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I've got to know a great deal more about these creatures over the last century or so, since that first disconcerting encounter, and one thing I've seen time and again is that dismissing them as simple, unreasoning brutes is a fast route to the graveyard (or more likely their stomachs).

-Commissar Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium, Personal Memoirs. C. 2 M42, in reference to his experiences in combat with the Orkoid species.

Celestia preserve us Celestia preserve us Celestia preserve us Celestia preserve us Celestia preserve us…

The simple prayer ran through Fluttershyss head again and again, like a broken record, as she and Pinkie Pie stood in the deepest shadow of the forest and watched the insane sight spread across their favorite picnic spot; dozens of massive, green skinned creatures swarmed around the meadow, trampling the delicate grass of Equestria under their heavy boots while they tended to an array of stinking, growling metal beasts.

The yellow pegasus pony flinched as an array of two wheeled, metal bodied, red painted things belched into roaring life, flames and smoke pouring out of metal tubes hanging from their sides as their black clad riders shouted with glee, pounding one another on the back and somehow making their machines run around in tight circles, tearing up the soft ground and sending clods of earth soaring through the air behind their oversized, metal plated rear wheels.

Others hastily tossed bits and pieces of gear into ramshackle, four wheeled carts who roared just as loudly as the two wheeled machines.

Another mob of aliens strained to load the wreckage of two strange, winged constructions unto the back of a pair of long, eight wheeled conveyances the likes of which Fluttershy had never seen. She stared, intently, trying to fathom what purpose either those strange carts or the even stranger winged machines might serve. And that was when she looked over to ask her bouncy friend what she thought these strange creatures were up to and found the pink coated earth pony was gone.

Rainbow Dash looked on silently as Twilight Sparkle did her best to not acknowledge the atrocity they'd both just witnessed. Three manticores from the Everfree forest had made the life ending mistake of charging full tilt upon a newly arrived, angry and confused mob of orks. The resulting carnage had been…

The young pegasus quickly focused entirely on her friend, trying to ignore the shattered carcasses scattered near the forests edge where the green-skins had left them. But then one of the aliens swaggered by, blood covering his rough black clothing and rusted, blue painted armor, casually munching on a glistening gobbet of meat cleaved from the haunch of a manticore, and her stomach lurched violently as the world started spinning. She retched, nearly choking as she tried to swallow back bile, before giving up her attempts and letting her breakfast loose on the verdant ground.

"Wot da zog is wrong wiv' 'im den?" the hulking ork leader, Rashbag, demanded as Dash sank to the ground, still spitting out the vile remnants stuck in her mouth. Twilight didn't answer, she just quickly moved to stand between Rainbow Dash and the orks. The purple unicron waited a few moments, trying to make it seem like she wasn't coddling the proud, tough weather control pony before gentling nudging the pegasus' flank, edging her away from the vicious aliens before quietly asking;

"Dash, what's wrong? Are you sick?" the unicorn asked. She suspected she knew why Rainbow Dash was feeling ill, although…she couldn't discount the terrifying possibility that these strange creatures had brought some sort of terrible new sickness with them from where it was their Reality? Twilight still had no clue, although she did feel safe in hypothesizing that the orks were not from Equestria. Although the analysis spells she'd tried had been inconclusive, she felt safe…

Rainbow Dash gasped in a deep lungful of air, held it, almost threw up again and then looked imploringly up at Twilight, bringing the unicorn crashing back to reality.

"No. It's just…it's just…Twilight, these things just killed. They just…those manticores…they…" Dash retched again, but managed to keep ahold of her now empty stomach.

Twilight closed her eyes, as if composing herself, and nodded,

"I know Rainbow Dash," the unicorn said, stiffly; she was silent for a long moment, and Rainbow looked up to find her shivering slightly; she shakily got to her feet and started to reach out to set a hoof on her friends shoulder when the purple pony continued, "The sounds…it was over so fast, three creatures dead in the flick of a tail."

The unicorn opened her eyes suddenly and Rainbow Dash found Twilights purple irises blazing with an unexpected mix of fury and terror as they seemed to fix on a point far behind the young pegasus,

"But the worst part was…they reveled in that slaughter."

