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Today was a happy bright day, Michael was actually being nice. I didn't know where this sudden change came from but whatever it is please come more often. Isabel was at school and Michael was at work, he gave me the privilege to go outside today.

That sad that I'm so excited to be granted the privilege to go outside

After cleaning up, I called Alice and told her to meet me at the coffee shop down on Monroe. She screamed into the phone as I laughed, she told me she was bringing her friends and her brother. When they arrived, I was nervous…because no doubt they all knew my secret.

"Bella!" Alice came running towards me and giving me a bone-crushing hug, I winch and whimpered loudly at the pain of my ribs being squeezed so hard. Alice quickly gasped and let go.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry" I waved her off and saw Jasper not far behind her, I gave him a hug and smiled.

"Bella! this is Rosalie who I told you about" The blond beauty came over to me and hug me, she had a warm look on her face.

"This is my brother and her husband Emmett" he smiled at and came close but I took a step back afraid of his big size. He looked confused but quickly looked at Rosalie who was glaring at him, he put his head down but I swallowed my fear and smiled at him.

"Hi Emmett" he looked up and smiled, I patted his shoulder as the bright childish look came back on his face.

"And last this is my younger Brother Edward" he smiled as my whole face turned tomato red. Emmett laughed loudly.

"Hi" he said almost shyly as I smiled trying to get my face from burning up anymore, his smile got bigger at my reaction.

"H..HI" he shook my hand as I felt warmth spread through my attire body, I bit my lip and pulled my hand away. We all started to filled into the seats, I was across from Edward and sitting next to Alice.

"So Bella how's Isabel?" I smiled warmly at the mention of my sweetheart.

"She's doing fine, very smart little girl…sometime I think she's smarter than me" I smiled

"You guys you have to see this little girl…she's adorable" Alice said as the waiter came over to our table. We ordered and kept with conversation, I kept looking at the time to see if I haven't went over the time I was suppose to be back in the house. I saw that Edward kept looking at me as well.

"Bella" I looked up at Edward.

"Yes" I had a hard time not looking into his eyes, Michael never like when I would stare in his eyes.

"You can look me in the eyes" he said softly, I bit my lower lip…why was I so afraid to look him in the eyes. I felt his hand touch my chin lifting it up as I met his gorgeous green eyes.

"Never be afraid to look at me, or anybody else…your eyes are too pretty to be staring at the table all night" I blushed horribly at that.

"I'm sorry just a habit I guess" I said as he smiled.

"Don't apologize, so I want to know about Bella…What does Bella like to do in her spare time" I started to tear up the tissue in front of me.

"Well, I clean most of the free time, I like to read" I said brightly as his eyes sparkle at my excitement when I said I like to read. Edward was making me feel things I haven't felt in a long time.

This was dangerous

"Well don't you look at that…I like to read as well" I checked the time on my watch and sighed…it was time for me to go.

"Why do you always look at your watch every thirty minutes?" he asked as I shook my head.

"Don't want to be late" that caught the whole table attention, Alice looked at Rosalie who looked like she wanted to murder somebody.

"Late for what?" Alice asked.

"Nothing…I got to go, it was nice meeting you all. Alice call me" I hugged her and got up, but Edward suddenly got up as well.

"Let me walk you out" I nodded, no harm in that. We walked slowly to my car, he opened the door for me and smiled.

"It was nice meeting you Bella" I blushed as he rubbed the soft skin of my cheek.

"You blush a lot" he chuckled

"Yeah I know…it was worse when I was in high school and college" I said, those horrible years I would never want back.

"It was nice meeting you to Edward…Your a nice sweet man, need more like you" I said getting into my car and closing the door.

"Thank you" I was about to drive off but he grabbed the car making push the brakes.

"Bella…I know about your situation, and I am willing to do whatever I can to help you and your daughter. You might not remember me but I was there with Alice when you were in the hospital. Something about you drew me in, I wanted to protect you for some reason" Shock, Awe, and fear… a lot of fear welled up in me.

"Edward…there's nothing you or I can do, he's too powerful" I whispered driving off leaving Edward in my rear view mirror…..

When I arrived at home, I quickly started to cook dinner… waiting for Francis to drop Isabel off. When the doorbell ranged, I quickly shut off the stove and opened the door. My little sunshine came running into the house and attacking me.

"Hey Mommy!" I kissed her forehead and hugged her to me.

"Hey baby girl, how was your fun day with Grandma?" Francis smiled down at me and hugged me as she kissed my head.

"We had so much fun! We went to the park, we got ice cream! I saw a horse! Mommy a real life horse!" she said excited as I spoke moving her hair out of her face.

"Why don't you go up stairs and get clean up for dinner and then you can finish telling me about your horses" she nodded zooming up stairs.

"I hope she wasn't a hand full?" Francis shook her head and spoke.

"No way! She was an angel as always, love spending time with my granddaughter…she is so pure and loving" I nodded.

"Francis can I asked you something?" she nodded helping with dinner, I didn't want to ask but I was curious.

"When I was in the hospital recently…was there a man name Edward there with a pixie like girl name Alice" Francis smiled suddenly.

"Yes Edward and Alice…such sweet young people and Edward, very respectful man. Yes he was there why?" I actually thought he was lying to me. A blush crept into my cheek.

"Nothing important" she hummed

"He stayed by your side all while you were in there, every time I visit…he was there with his sister. I think he likes you" she smirked

"I doubted…he doesn't need damage good, he deserve someone who is beautiful and pure" she dropped her spoon and turned to me.

"Bella you are beautiful and pure, your not damage good…your strong and have so much love to give" she wrapped her arms around my waist from behind.

"I'm not saying cheat on Michael…I don't like adultery but just relax and let Edward help you" I snorted and pulled away from her.

"Yeah so I get caught and that's my ass…you know your son, if he ever catch me with another guy…I know for sure I won't be here to see Isabel grow up" Francis suddenly slammed the plate down.

"Don't talk like that! Bella I don't ever want you talking like that in my presence ever!" I saw the tears fall from her eyes, she knew my words were true.

She knew what her son was capable of

"I'm sorry Fran" I hugged her to me, we sat down and just hugged each other.

"Bella I can't do this anymore…the beating, I'm so drained" she cried as I held her tighter.

"I know but you have Isabel to think about, she needs her Grams…I need my mother"

"Bella your so much stronger than me" I shook my head.

"No…I never seen a more stronger woman in my life than you, I've only been going through this for some years…you one the other hand, been going through this hell for twenty years"

"I'm so tired Bella"

"We all are but we have a precious little girl upstairs that needs of to be strong" she nodded and pulled away from me when we heard little footsteps.

"Grams…Mommy What's wrong?" we looked at each other and I spoke.

"Nothing Baby we're just crying because we're so happy that we have such a smart beautiful girl name Isabel" the little girl blushed

"You ready to eat? Fran Your staying for dinner?" She shook her head, and looked at the clock.

"No…I am due home, already half and hour late" I saw the sadness in her eyes, her knowing what to look for when she went home.

"Francis I'm still working on it, I will get us out of this I promise" she smiled.

"Just worry about you and her…I'll be fine" she kissed both our heads and left, I looked down at Isabel.

"Ready to eat and watch the Lion King?" She nodded quickly and we made our way into the kitchen….

A/N: Edward always wants to be the super hero.

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