. Besides, you've overcome your destiny."

"Nothing ever is set in stone, Slade. Why do we have to argue?"

"It's... amusing. Our quarrels are our type of conversation, Raven. We are still enemies, you know."

"I can accept that," she replied.

All the colours blurred, as she came back into her body. Lying down on her bed, she fell asleep. Little regret on was felt on how early she had came back, and leaving Slade. She was home, and that was all that mattered.

Raven was asleep, but next to her, on her bedside table, were two things that represented everything to her. One was Slade's mask, the other was a picture her and the Titans.

There would be no choice.


Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse, an excited Wintergreen watched Slade's soul come into his body.

"Learnt a new trick, Slade?"

"Yes, Will. Spending time with a telepath gets you many things."

Slade stood up, brushing his suit. He was going to sleep. Rest mattered now, but there was plenty of time later to reminisce.

His old friend disappeared to the kitchen, reappearing into his master's room where Slade was lying in bed. Sighing heavily, Wintergreen placed a cup of herbal tea on a wooden table. Herbal tea always did do wonders to soothe people.

"Thank you, Wintergreen. Goodnight."

He nodded, smiling. The butler sauntered off, presumably to sleep as well.

As Slade closed his eyes, Raven's were closed too. Smiles covered both their faces.

Everything was going to be alright...


That is the end of the story, but not the end just yet. Haven't you wondered why the story was called Lost?

Everyone is lost themselves, waiting to be found. This pair were lost in a dimension together, lost in friendship, lost souls even. But everyone will always be found. By who, or what, it's always an unexpected thing.

To be lost in a place, is merely not knowing where you are. It doesn't matter, but knowing where you belong does.

THE END. (the real end)

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