Killing was not a new concept to either pony; even the youngest filly was taught that there were some creatures in the world that survived by ending the lives of others; spiders, snakes, ferrets, manticores and hydras, to name a few, were carnivores; animals and insects who sustained themselves on the flesh and blood of their fellow creatures. It might seem unpleasant, but this was simply the nature of the world, the way of the great circle of life.

And so, intellectually, both ponies were familiar with the concept of violent, untimely death, insomuch as they both knew such an event could occur.

Neither were prepared for the sight of an ork warlord blasting a living creature to bits with an overpowered automatic cannon before sawing its head off and displaying it for the admiration of his subordinates.

Dash looked at her friend, who seemed to be fighting hard to compose herself, and asked;

"Twilight, how are you doing this?"

The unicorn looked surprised,

"What do you mean?"

"You seem so calm, Twilight. Even right after…the manticores died you just…kept going."

Twilight looked away, back at the ferocious orks as they knocked their equipment together, literally, and prepared to move out to the Everfree forest. She looked back at her friend and shook her head.

"I don't know, Dash. I just keep thinking about my friends…about all the ponies of Equestria, actually, and what might happen if these orks get to them," She shuddered again, "I don't want what happened to those creatures to happen to anypony in Equestria," she paused, looking around at the orks before fixing her gaze with Dash's again, "Especially any of you."

Twilight smiled slightly, and Rainbow Dash felt herself smiling back without a conscience thought, finding strength in her friends unexpected resolution. She nodded,

"So, you got a plan Twi?"

The studious unicorn nodded, before speaking with a grim seriousness that made Rainbow Dash shiver,

"Get them away from everypony, as quickly as possible. If they want to go to the Everfree Forest, fine. I say we help them get there. Hopefully the creatures there will…keep them occupied long enough for the Princesses to figure out what to do about them."

Rainbow Dash shrugged,

"I don't want to leave you, but I could take off to Canterlot, right now, and be there like *that*." The pegasus offered, clapping her fore hooves together to emphasis her point.

Twilight looked around, and found that both the keen eyed "grot", Monty, as well as the "kommando", Scragga, were glowering at the pair of ponies, their blood red eyes brimming with dark suspicion.

The unicorn pony sighed;

"I know Dash. But…I don't want to provoke them. So far, they seem to think ponies aren't a threat…and considering what happens when they do think something's a threat, we should keep it that for as long as possible."

Rainbow Dash started to nod, but a growing hubbub amongst the orks caught both their attention…and then they saw a poofy pink mane bouncing up and down just above the shoulders of the throng of green-skinned barbarians.

Pinkie Pie could hardly believe her luck at finding so many strange new friends arriving in Equestria(the thought that these newcomers might not want to be friends hadn't crossed her mind), and she bounded from green skin to green skin, cheerfully introducing herself and inviting them to the Welcome to Equestria party she was already planning for the aliens.

The orks, for their part, stared in slack jawed confusion at the party mare, utterly flabbergasted by her behavior.

"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! What's your name?" she demanded of a wide-eyed slugga boy. The ork blinked, jaw working as he struggled to come up with a response. Pinkie Pie gig gled, and nudged the ork with her nose,

"Hey, silliy-filly, you need to tell me your name so we can be friends!"

The ork took a long, hard look into the pink ponies slightly-manic, joyous eyes. Encoded combat instincts screamed at him to attack, while ork common-sense (such a thing did, in point of fact, exist, although just what an ork might consider to be "common sense" was still a matter of much debate amongst the scholars of the forty-first millennium, none of whom, naturally, are orks) argued that shooting the harmless seeming bouncing furball was a gross overreaction, and, more importantly, might make him seem like a git. Confused, and frightened, the ork boy simply screamed "Bossss! 'Elp!" at the top of his lungs before running off as quickly as he could.

Pinkie Pie, wearing a look of bewilderment as intense as those of her ork victims, stared after him in confusion, "But…I just wanted to be friends…" she said.

And, just as she made up her mind to follow the poor creature and try again, she froze in her tracks as a bass voice behind her bellowed;

"Oi! Yous! Wot's you doin' to me boyz liddle fuzzy-wuzzy fing?"

