"Alex? Alex?" Hayley had been waving her hand in front of Alexandria's face for about a minute now, aiming for her attention. The great hall was packed with students and the sorting ceremony had just ended.

"Huh? Yeah, sorry" Alex said

"You're so weird sometimes" Hayley told, "Anyway, I was trying to ask you if you knew when Quidditch tryouts were?"

"Why? Are you going to join this year?" Alexandria jokingly winked.

"Don't be ridiculous, I want to come cheer you on!"

"Or Fred" Alex smirked.

"Shut up." She blushed.

Just then Dumbledore rose from the staff table to give his announcement speech.

"Welcome back to yet another year here at Hogwarts! For those of you newly joining us I wish you the best in your successes during your time here. For those of you who have been with us before, I hope that all is going well and that you are excited to venture out on your education this year"

"Oh you know us so well Dumbledore," Alex snorted.

"Shut up!" Hayley harshly whispered to Alex who in turn rolled her eyes at her.

Dumbledore continued, "Unfortunately last year dear Professor Kettleburn decided to retire and as we wish him the best in his retirement I am happy to address our new Care of Magical Creatures Professor as our own beloved Gamekeeper, Hagrid."

At this many rose and cheered, including Hayley. Alex just dully clapped her hands where she sat. It wasn't that she wasn't happy for Hagrid; she just didn't care because she wouldn't have Care of Magical Creatures on her schedule anyway.

"Furthermore, we also had a vacancy after the Defense Against the Dark Arts post was resigned by Professor Lockhart"

To this, many more cheered, including the Slytherins.

Dumbledore had a smile pursed underneath his teeth as he tried to remain professional, "Luckily Professor Lupin, a former student here at Hogwarts, will be graciously filling the position"

At that moment, Alex, who was picking at the inside of her nail beds and loosely listening to the same daunting speech she had heard every year before, turned her head towards the staff table.

As she peered towards the front of the Great Hall, a man, merely in his thirties, dressed in a suit of tethered yet neatly cleaned fabrics, and with a smile grimaced underneath his thin yet prominent mustache which complimented the rest of his facial hair so elegantly, arose from the staff table and took a slight bow.

To this most of the Great Hall roared in applauses and cheers, but Alex didn't seem to care about applauding the man. Everyone around her was standing but to Alex, who was lost in a world of her own, nothing else seemed to matter.

Alex's trance with this mysterious man lasted just long enough for Professor Lupin himself to take notice. The pure split moment where they locked eyes, he smiled at her with almost deep interest in his gaze. But just as soon as their eyes had met, they had parted; so Alex wasn't quite sure if it even happened. At that point the crowd had quieted down and the food on the tables started to appear. Alexandria was rumbled out of her own thoughts by the voice of her own best friend.

"Alex! This year is going to be the best year so far, I can just feel it. Good teachers, good food, and good company" Hayley commented as she peered down the Gryffindor table at the Weasley Twins as they winked at her, causing her cheeks to explode with color. She quickly buried her face in Alex's shoulder.

"Mmmhm" Alex agreed as she looked down at the empty white plate in front of her and then back up towards the Staff table where Professor Lupin was currently indulged into a conversation with Professor Flitwick.

"Everything alright?" Hayley inquired, as she lifted her head from her best friend's shoulder.

"Just perfect" Alex insisted as she shook off her intense urge to stare at her new DADA Professor and began to pile food onto her plate.

"Liar." Hayley whispered under her breath. To this Alexandria just smiled because she knew she could never hide anything from her best friend, not that she would want to. She decided it would be best to wait to tell Hayley about her new found interest in a less crowded area then the currently packed full Great Hall.

Full to the rim of pumpkin juice, mashed potatoes, and chocolate, Alex felt like she was going to die before Dumbledore ever got the chance to dismiss them. Once he did though, Alex and Hayley decided to slowly walk back to the common room as they both felt like throwing up if they moved any faster than a slow drag of their feet.

After what seemed like years because of a few stops on the way up the stairs to talk to some of the nicer photographs, the girls reached the entrance of Gryffindor Tower. Everyone else was already entering, so they decided to stop and ask someone in front of them for the password, which ended up being "Fortuna Major."

