7th Heaven Version:

Kinkirk Household:

Everyone was busy getting ready for the Halloween party at the high school. Terra Kinkirk was the second oldest daughter of Kevin & Lucy. She had also been born on Halloween. Her older sister Savannah was two years older than her and even though they were in the same school, they rarely hung out. Savannah was into sports. Terra was more into dancing and singing. During the school talent show, she had won first place, singing 'We R Who We R' by Ke$ha. She was supposed to be performing 'Cannibal' by Ke$ha at the party tat night. She had gotten together with some friends and they had made up a dance to go along with it.

The Kinkirk's had moved back to Glenoak after there grandparents had passed away. Her mother now worked at the Glenoak Church and they lived in the house their grandparents used to live in. All the Camden kids had moved back to Glenoak over the years. The only one who hadn't moved back was Mary. Mary's plane had ended up crashing and never being found. Carlos had been on the plane as well. Charlie was with Matt & Sarah in New York when that had happened.

Sam & David had moved into there own apartments with there fiancés. They were to get married around Thanksgiving. Ruthie and Martin had gotten married when Terra was eight and Savannah was ten. That's also the year their parents got pregnant with there twin brothers (guess twin boys run in the family). It wasn't uncommon for the Kinkirk and Camden clan to do things together. In fact, Terra liked when the whole family got together.

Terra was being a Cannibal for Halloween, since it went with the song she was performing. Savannah was going as a vampire, Lucy was going as a dead reverend, Kevin was going as a dead cop and the twins were going as Anniken and Luke Skywalker. Ruthie was going as Cinderella while Martin was going as Prince Charming. There daughter was going as Snow White. Sam & his fiancé were going as Will & Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean. David & his fiancé were going as the Hunchback and Esmerelda. Simon & Rose were going as Aladdin & Jasmine. Matt & Sarah were going as John Smith & Pocahontas. There kids were going as Disney characters as well to stay in sync with there parents.

Glenoak Highschool:

The gym was packed when the Kinkirk & Camden Clans showed up. Terra left her family and found her friends near the stage, practicing the dance, making sure they had it down pat. They didn't want to screw anything up when performing in front of practically the whole town. They had switched out some of the words to make it more PG for all the kids that were going to be there. They had combined dances from different music videos. They were using the zombie dance part from Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video. There were other dance moves they were using but the 'Thriller' dance was what most people would recognize.

When it came time for the performance, Terra & her friends arranged themselves behind the curtain and waited to be introduced. The curtain opened and as soon as the music started, Terra began singing and she and her friends were dancing in perfect harmony. When the performance was over and the girls lined up and bowed, the whole gym erupted in applause. Terra's family hadn't known that they were going to do a dance as well.

The rest of the party went as planned. Terra mostly sang Ke$ha songs the whole night. After the main performance, there was a karaoke time, but people just wanted Terra to sing. She and her friends performed most of the night. By the end of the party, Terra could barely speak. She finally had to tell her friends she'd see them at school and she and her family left for the night.

They weren't the only ones that had left. Halloween was officially over.