Pinkie turned to find the biggest of the newcomers she'd yet seen glaring down at her from between the heavy, jagged armor plate that encased his lower jaw and the armor plated brim of a heavy,

black-painted helmet decorated with a pair of long, bleached ivory horns.

It wore black clothes of rough materials that Pinkie couldn't even begin to guess the origin of, and heavy metal shoulder and chest armor decorated with black and white checkered patterns. It tightly clutched a heavy, saw-toothed axe in one hand while the other rested upon an odd metal box with a crude handle that was loosely strapped to its belt.

"Oooooohhh…you're biiiig…" Pinkie marveled, blue eyes widening as she looked up at the hulking Goff nob. The pink earth pony began cantering in a tight circle around the orks booted feet, sizing him up as she went.

"Oi, wot da bleedin' zog is you…" the ork began to demand, but before he could finish the sentence, Pinkie seemed to disappear. The green skin began to look around in confusion, trying to figure out just where the strange pink creature had gone. Feeling an unaccustomed weight un his choppa, he glanced down at the crude chain-axe…and found himself staring straight into those same manic eyes that had sent his underling scampering away in terror. Pinkie stood with her back hooves improbably balanced on the top of the chain-axe, her neck craning upwards, and her face inches from the orks'.

The orks beady red eyes crossed as he did his best to lock eyes with the earth pony, and not take off running like his mob had (Although running in terror was currently sounding like a pretty good option, it was never a wise idea for an ork nob to show the slightest sign of weakness in front of his boyz).

"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! What's your name?"

The Goff stood frozen for a long moment. Finally, he answered, voice measured and quiet, lest he startle what he was fairly convinced was a squig possessed by a Pink Horror of Slaanesh while she was mere inches from his craggy face,


Pinkie Pie leapt off the chain axe and bounced up and down in excitement, her strange antics no doubt saving her from a severe mauling at the business end of the Goffs' newly freed choppa.

"Finally! Somepony who knows how to make friends!" Pinkie exclaimed, flourishing in a surprisingly elegant ballet twirl before sitting on her back haunches and extending a hoof,

Macka looked dubiously down at the proffered hoof, one thick brow raised,

"Wot're you doin' dat fer?" he growled, as his narrow red eyes began to glow with suspicion, "You 'avin a laugh liddle fuzzy wuzzy? Wanna 'ave a go 'den?" the ork shouted, brandishing his big choppa. To his consternation, Pinky Pie absentmindedly turned the weapon aside as she swung around to look around at the other orks with a look of dawning realization on your face.

"Oh no!" she gasped, horrified, "You guys really don't know how to make friends, do you?"

Macka still seemed to be working out whether the Pink Squig of Slaanesh, as he had mentally dubbed her, was insulting him or not. As orks tended to go with the side of the debate that allowed them to cut things to ribbons, Pinkie Pie, or, considering that it was Pinkie Pie, quite possibly Macka, was fortunate that Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash showed up before the hulking nob could start swinging his choppa.

"Pinkie!" Rainbow hissed urgently as she clamped her teeth down on her friends mane and led her away, "What are you doing?" she managed to demand through her clenched teeth,

"Dashie! What're you doing? I'm just trying to make friends…"

"Yes. Because there's just so much that seems friendly about these guys." Twilight jibbed,

"Twilight!" the earth pony scolded, shocked that her friends could be so cruel to these creatures for being different

Before the earth pony could protest further, Twilight used her telekinesis to turn the party ponies head in the direction of the bloody swathe of earth where the orks had killed the manticores; the blood, and a few bits of bone, were all that was left to mark the killing ground; the greenskins had carried off the rest.

"Pinkie…look I don't want to make you freak out, but…"
Rainbow Dash spat out her mouthful of mane and blurted,

"They just killed three manticores! In seconds. And then they ate them."

Pinkie seemed taken aback, her wide eyed gaze travelling from the worried faces of her friends, to the slaughter ground where the manticores had died, and then back again. She was silent for a few long moments, face aghast.

And then, just as Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle were convincing themselves that the bubbly earth pony finally grasped the seriousness of the situation they'd found themselves in, Pinkie proclaimed, "Well duh. Of course they did!" she said, shaking her head in confusion.