As they entered, the girls peered into the same common room in which they had been a part of for the last seven years. They both gazed at the very welcoming set of couches, and then peered at one another. Without a word both girls made their way up to see their dorm room placements, instead of opting for the lazy route to sit in the common room until their stomachs subsided or they died; whichever came first.

At the very end of the hall, they reached the last wooden door after checking all the others before it. In great gold letters the name "Alexandria Whitten" appeared underneath the dorm number of 562 which was etched in the same gold engravings. Underneath Alex's name was another name etched in as "Hayley Masson." The two girls smiled at each other then recruited to a high five before entering their dorm.

Noticing that there were only two beds in their dorm instead of the usual four, Hayley shot a look of confusion to Alex who walked over towards the now open door and pointed to the fact that there were only their two names that appeared. Alexandria gave a slight shrug to Hayley who returned it.

Alex closed the door and locked it before crossing the room to her bed which had all of her stuff already surrounding it, as always. On her way to her bed she passed by Hayley, who was headed to her bed on the other side, where they shared another quick high five to celebrate their achievement of getting a room alone.

With the same deep sigh, both girls collapsed onto their respected twin beds in peace.

"That was so worth it." Hayley spoke with joy about stuffing their faces full at dinner.

"Always is," Alex agreed as she attempted to unbutton her jeans and slide them off without actually getting up. Alexandria threw her jeans to the floor and crawled underneath her sheets.

Hayley, who was now lying on her stomach, turned her head up and gazed at Alex in anticipation.

"Alright, alright, you creep" Alex laughed, knowing exactly what Hayley was aiming at, "So at dinner, I wasn't really paying attention—"

"—as always" Hayley interrupted.

Ignoring her comment, Alex continued, "When I decided to look up to see what chump would be our new DADA teacher. When I saw him, I was taken aback almost. Something was different about him, I was intrigued."

"Someone's got a crush" Hayley teased.

"Oh shut it. He's a teacher not a piece of meat."

"I'm sure you'd love to see his piece of meat" Hayley winked

"Pervert" Alex laughed.

"You know it's true"

"ANYWAY," Alex over rid, "As I was bluntly staring at him, he looked at me too and our eyes locked, then he smiled."

"He was probably just being nice since you appeared to be completely creeping on him hardcor—" But Hayley did not get to finish her sentence because moments before Alex reached behind her, grabbed a pillow, and chucked it towards her friend, which ended up hitting her in the face.

"It was different then an 'I'm just being nice' smile. I swear."

"Well then maybe there is more to him than meets the 'eyes' Alex" Hayley began laughing uncontrollably at the pun she just made. Alex ended up laughing along with her friend, snorting as she did so.

After the laughing subsided, both girls snuggled into their beds, removing the light from their room as well.

"Hey Al," Hayley said within the dark room.

"Yeah?" Alex mumbled into her pillow.

"All kidding aside, I do believe you." Hayley offered.

"I know, Hayley, I know"

"And I think you should do something about this interest of yours"

"You do?"

"Why not? Who knows one day you could be Mrs. Lupin!"

"Hayley, I don't even know his first name"

"So that'll be your mission tomorrow, figure out his first name." Hayley stated with purpose.

"And if I don't?"

"It's only us two in here; I may accidentally lock you out for the night"

"Alright, Alright" Alexandria laughed, yet knowing that her best friend was serious.

"Just saying, you should fuck him." Hayley smiled.

Alexandria gave a loud snort of laughter as the room, filled with darkness, began to show shards of light from the half-moon outside which slowly crept its way across their window.

"Well Alex, sometimes rules are meant to be broken." Hayley confided.

"Yeah, we'll see. Let's just start with getting to know his first name."

"Sounds like a plan"

And with that both girls grudgingly fell asleep after a few minutes of vast silence wrapped its way throughout the room. Both with thoughts and dreams about tomorrow's challenge and the encounters they both had with boys they admired filling their heads, they enjoyed a restful night's sleep; although for both of them morning came too soon.