"I…you…huh?" Twilight stammered, eye twitching, while Rainbow Dash's jaw did its best to make contact with the ground, "Pinkie, don't you get it, those manticores…"

"Charged in and tried to eat everypony, right?" Pinkie Pie asked, her voice carrying with it an uncharacteristically sharp edge, without giving either of her friends a chance to respond, "So, what did you expect to happen? Everypony makes nice while the manticores eat 'em up?"

"Pinkie…we…when…" Rainbow Dash began, at the same loss for words as Twlight, "Killing! Eating!" she blurted, unsure what else to say,

Pinkie Pie sighed,

"Its not nice to judge ponies y'know. Unless you're a judge, but, since neither of you are wearing a funny wig, you're obviously not one of those." She proclaimed, narrowing her eyes, "You're just being meanies."

Rendered quite literally speechless, Twilight's left eye began to twitch while her mouth soundless formed the shapes of words.

"Do you guys remember the Manticore in the Everfree Forest? And how it tried to kill us?" Pinkie continued, leaning in closer to the two mares, her mane seeming to bristle like an angry housecats back hair, "I didn't grow up in city…" she narrowed her eyes at Twilight, "I grew up on a farm…" she turned her narrow eyed gaze to Rainbow Dash, "On the ground…" her mane seemed to deflate as she spoke, "And I know what Manticores…I know what they do to ponies when Fluttershy isn't around."

Twilight looked uncertainly over at Dash; neither pony knew much about Pinkie Pies past, for the normally talkative party mare fell silent whenever she was asked about her life before coming to Ponyville, so neither had any inkling of what tragedy Pinkie was referring too.

Twilight was suddenly torn between concern for her friends sudden mood swing and revelation and the horde of alien killing machines about to rampage into an accursed forest on a joyride.

Character development was put on hold, however, as the horde took center stage when their leader, bellowing at the top of his lungs in what twilight was beginning to think was his normal speaking voice, roared out a curt command, and the bizarre array of mechanical oddities, each stuffed to the gunnels with greenskins and equipment, began to roar out of the clear and along a track in the forest, ripping up the shrubs and small trees near the side of the path as they went.

Rainbow Dash shot up into the air, chasing the orks and shouting,

"Wait! Wait! You're going the wrong way!"

Twilight gazed into Pinkie sad eyes as the party mare turned to watch the orks go,

"I guess they didn't want to be friends after all…"

Unbeknownst to any of the mares, except possible for the unicorn, Twilight Sparkle, who wrote off the odd twinges of dread in her horn as mere nerves from the menagerie of alien fiends she'd been surrounded by, something else hovered in the clearing, swirling through the fallen leaves and blades of grass like a fell wind…or a ghost. But no spirit, no matter how evil, could match the malice and vile intent of the force that had been unleashed upon Equestria. It felt all, saw everything, tasted the very souls of every living creature like a sommelier sampling vintages, while it soul swirled with a thousand thoughts, a million of voices speaking at once, arguing, laughing, whispering, plotting.

It swirled through the clearing seeking it favorite plaything; a living host.

From times long past it knew the green skinned creatures it had arrived on this world with, and knew far too well that even if their simple minds were easy to take, all its temptations and psychic prompts would garner was a curt command to "Stop tellin' me ter do fings!" followed by a punch by its host to his own head…

But these new creatures, however…they had possibilities. Definite possibilities. It gazed at the four ponies near the clearing with a vision no less clear for it having no corporeal form. It saw… envy. Ambition. Drive. Fear. Insanity. And its eternal favorite…curiosity. An inquisitive mind was the easiest to lead down the darkest of paths…

Gleefully the entity whipped through its new playthings teasing, tempting, probing their minds for a weakness…

And it never experienced such an utter rejection. Ambition tempered with loyalty. Fear coupled with a fierce determination. Drive fused with an intense love of fellow creatures.

If it could, the entity would have screamed in frustration as it redoubled its efforts to find a host; rejection, defiance, confusion fear of its very presence, desperately it began to pry at these little ponies minds with the worst horrors they could imagine, their darkest fantasies and nightmares vivid in their heads…no. It was like they hadn't the slightest concept of…why would I want to use ponies to make cupcakes? Blech. I mean you couldn't even be cupcakes if you made cupcakes that way. They'd be savories then, not sweets. Like little meat pies or something. And really, the ingredients in cupcakes would not stand up well, being combined with meat. Turn all mushy and nasty and *glech*, No good. And where would I even get the rendering equipment to turn Dashie into mincemeat? I mean she'd have to be ground up fine for me to bake her into something without everypony noticing. Seriously, do any of you have any idea how to bake? Or cook? I mean, duh.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! The spirit wailed, before whipping out of the clearing with enough telekinetic force to ripple leaves.

As Twilight watched Rainbow Dash chase after the orks, she didn't see Pinkie Pie get to her feet as her mane snapped back to its normal poofy state; she did however, nearly jump out of her skin as the pink earth pony bounced past her in pursuit of Rainbow Dash and the greenskins.

"Pinkie! Wait!" the purple unicorn shouted as he cantered to catch up with pinkie, "Are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh yeah."

Twilight 's look of confusion must have spoken volumes, and Pinkie explained further,

"I guess I got a little said, but than this malignant force thing tried to get in my head which gave me an opportunity to tell the bronies something, which I've actually been waiting a long time to say, and I feel soooo much better now , and I'd actually really, really like to thank Ingram for giving me a chance to say it*, I mean I really normally like the bronies, except for all those times when they ship me with Discord, and by the way Twilight if you have any feelings for either of The Princesses…"


"…you should really tell them, I think you'd make greaaaat couples, kinda on the fence about you and Dashie though…"


"…and it really is pretty weird how they're always shipping yuri style, I mean…"


The party mare came to a dead stop before turning around, her head tracking back and forth like she was reading something written in thin air,

"Ohhh…little too much wall breakage." She declared.

"Pinkie…what are you talking about?"

Pinkie Pie giggled nervously,

"Oh, y'know…being random."

Before Twilight could enquire further the air was rent with the increasingly loud roar of crude engines, until, with an earsplitting racket, the Ork column burst back into the clearing, the various vehicles going flat out as their crazed operators moved ta the recklessly high speeds they so loved.

Twilight and Pinkie moved fast to dodge the nimble swarms of warbikes and buggys that swarmed around the mass of heavy trukks, and the imposing battlewagon at the heart of the green skin column.

They then stood coughing and gaging in the whirlwind of foul fumes and dust kicked up by the convoy as it swarmed off in the right direction, towards the imposing dark glades of the Everfree forest.

Pinkie Pie let out a resounding sneeze as the storm subsided while Twilight rubbed the grit form her eyes and blinked.


The two mares looked over to see Rainbow Dash hovering in midair and covered in the same mixture of dirt, bits of foliage and oily black liquid as they were.

"So…uh. Yeah."

Pinkie sneezed again.

Twilight wondered if the ringing in her ears was going to go away soon.

"Um…excuse me girls."

The trio looked up to see their timid pegasus friend flitter out of the woods, with a creature that seemed to be made of leathery red skin and teeth perched on her back.

As Dash and Twilight stared at the fice biter squig perched on Fluttershy's back, the Pegasus cleared her throat to get their attention,

"I don't mean to be a bother, and I hate to ask…"

Fluttershy's yes blazed with an uncharacteristic fury,
"But what the buck is going on?"

"So da forest iz dis; way den? Fer sure now?" the red clad ork driving the battlewagon demanded, eyeing the Warlord dubiously from behind a pair of grimy goggles.

Rashbag enveloped his head in one massive fist and bounced it off the steering yoke, causing the huge vehicle to swerve erratically, spilling the crew all over the control cabin until the driver regained control,

"Don' question da Warlord, Zaggspeed." Rashbag chided, before applying just enough pressure to let the Evil Sunz driver imagine his head popping like a fungus melon, "Got it?"

"Arr…yer boss, I gots it!"

"Gud." Rashbag realesed hi grip, and Zaggspeed relished the feeling of his skull not being crushed, "Now, you lot…" Rashbag turned dramatically, planning to give an appropriately dramatic and frightening address to his throng of under warbosses and space Kaptains…who were all currently back in wherever the zog his empire was. Along with the rest of his boyz. And his wagons. And his Gargants. And his space fleets. As well as his teef and loot hordes, not to mention his prized collection of pre-Imperial era human antiquities.

And so he gazed at the small handful of Nobz assembled from the Ork mobs that made up the warband that had been sucked into boring-arse-squig land, as the Orks called this new world, with him.

Monty and Scragga, being far sharper than the average Orkoid took one look at the murderous glint in their Warlords eye and quietly took a step back in the shadows.

The "Prezident" of the Warbikker mob known as the "Warp Angelz" was smart enough to see that something was up and keep his gob shut.

The newly minted nob of a band of slugga boyz was not so wise however, and snarled a question,

"So's wot da bleedin' 'ell is we gonna do now yer lordship?"

Rashbag whipped out a heavy slugga form one of the four holsters on his belt and splattered the unwise nob across the bulkheads with a full magazine of bolter shells.

The Ork warlord sighed happily before tossing the weapon at the corner Monty was hiding in,

"Takes care'a reloading dat shoota, runt." he curtly commanded, before watching the grot scurry off to do his bidding.

"Roight 'den. So, as I saids earlier, "We's gonna get a fortress sets up in dis Eva' Free forest place, we's gonna frag and chop da gits inside's an' den Zogbits izmgonna figure us a way offa dis 'ell 'ole."

Scragga thought of a few dozen questions involving the logistics and practicality of taking the warband into unknown terrain to face completely unknown foes with no knowledge or even notion of resupply, reinforcement or even where the hell they were going, but settled for an offer to take his kommando mob and the warbikers and scout ahead.

Rashbag grudgingly agreed, and, after ascertaining that yes, the battlewagon did have a basic communication system, Scragga sauntered out, with the warbiker leader in tow, too find it and put one of his kommado's I place to shoot the operator if he fell asleep while the scouts tried to call in.

Rashbag grunted in satisfaction and dismissed the assembled nobz, not that they had any way of getting off the battlewagon as it hurtled along at high speed.

He gazed out the foggy windows as the kommandos hopped one at a time off the wagon and unto the bikes that swarmed around it like buzzer squigs to ride double with their riders, before the throng of two wheeled death machines roared off down the dirt track and into the outskirts of the Everfree forest.

All in all, things might just shake out the right way for him and the boyz…

Some distance away, in the Equestrian capital of Canterlot…

Princess Celstia paced down a corridor, her normally serene gaze darting back and forth as a particularly urgent feeling of unease sat somewhere in the back of her mind; a feeling of something going wrong building for hours, leading the Sun Princess to endlessly pace the halls and rooms of her castle, checking the headquarters of the Equestria's small army every few moments to check for dispatches warning of trouble, sticking her head into chambers of her archivists as they poured over prophecies, sayings and the idle gossip of ancient oracles on their Princesses' orders in search of some arcane reference to this day; so far they'd come up with nothing but a stern warning from a manehatten fortune teller made some four hundred years ago. Unfortunately, it was only an angrily worded and oddly specific caution against eating mushrooms. The Princess sighed for what moight have been the hundredth time that day and cantered forward a little quicker, her hoofalls echoing in the hallway.

Suddenly, a heavy onyx colored door swung open just as Celestia passed by, earning a shriek and a jump from her.

In the darkened portal her sister looked back at her, her starry, elemental mane bunched around her head as she regarded her sister with sleepy eyes;

"Something wrong then?" she asked, yawning.

Before Celestia could answer, a burst of green fire erupted near her mane and a scroll dropped unto the stone floor at her hooves.

Ignoring her sister temporarily, Celestia wrapped the scroll in her magic and tore it open, hastily reading the latest letter from her student, her face growing grimmer with every line as everything fell into place, and she realized when and where she had felt the growing unease before.

"Sister?" Luna asked, concerned.

"Luna. We seem to have more visitors. From the same place as the others."

The Moon Princess cocked her head, raising a brow in confusion.

"Celsetia, what do you mean?"

"The same place that sent us those armored butchers a thousand years ago, sister."

Luna's eyes widened in fear,

"I shall fetch my armor. I recommend you do the same, and rally thy guardponies."

Celestia nodded,

"Where art these uninvited guests?" Luna asked next,

"The Everfree, dear sister. And before we go hence, we shall speak with my student in Ponyville. It seems she has first hoof knowledge of these beasts."

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